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Only tradespeople who are upfront and honest about what they charge are listed on HaMuch.

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That’s not all…there is also the joy of seeing everyone’s rates instantly and not having to waste hours or even days phoning around for prices.

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It gets even better…many of these affordable tradespeople may be busy or not specialise in your job…so we post your job to all the tradespeople in your area within your budget…and voila…instantly the interested tradespeople make themselves known to you.

Recent jobs posted

Garage conversion

4.2m x 2.1m integral garage into bedroom

Lawn mowing

Front and back garden.

Brick work

Brick walls to buiild

Brick walls

Brick walls to build

Clean basement room asap

Living in a student house was wondering could I get a cleaner over to clean the basement

Damp on internal wall

Ex council house with damp on internal wall (living room).....facing outdoor wall near front door.

Rising damp

Area of damp flaking plaster on section of living room wall facing outside wall near front door.

Cutting down willow tree

Top branches to be cut off enormous williw tree. You did it about 10-12 years ago

Outside tap

Want an outside two fitted for garden

Garden paving

Garden has been converted off twice unprofessionally requires digging up and paving off.

Sofa and armchair pickup and delivery

Need help picking up a Sofa and armchair I have bought from a person in Sittingbourne. To be delivered to Chatham. Timing is flexible

Combi bolier

Red light flashing on bolier.. no hot water or heating

Furniture pickup

I need a man and a van to pickup a sofa I bought.

Plumb in washing machine

Washing machine needs plumbing in.

Kitchen extension

Terrace pre Victorian. Build out from kitchen 2 metres

Boiler not workinf

No water water water. Wa

Boiler replacement

Need same place boiler replacement

Paint one room 15ft x 7.5 ft

Converted garage 15 x 71/2 Want painting All white including gloss. 3 walls and ceiling.


Our bedroom walls and living room walls need work

Blocked sink

Pipe connected to the washing machine seems to be blocked had a engineer fron the shop & they said that the pipe is blocked

Gareth Jones CMO ebay

Gareth Jones

CMO at eBay, London, United Kingdom

"Posted a job for my bathroom lights project and had choice of 5 decently priced electricians pretty much straight away. Very pleased with ease of using HaMuch, made me wonder why I had been avoiding getting on with it!"

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