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Tiler cost per hour

Tiler cost per hour

Tilers average hourly rate in the UK is £26 per hour. An hourly rate would normally be charged for repair work, like cracked tiles or grouting coming loose. Rates vary across the UK and tend to be more in London and the South East, ranging from £16 to £75 per hour. There may be an additional call out charge to compensate for the tilers time getting to your property. For re-tiling walls, floors or a whole new bathroom the tiler would quote using a day rate. If you are looking for a tiler and want to compare rates and get quotes, post a job on HaMuch by clicking “Get quote”.

Tiler cost per day

The average daily rate for a tiler in the UK is £183 per day. If you are looking to tile your bathroom or kitchen, knowing the day rate will help you budget for your project and we can help you get the tiler you want. Check out our day rate tables to get an idea of your regional pricing and post a job to those tilers. For jobs that are going to take longer than a day the tiler will need to come to your home to inspect the job, checking the current state of walls or floors.

Choosing a tiler

When choosing a Tiler try to get a few quotes so you have a feel for how much things cost. Do not just accept a verbal quote unless it’s an estimate for an hourly rated job and insist on having the quote in writing to avoid any later disputes when it comes to settling the payment and job expectations. Surprises like additional VAT need to be included and costs for tiles need to be discussed and added unless you are buying the tiles separately. Depending on the scope of your project ( the tiler might also be fitting your kitchen) you might be asked to pay a deposit before the job begins.

Selecting your Tiles and Grout

When receiving a quote, discuss if the quote includes materials or what materials you still need to purchase. Almost always with tiling due to the varied cost of different tile materials (porcelain being more expensive than ceramic) you will need to purchase the tiles first yourself. The tiler can advise on how many square meters of tiling your project will require plus an extra 10% for wastage. Do inform the tiler of the material of tiles that you have chosen as marble tiles require a different wet cutter to ceramic only requiring a standard manual cutter. Porcelain tiles often need special adhesives. If you are looking for ways to save money and the quote includes other materials such as grout, adhesive, trimmings and tile spacers, ask if it will be cheaper for you to source the extra materials yourself to avoid any mark-up for collection costs from the tiler and have the materials at your home ready and waiting for the tiler on the day the project commences. If you do need to purchase the grout and adhesive yourself, let the tiler dictate how many kilogram bags needed, which is the best brand to work with suiting the tiles you have purchased (many tilers favour Mapei sealants, adhesive and grout and you can find these products at many D.I.Y. stores including Screwfix and B&Q), and which colour grout would best suit your tiles. When possible avoid white grout in a bathroom as after a couple of years of use, the grout often discolours and can look ‘tired’.

Before choosing the tiler, insist on references from previous clients to check the tradesperson’s quality of work and see if they would recommend the tradesperson to you or use them again on another project and because of the amount of dust created with tiling see how tidy they say the tiler worked and if the tiler was careful to avoid chipping the bath, toilet and sink when removing old tiles. Always ask for ‘before and after’ photos of similar projects completed. Check if the tiler is covered with public liability insurance while working in your home. As tiling is a skilled job, ask to see any qualifications with NVQ tiling courses achieving a level 2 or 3.

When the tiling job is a refurbishment, discuss the need for a skip to remove all of the old tiles and plaster. If there is a need, has this been calculated on the invoice or is it your responsibility to source the skip hire, can the tiler recommend any affordable skip hires in your area? Check with your local council if a permit is needed for the skip to be parked on the road. If no skip is needed, then discuss the need for strong rubble bags, whether it is you or the tiler providing them, and as these will be heavy to lift, check if the tiler will clear the rubble from your home leaving your home tidy after the project ends. If you live in an area needing a permit for parking or it is pay parking, discuss beforehand whose responsibility it is to pay for parking and do try and make it easier for the tiler by arranging a parking permit so that they can just concentrate on the job at hand rather than constantly moving their van.

Tiling costs

It is imperative to have a smooth surface for the tiler to begin work on. Once plastered or skimmed, the tiler will need to wait for the wall to set and dry before they go ahead to start tiling. Adhesive will be placed on the walls in small sections to avoid it drying before tiles are placed, and then the tiles will be placed and cut as needed, spacing the tiles neatly with tile spacers. Besides ensuring neat equal spacers between the tilers, they also need to be laid in a straight line on the wall, neatly lining up on each row according to the laying pattern decided on (e.g. brickwork, checkboard, herringbone, diamond). Trim will be added to finish off the tiles on any edging or recess as well as applying silicone to seal any areas where the tiles meet another surface (e.g. to waterproof the edge of a bath and tiles). When the tiler is standing in the room, ask about furniture in the room and what needs to be cleared before the job start date. Check if they will remove radiators or towel rails from the walls of the room or if you need to have someone in to first remove any radiators.

Tiling a bathroom cost


As you can see tiling a bathroom is a long messy process that can take between three days and a week to complete an average size bathroom. With a day rate of £183 per day it can cost between £500 and £1000 and that will vary depending on the overheads incurred by the tiler. Most tiling jobs involve first stripping and removing the old grout to then remove the old tiles, once all of the tiles have been removed the wall will need to be repaired from any chunks of plaster that came off with the tiles. Floors need to be level and supported if you are dealing with a wooden floor with 12mm plywood or backing boards.

Tip: When you have arranged a day for tiler to visit and quote the job, be clear what project you need to have done. Let the tradesperson know which walls, floors, kitchen or bathroom you want tiled or re-grouted. Listen to advice on any preparation work the walls / floors might need beforehand as tiles look their best when laid on a perfectly straight surface.

Tip: If the tiles are for a small bathroom then match the space with smaller tiles.

Tiling a kitchen floor cost

A kitchen floor will cost approximately £600 to tile depending on the size and layout of the kitchen. A smaller, square kitchen will cost less that a larger l-shaped open plan kitchen with superior tiles and finish. For an average rate of £183 per day you will imagine the tiler would take 3 days to complete the job. For floor tiles ask the tiler for advice before purchasing the tiles as you will need a tile that is non slip, and if the tiles are for a kitchen or bathroom resistant to water as well as easy to clean and maintain. Ceramic floor tiles are a popular choice as they are robust, as well as easy to fit which results in less labour costs overall.

How much wall, floor and bathroom tiling in your home costs

Cost to tile a kitchen £543
Cost to tile a floor £500
Cost to tile a bathroom £615
Cost to regrout tiles £280
Cost for different types of tiles £400
Tiling a medium size bathroom, walls already stripped and prepped £300
Laying tiles in a 5 square meter kitchen already prepped and ready £250
Laying patio tiles or tiling a small sized conservatory £300
Removing old grout and silicone to re-seal and re-grout a shower space £200

Rates for other trades

Tiler hourly rate and daily rate
Tiler: Average Hourly and Daily Rates in the UK for 2024 (excluding VAT or callout charges)
Location in UKHourly RateDaily Rate
Tiler near Aberdeen£23£181
Tiler near Amber Valley£21£160
Tiler near Arun£26£194
Tiler near Ashfield£24£175
Tiler near Aylesbury Vale£40£223
Tiler near Barnsley£22£167
Tiler near Basildon£31£196
Tiler near Basingstoke & Deane£31£205
Tiler near Bassetlaw£20£157
Tiler near Bath & North East Somerset£26£190
Tiler near Bedford£33£190
Tiler near Belfast£21£161
Tiler near Birmingham£23£172
Tiler near Blackburn£26£175
Tiler near Blackpool£32£185
Tiler near Bolton£25£177
Tiler near Bournemouth£28£187
Tiler near Bracknell Forest£34£208
Tiler near Bradford£24£177
Tiler near Braintree£27£180
Tiler near Breckland£22£173
Tiler near Bridgend£23£168
Tiler near Brighton£27£197
Tiler near Bristol£26£192
Tiler near Broadland£22£159
Tiler near Broxtowe£22£162
Tiler near Bury£25£177
Tiler near Caerphilly£25£183
Tiler near Calderdale£23£167
Tiler near Cambridge£33£200
Tiler near Canterbury£20£154
Tiler near Cardiff£26£181
Tiler near Carmarthenshire£16£120
Tiler near Charnwood£19£158
Tiler near Chelmsford£28£184
Tiler near Cheltenham£24£186
Tiler near Cherwell£35£211
Tiler near Chester£20£142
Tiler near Colchester£22£160
Tiler near Conway£19£166
Tiler near Coventry£22£173
Tiler near Crewe & Nantwich£21£171
Tiler near Dacorum£33£209
Tiler near Derby£21£158
Tiler near Doncaster£18£151
Tiler near Dover£22£160
Tiler near Dudley£23£172
Tiler near Dundee£18£96
Tiler near East Ayrshire£23£162
Tiler near East Devon£22£180
Tiler near East Dunbartonshire£24£189
Tiler near East Hampshire£28£206
Tiler near East Hertfordshire£29£193
Tiler near East Lindsey£25£150
Tiler near East Riding£23£197
Tiler near Eastleigh£36£207
Tiler near Edinburgh£24£189
Tiler near Elmbridge£34£215
Tiler near Epping Forest£31£206
Tiler near Erewash£21£160
Tiler near Exeter£22£185
Tiler near Falkirk£22£167
Tiler near Fife£30£182
Tiler near Flintshire£20£144
Tiler near Gateshead£26£196
Tiler near Gedling£24£169
Tiler near Glasgow£24£188
Tiler near Gloucester£23£183
Tiler near Guildford£34£212
Tiler near Gwynedd£21£169
Tiler near Halton£22£154
Tiler near Harrogate£23£169
Tiler near Havant & Waterloo£27£187
Tiler near Highland£28£210
Tiler near Horsham£26£192
Tiler near Huntingdonshire£41£215
Tiler near Ipswich£23£167
Tiler near Isle of Wight£34£180
Tiler near Kings Lynn & West Norfolk£26£206
Tiler near Kingston-upon-Hull£21£175
Tiler near Kirklees£24£178
Tiler near Knowsley£24£159
Tiler near Lancaster£34£220
Tiler near Leeds£24£176
Tiler near Leicester£20£161
Tiler near Lisburn£22£171
Tiler near Liverpool£25£160
Tiler near London£32£208
Tiler near Luton£31£206
Tiler near Macclesfield£23£184
Tiler near Maidstone£26£180
Tiler near Manchester£25£178
Tiler near Mid Bedfordshire£33£202
Tiler near Mid Sussex£26£191
Tiler near Middlesbrough£45£190
Tiler near Milton Keynes£34£203
Tiler near Neath Port Talbot£22£165
Tiler near New Forest£33£200
Tiler near Newbury£28£193
Tiler near Newcastle-under-Lyme£21£173
Tiler near Newcastle-upon-Tyne£26£200
Tiler near Newport£26£184
Tiler near North Ayrshire£23£166
Tiler near North East Lincolnshire£18£150
Tiler near North Hertfordshire£31£201
Tiler near North Lanarkshire£23£180
Tiler near North Lincolnshire£22£167
Tiler near North Somerset£26£192
Tiler near North Tyneside£25£189
Tiler near North Wiltshire£21£161
Tiler near Northampton£32£192
Tiler near Norwich£23£167
Tiler near Nottingham£23£167
Tiler near Nuneaton & Bedworth£22£172
Tiler near Oldham£25£177
Tiler near Oxford£46£208
Tiler near Perth & Kinross£52£420
Tiler near Peterborough£46£221
Tiler near Plymouth£24£189
Tiler near Poole£28£186
Tiler near Portsmouth£31£186
Tiler near Powys£55£350
Tiler near Preston£29£189
Tiler near Reading£36£203
Tiler near Redcar & Cleveland£34£182
Tiler near Reigate & Banstead£32£209
Tiler near Renfrewshire£25£200
Tiler near Rhondda, Cynon, Taff£25£169
Tiler near Rochdale£24£171
Tiler near Rotherham£20£169
Tiler near Salford£24£177
Tiler near Salisbury£31£199
Tiler near Sandwell£22£172
Tiler near Scarborough£22£170
Tiler near Scottish Borders£20£160
Tiler near Sefton£26£162
Tiler near Sevenoaks£30£193
Tiler near Sheffield£20£178
Tiler near Slough£34£212
Tiler near Solihull£22£172
Tiler near South Ayrshire£24£173
Tiler near South Bedfordshire£33£190
Tiler near South Cambridgeshire£34£197
Tiler near South Gloucestershire£26£191
Tiler near South Kesteven£25£170
Tiler near South Lanarkshire£18£168
Tiler near South Oxfordshire£42£205
Tiler near South Somerset£23£157
Tiler near South Tyneside£27£204
Tiler near Southampton£34£200
Tiler near Southend-on-Sea£28£178
Tiler near St Albans£32£207
Tiler near St Helens£26£175
Tiler near Stafford£24£177
Tiler near Stockport£24£174
Tiler near Stockton-on-Tees£42£184
Tiler near Stoke-on-Trent£21£174
Tiler near Stratford-on-Avon£23£175
Tiler near Stroud£23£187
Tiler near Suffolk Coastal£23£167
Tiler near Sunderland£26£194
Tiler near Swale£27£178
Tiler near Swansea£19£150
Tiler near Tameside£25£176
Tiler near Teignbridge£21£177
Tiler near Tendring£22£161
Tiler near Test Valley£30£213
Tiler near Thamesdown£23£172
Tiler near Thanet£22£155
Tiler near The Wrekin£23£179
Tiler near Thurrock£29£197
Tiler near Torbay£20£177
Tiler near Trafford£24£176
Tiler near Vale of Glamorgan£28£189
Tiler near Vale of White Horse£28£192
Tiler near Vale Royal£20£143
Tiler near Wakefield£23£172
Tiler near Walsall£23£174
Tiler near Warrington£24£176
Tiler near Warwick£22£172
Tiler near Waveney£22£166
Tiler near Waverley£36£221
Tiler near Wealden£26£188
Tiler near West Lancashire£27£178
Tiler near West Lothian£25£187
Tiler near West Wiltshire£21£161
Tiler near Wigan£26£177
Tiler near Windsor & Maidenhead£34£215
Tiler near Wirral£25£159
Tiler near Wokingham£33£209
Tiler near Wolverhampton£23£175
Tiler near Wrexham Maelor£19£148
Tiler near Wychavon£27£184
Tiler near Wycombe£38£210
Tiler near York£22£169