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Roofer cost per hour

Roofer cost per hour

Roof replacement and even roof maintenance on your house can seem very daunting as it is such a large expensive task to undertake and will have fateful consequences if you do not use the correct roofing materials for your home.

If you notice your roof starting to sag or have seen tiles that have slipped off the roof, it may be time to call in a roofing contractor to look at the health of your roof and advise you on your best course of action.

You might just want to upgrade your home and have a new design of tiles to replace old shabby ones, uplifting the exterior of your home.

In any case, a roofer's average hourly rate in the UK is £29 per hour but can fluctuate depending on your area. Our database would suggest variations between £21 and £39. HaMuch has roofers in your location waiting for you to post your job so they can quote you.

If you have a small repair job they will quote you by the hour but might add on a call out charge and VAT.

Roofer cost per day

A sagging roof, missing or cracked tiles and leaks in the loft are all signs of needing a replacement roof or at least some maintenance on the roof. If the damage is all around the chimney area, e.g., missing bricks, leaks coming from the chimney or you have noticed the mortar is in a bad state of repair, it is then time to fix the chimney before the wood in the loft begins to rot and your loft is filled with moisture.

For larger projects like this the roofing company will quote you by the day for labour costs. The average daily rate for a roofer in the UK is £207 but this fluctuates through the UK, with the South East being the most expensive. Roofer can charge anything from £165 to £242 per day (per person).

How to get the cheapest quotes when looking for a roofer

Self-employed roofers are just as qualified and experienced as those working for a big company.

By being a small business a roofer avoids many business costs (e.g. administration staff, office rental etc), charging less for roofing work, but giving you the same level of quality.

Get quotes from self-employed roofers and talk directly with the person who is going to do the job.

Choosing a roofer

When choosing a Roofer be sure to get at least 3 comparison quotes asking each contractor to come and do a sight inspection rather than only have them quote over the phone. This is because they need to take note of the angle of your roof as well as its current state. They can also estimate the age of the roof so ask what materials they would recommend using. Remember, choosing a roofer based on different quotes is not only about who is the most affordable but who has given the best advice, leaving you feeling the most confident with their experience and knowledge.

Due to the expense and importance of a new or refurbished roof, make sure that the quote for the roof will come with some sort of guarantee aside from the roofing specialist’s own guarantee (if the roofer’s business closes down due to unforeseen circumstances, you still want to be assured that you roof is under guarantee). There is a scheme called insurance Backed Guarantee which backs up the contractors guarantee.

When discussing the new roof or repairs, check with the roofer if they think you would need to apply for any planning permission as this always falls under the responsibility of a property owner rather than the contractor.

A scaffolding company for larger jobs will be required to give the roofer safer access to the roof area and to protect the roof while the work is being carried out. You will be paying for this and if the works overrun so will the charge for the scaffolding. Make sure this is either in the quote or in a separate quote with the scaffolding company. If you live in a mid-terraced or semi-detached house, discuss any access issues and do make neighbours aware of the roofing project in case the roofing specialist needs access into the neighbouring gardens.

Be sure to get the quote in writing and make sure it is noted in writing if there will be any changes to the cost once tiles or slates have been removed, exposing the underneath waterproof membrane. The quote should also state payment terms and if any sort of deposit or part payment is expected, as well as how they accept payment. Don’t pay cash for larger roofing jobs.

Important to note in the UK, if 25% or more of the roof is being refurbished, you must use a NFRC Competent Person Scheme registered roofer, or you need to contact your Local Authority Building Control. This is because the new roof or roof repair must be upgraded to meet thermal requirements of Part L of the current Building Regulations.

Roofing costs

New roof cost

A new roof is a significant outlay and if you are going to do it you should first ask yourself if you want to extend your home's living space with a loft conversion. If you are intending to eventually sell the property it could add up to 15% to the value of the house. If you don’t have that kind of money to invest then a new slate roof on a 4 bedroom detached house will cost approximately £8300. As slate is significantly more expensive than conventional tiles, a new tiled roof on the same 4 bedroom detached house would cost in the region of £6600.

Tip: When having a new roof fitted, it is often a good idea to replace the gutters, fascias and soffits at the same time. Be led by the advice of the contractor. If you have a chimney, it might be a good time to re-point the chimney as well as having the flashings renewed so that you do not have a tired old chimney spoiling the look and cost of the flashy new roof.

New garage roof cost

Is your flat roof showing up with uneven lumps or sagging? In that case it may need replacing. For the complete replacement of a single flat roof first of all you need to decide on what type of roof you want to replace it with. You can have a traditional felt roof (bitumen),an EPDM rubber or fiberglass roof. All of them have their pros and cons and depending on the state of the roof you might also need new flashing, new plastic facia boards and guttering. For a rubber solution installing a flat roof with a rubber membrane on a single garage you will be looking at parting with £950. There will be a regional variation but for a single garage you should not spend more that £1200.

Fact: Did you know that flat roofs are not flat. You need the water to run off and not pool which could allow it to gather moss, causing degradation and shorten the life of the roof replacement.

How can I tell if I need a new tiled roof?

You might notice leaks coming through the ceiling or damp in the loft from a cracked or missing tile. If the tile is missing you need to act quickly, as this gap allows wind to whip in and lift more tiles. A clear sign that roof shingles are breaking up and need sections replaced, are when pieces of the shingles start dropping off into the surrounding area of your house or clogging up the gutter as well as the blatantly obvious visual of sections missing from the roof.

Perhaps you have noticed gaps appearing on joins (this can be around the chimney, the tiles at the top called roof ridges or roof valleys where tiles meet) you might have noticed rays of daylight shining through roof gaps in the loft.

Tip: Discuss with the contractor how straight forward a job your roof replacement or repair is, because a more complex roof (different levels, roof valleys, chimney stacks or loft windows) can add more of a challenge to the roof replacement / repair which means the job will involve more labour which equates to more money.

Roofing costs for your home

Cost to build a new roof £5500
Cost to replace roof ridge tiles £180
Cost to replace a gutter £150
Cost to replace flashing and leadwork £600
Cost to replace fascia and soffits £200
Cost to repair a chimney £200
Cost to repair a leaky roof £100
Cost to replace a flat roof £600
Chimney flue installation £400
Upgrading old tiles or Cotswolds stone roofs £2500 or a 2bed house
Bird proofing fitting multi-purpose chimney cowls £100
Site visit to inspect the health of a roof £200
Fitting 1 or 2 air vents on a roof £240
Replacement of 6 broken standard tiles £100
Stripping old slate and replacing with new slate on a 4 bed, 2 storey, detached house £8300
Stripping old tiles and replacing with new tiles on a 4 bed, 2 storey, detached house £6600
Stripping old slate and replacing with new slate on a 4 bed, 2 storey, semi-detached house £6200
Stripping old slate and replacing with new slate on a 2 bed bungalow £5000
Stripping old tiles and replacing with new tiles on a 2-bed bungalow £4500
Installing a flat roof on a 4x4m conservatory £1200
Installing a flat roof with a rubber membrane on a single garage £950

Rates for other trades

Roofer hourly rate and daily rate
Roofer: Average Hourly and Daily Rates in the UK for 2024 (excluding VAT or callout charges)
Location in UKHourly RateDaily Rate
Roofer near Amber Valley£26£202
Roofer near Arun£28£208
Roofer near Ashfield£27£204
Roofer near Aylesbury Vale£32£215
Roofer near Barnsley£28£216
Roofer near Basildon£36£224
Roofer near Basingstoke & Deane£34£230
Roofer near Bassetlaw£27£215
Roofer near Bath & North East Somerset£27£205
Roofer near Bedford£33£217
Roofer near Birmingham£27£203
Roofer near Blackburn£26£194
Roofer near Blackpool£26£186
Roofer near Bolton£27£199
Roofer near Bournemouth£34£216
Roofer near Bracknell Forest£35£234
Roofer near Bradford£31£206
Roofer near Braintree£33£217
Roofer near Breckland£22£181
Roofer near Bridgend£28£180
Roofer near Brighton£30£214
Roofer near Bristol£27£206
Roofer near Broadland£22£181
Roofer near Broxtowe£27£202
Roofer near Bury£28£200
Roofer near Caerphilly£28£185
Roofer near Calderdale£32£206
Roofer near Cambridge£32£229
Roofer near Canterbury£26£192
Roofer near Cardiff£27£189
Roofer near Carmarthenshire£23£187
Roofer near Charnwood£25£192
Roofer near Chelmsford£35£221
Roofer near Cheltenham£26£206
Roofer near Cherwell£29£213
Roofer near Chester£28£197
Roofer near Colchester£32£216
Roofer near Conway£32£187
Roofer near Coventry£23£187
Roofer near Crewe & Nantwich£27£201
Roofer near Dacorum£37£234
Roofer near Derby£26£199
Roofer near Doncaster£29£222
Roofer near Dover£25£191
Roofer near Dudley£27£203
Roofer near Dumfries & Galloway£22£178
Roofer near Dundee£35£237
Roofer near East Ayrshire£31£242
Roofer near East Devon£23£184
Roofer near East Dunbartonshire£30£221
Roofer near East Hampshire£33£229
Roofer near East Hertfordshire£37£230
Roofer near East Riding£28£204
Roofer near Eastleigh£29£219
Roofer near Edinburgh£32£231
Roofer near Elmbridge£37£233
Roofer near Epping Forest£38£233
Roofer near Erewash£27£201
Roofer near Exeter£23£188
Roofer near Falkirk£30£223
Roofer near Fife£33£234
Roofer near Flintshire£29£199
Roofer near Gateshead£30£221
Roofer near Gedling£27£201
Roofer near Glasgow£30£223
Roofer near Gloucester£27£208
Roofer near Guildford£35£235
Roofer near Gwynedd£21£165
Roofer near Halton£28£195
Roofer near Harrogate£25£200
Roofer near Havant & Waterloo£29£215
Roofer near Horsham£34£232
Roofer near Huntingdonshire£40£244
Roofer near Ipswich£31£213
Roofer near Isle of Wight£29£214
Roofer near Kings Lynn & West Norfolk£24£210
Roofer near Kingston-upon-Hull£24£193
Roofer near Kirklees£32£208
Roofer near Knowsley£28£194
Roofer near Lancaster£24£180
Roofer near Leeds£26£206
Roofer near Leicester£23£179
Roofer near Liverpool£28£194
Roofer near London£38£232
Roofer near Luton£37£231
Roofer near Macclesfield£28£201
Roofer near Maidstone£32£218
Roofer near Manchester£28£201
Roofer near Mid Bedfordshire£35£225
Roofer near Mid Sussex£33£223
Roofer near Middlesbrough£36£210
Roofer near Milton Keynes£32£209
Roofer near Neath Port Talbot£28£208
Roofer near New Forest£31£219
Roofer near Newbury£34£229
Roofer near Newcastle-under-Lyme£31£196
Roofer near Newcastle-upon-Tyne£30£221
Roofer near Newport£28£188
Roofer near North Ayrshire£31£240
Roofer near North East Lincolnshire£24£193
Roofer near North Hertfordshire£37£231
Roofer near North Lanarkshire£30£223
Roofer near North Lincolnshire£25£198
Roofer near North Somerset£28£209
Roofer near North Tyneside£30£221
Roofer near North Wiltshire£28£212
Roofer near Northampton£30£200
Roofer near Norwich£22£180
Roofer near Nottingham£27£202
Roofer near Nuneaton & Bedworth£23£187
Roofer near Oldham£31£206
Roofer near Oxford£30£216
Roofer near Perth & Kinross£31£230
Roofer near Peterborough£43£249
Roofer near Plymouth£26£202
Roofer near Poole£34£216
Roofer near Portsmouth£29£216
Roofer near Powys£25£198
Roofer near Preston£26£189
Roofer near Reading£34£232
Roofer near Redcar & Cleveland£37£211
Roofer near Reigate & Banstead£37£230
Roofer near Renfrewshire£30£230
Roofer near Rhondda, Cynon, Taff£28£183
Roofer near Rochdale£32£207
Roofer near Rotherham£27£213
Roofer near Salford£28£201
Roofer near Salisbury£31£215
Roofer near Sandwell£27£203
Roofer near Scarborough£22£174
Roofer near Sefton£28£193
Roofer near Sevenoaks£36£231
Roofer near Sheffield£27£215
Roofer near Slough£37£235
Roofer near Solihull£24£194
Roofer near South Ayrshire£31£237
Roofer near South Bedfordshire£33£217
Roofer near South Cambridgeshire£32£229
Roofer near South Gloucestershire£27£205
Roofer near South Kesteven£28£195
Roofer near South Lanarkshire£28£208
Roofer near South Oxfordshire£33£227
Roofer near South Somerset£25£194
Roofer near South Tyneside£30£220
Roofer near Southampton£29£217
Roofer near Southend-on-Sea£34£218
Roofer near St Albans£37£235
Roofer near St Helens£27£194
Roofer near Stafford£31£206
Roofer near Stockport£28£203
Roofer near Stockton-on-Tees£36£210
Roofer near Stoke-on-Trent£32£196
Roofer near Stratford-on-Avon£23£189
Roofer near Stroud£27£209
Roofer near Suffolk Coastal£31£212
Roofer near Sunderland£31£218
Roofer near Swale£30£206
Roofer near Swansea£27£209
Roofer near Tameside£28£202
Roofer near Teignbridge£24£194
Roofer near Tendring£32£214
Roofer near Test Valley£30£222
Roofer near Thamesdown£27£209
Roofer near Thanet£24£184
Roofer near The Wrekin£25£195
Roofer near Thurrock£36£223
Roofer near Torbay£24£197
Roofer near Trafford£28£201
Roofer near Vale of Glamorgan£28£182
Roofer near Vale of White Horse£28£213
Roofer near Vale Royal£29£199
Roofer near Wakefield£31£213
Roofer near Walsall£27£203
Roofer near Warrington£27£197
Roofer near Warwick£23£188
Roofer near Waverley£35£239
Roofer near Wealden£30£214
Roofer near West Lancashire£27£192
Roofer near West Lothian£32£232
Roofer near West Wiltshire£28£212
Roofer near Wigan£27£196
Roofer near Windsor & Maidenhead£36£235
Roofer near Wirral£28£194
Roofer near Wokingham£35£235
Roofer near Wolverhampton£27£205
Roofer near Wrexham Maelor£29£199
Roofer near Wychavon£24£196
Roofer near Wycombe£35£236
Roofer near York£25£193