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Glazier cost per hour

The average hourly rate for a glazier in the UK is £31 per hour. A glazier will measure up and create glass or mirrors to the exact requirements needed and then they can also fit and install the glass or mirror. Glazier work can be in a time of crisis when a window has been smashed and the property needs to quickly be made secure or can be planned design work of pretty mirrors, clever shower screens and specialised windows for a bigger project on the go. Glazier and emergency glazier UK rates vary from £20 to £60 per hour so let HaMuch help you find a glazier for a price you like.

View our UK Glazier hourly rate table.

Glazier cost per day

The average day rate for a UK glazier is £212 per day. Glazing is a skilled job and requires knowledge and expertise, so besides making sure the glazier’s costs suit your budget, most important is to ensure that you choose a glazing company with the right experience, whether that is installing a cat flap through French patio doors or designing a glass balustrade for your home. Once you have narrowed your list of glazing companies by experience, then start comparing quotes to see which glazier offers service and materials at a price you are comfortable with. Day rates vary from £158 to £400, and the South East and London tend to be more expensive.

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Choosing a glazier

Try to get a few comparison quotes. If it is for windows, discuss if it is single or double glazing with the energy rating for the glass and if it will suit the style window frame you have. If you are having new windows and frames fitted, invite the glazier round to get an idea of who you are dealing with, how they are turned out, what effort they go to, to quote for the job. Ask if there is a warranty / guarantee period they may offer on glass windows and glass doors.

Once you have received the quote from the glass company, if verbal, insist they email you the quote so that you have a ‘paper trail’ to avoid any financial disputes in the end. Glazing companies can be VAT registered, so check if that has been made clear on the invoice. Discuss parking arrangements they will need and if your street is a ‘residents only’ parking, it will be for you to make a plan for them to park outside your home at least while off-loading. As you can imagine, glaziers cannot be expected to walk down a road carrying a big sheet of glass as this will put them and any passers-by in danger and you in danger of having your glass order smashed before it has made it safely indoors.

Replacing broken glass

If the glazier is replacing glass, discuss who is responsible for removing the old glass from your property. If it is for you to remove, ask them to recommend a recycle point for glass and to bag it up safely for you so that you do not cut your hands while disposing of the old glass.

Upfront glazing costs

Bespoke glass services may require an upfront deposit from you, so do not be alarmed. Check with the glazier their preferred terms of payment and if they have card machines or prefer a bank transfer. Always get an invoice to reflect money paid. If they want you to pay a deposit, discuss the cooling-off cancellation period to protect yourself in case you no longer want to go ahead. Check what notice is given for you to have your deposit returned back to you. Usually, the glass or mirror will be ordered in, based on your size requirements, so they might say they cannot give you any money back from the deposit.

Glazier reviews

Google the companies in your preferred glazier-list to find online reviews about their service and to double check there are no disgruntled homeowners. Most reputable companies may have one or two negative reviews (think of the saying, “you can’t keep everyone happy”) but if you notice a pattern of people grumbling about the same issue, that should be your red flag.

Glazier costs

Tip: If you are finding a glazier for windows, you need to think about the style and design you want if you are keeping the original frames or are upgrading them. So consider the energy efficiency of the property overall and if choosing a type of glass will increase the efficiency rating.

Glaziers work for homeowners is normally in an emergency where glass has been broken and a frantic phone call ensues because you might feel quite vulnerable with easy access to your home. To make sure you don’t pay over the odds we have compiled a list of common glazing jobs and a good average estimate based on the daily or hourly rate for a glazier in the UK.

Emergency smashed window-pane replacement cost

The average cost for replacing glass in an average sized single glassed window is £150. If you are calling for replacement glass, explain how the current glass is broken so that they can be prepared on how to remove all shards of glass from the frame and discuss what type of frame you have and the condition of the frame.

Kitchen splashback cost

Think of as much detail as possible so that when you are discussing the project you can get a quote for exactly what it is you need doing and for the glazier or glass merchant to then assist with more ideas, but this way they have a starting point. E.g., rather than calling around for glass splashback quotes in a kitchen, consider; colours, smooth or textured (the textures can catch light at different angles to give an interesting-ever-changing look), how do you want the edging? Bevelled? Lastly, consider how far you want the splashback to stretch and at what height i.e., only behind the kitchen tap at a height of 30cm, or spreading from the kitchen sink to behind the oven and at a height of 60cm. Then as the glazier has a good starting point, they can discuss with you thickness of toughened glass and different fitting (screws or adhesive) as well as how to work around any plug points you may have in that area and what to do with tiles that might already be on a wall. A fitted kitchen splashback will cost around £80.


For glass mirrors discuss the location and use of the mirror, if it is to be hung above a bath it needs to have safety backing and toughened glass so that if it fell while you were in the bath, it would not shatter and kill you. It needs to be steam resistant and the thickness needs to match the rest of the wall – if you are tiling around it or not. A mirror to be hung on the inside of your wardrobe door is less complicated but still best to have safety backing and discuss the type of wardrobe so that the correct fittings will be applied.

Having pet cat or dog flaps to be fitted, discuss which window or door and if they are double glazing or single glazing. You can either have a new window / door glass panel provided with the pet flap installed so that you can store the original to fit when moving or if you feel you will be in the home for years to come just ask them to come through to your home and fit with pet flap in your existing door or windowpane. When having a cat flap or dog flap fitted, often they might ask you to first buy the pet flap and have it ready for them as they do not want to be responsible for your preferred choice. Just make sure the thickness of the flap will be suited to glass.

Guide to glass fitting costs

Reseal double glazed window £50
Provide locks on double glazed windows £20 each
Fit a new double-glazed window £150
Emergency smashed window-pane refit £150
Emergency smashed glass door refit £160
Replacing a greenhouse window-pane £200
Fitting a 2 x 2 m greenhouse with windows £600
Fitting a 4 x 2.5 m conservatory with windows £900
Replacing a conservatory window-pane £300
Fitting a new skylight window £200
Replacing a sash glass window-pane £150
Removing scratches from a window £60
Fitting new handles on windows £20 each
Fit a cat flap in existing glass £80
Fit a dog flap in existing French patio doors £80
Build a large reptile tank £400
Build a medium fish tank built to bespoke specifications £350
Emergency board up of break-in £100
Remove old glass windows £160
Remove old glass in an orangery £160
Fit an indoor glass balustrade £600
Fit a glass stair railing £600
Repair a glass balustrade £200
Fit a glass shower screen £250
Repair a glass shower screen £100
Cut to size and design a mirror for a wet room £100
Cut to size and design a splashback for the kitchen £100
Cut to size and design a toughened tabletop £120
Repair glass items, e.g.; tabletop or splashback £80
Fit an outdoor toughened glass stair railing £500

Rates for other trades

Glass / Glazier hourly rate and daily rate
Glass / Glazier: Average Hourly and Daily Rates in the UK for 2024 (excluding VAT or callout charges)
Location in UKHourly RateDaily Rate
Glass / Glazier near Amber Valley£30£200
Glass / Glazier near Arun£32£218
Glass / Glazier near Ashfield£30£200
Glass / Glazier near Aylesbury Vale£33£217
Glass / Glazier near Barnsley£27£214
Glass / Glazier near Basildon£34£219
Glass / Glazier near Basingstoke & Deane£32£204
Glass / Glazier near Bedford£33£217
Glass / Glazier near Birmingham£25£165
Glass / Glazier near Blackburn£30£195
Glass / Glazier near Bolton£26£195
Glass / Glazier near Bournemouth£40£250
Glass / Glazier near Bracknell Forest£35£224
Glass / Glazier near Bradford£25£180
Glass / Glazier near Brighton£33£219
Glass / Glazier near Broxtowe£30£200
Glass / Glazier near Bury£26£195
Glass / Glazier near Calderdale£26£173
Glass / Glazier near Canterbury£30£214
Glass / Glazier near Charnwood£30£200
Glass / Glazier near Chelmsford£34£219
Glass / Glazier near Cheltenham£25£176
Glass / Glazier near Coventry£25£176
Glass / Glazier near Dacorum£37£230
Glass / Glazier near Derby£30£200
Glass / Glazier near Dover£30£214
Glass / Glazier near Dudley£24£163
Glass / Glazier near East Devon£24£179
Glass / Glazier near East Hampshire£26£158
Glass / Glazier near East Hertfordshire£44£252
Glass / Glazier near Eastleigh£32£216
Glass / Glazier near Elmbridge£35£231
Glass / Glazier near Epping Forest£44£236
Glass / Glazier near Erewash£30£200
Glass / Glazier near Exeter£24£179
Glass / Glazier near Gedling£30£200
Glass / Glazier near Gloucester£25£176
Glass / Glazier near Guildford£33£217
Glass / Glazier near Havant & Waterloo£28£192
Glass / Glazier near Horsham£33£219
Glass / Glazier near Isle of Wight£28£212
Glass / Glazier near Kirklees£25£180
Glass / Glazier near Leeds£25£180
Glass / Glazier near London£39£231
Glass / Glazier near Luton£38£234
Glass / Glazier near Maidstone£32£214
Glass / Glazier near Manchester£22£195
Glass / Glazier near Mid Bedfordshire£37£231
Glass / Glazier near Mid Sussex£33£219
Glass / Glazier near Middlesbrough£15£150
Glass / Glazier near Milton Keynes£33£218
Glass / Glazier near New Forest£32£216
Glass / Glazier near Newbury£32£204
Glass / Glazier near North Hertfordshire£39£238
Glass / Glazier near Northampton£33£218
Glass / Glazier near Nottingham£30£200
Glass / Glazier near Nuneaton & Bedworth£25£176
Glass / Glazier near Oldham£25£180
Glass / Glazier near Plymouth£20£180
Glass / Glazier near Poole£40£250
Glass / Glazier near Portsmouth£29£196
Glass / Glazier near Preston£30£240
Glass / Glazier near Reading£33£211
Glass / Glazier near Redcar & Cleveland£15£150
Glass / Glazier near Reigate & Banstead£33£221
Glass / Glazier near Rochdale£25£180
Glass / Glazier near Rotherham£27£214
Glass / Glazier near Salford£22£195
Glass / Glazier near Sandwell£24£162
Glass / Glazier near Sevenoaks£33£218
Glass / Glazier near Sheffield£27£214
Glass / Glazier near Slough£33£227
Glass / Glazier near Solihull£26£174
Glass / Glazier near South Bedfordshire£33£217
Glass / Glazier near South Oxfordshire£32£207
Glass / Glazier near Southampton£31£215
Glass / Glazier near Southend-on-Sea£33£217
Glass / Glazier near St Albans£38£238
Glass / Glazier near Stockport£20£200
Glass / Glazier near Stockton-on-Tees£15£150
Glass / Glazier near Stratford-on-Avon£26£176
Glass / Glazier near Stroud£25£176
Glass / Glazier near Suffolk Coastal£50£180
Glass / Glazier near Swale£32£214
Glass / Glazier near Tameside£22£195
Glass / Glazier near Teignbridge£24£179
Glass / Glazier near Test Valley£30£214
Glass / Glazier near The Wrekin£27£173
Glass / Glazier near Thurrock£38£222
Glass / Glazier near Torbay£24£179
Glass / Glazier near Trafford£22£195
Glass / Glazier near Wakefield£25£180
Glass / Glazier near Walsall£24£162
Glass / Glazier near Warrington£20£200
Glass / Glazier near Warwick£25£175
Glass / Glazier near Waveney£50£180
Glass / Glazier near Waverley£33£216
Glass / Glazier near Wigan£20£200
Glass / Glazier near Windsor & Maidenhead£33£228
Glass / Glazier near Wokingham£33£211
Glass / Glazier near Wolverhampton£24£163
Glass / Glazier near Wychavon£27£172
Glass / Glazier near Wycombe£33£214