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Builder cost per hour

Building projects are usually very stressful times and getting a grip of what things will cost is one of those stresses. For small jobs the average hourly rate for hiring a builder in the UK is £29 but this can range from £16 to £46 depending on the builder and where you live. Choosing a builder for your budget is important, so using HaMuch can help you navigate through your project. Get quotes from our builders and compare rates and to make sure you get the best value for money.

Builder cost per day

For larger jobs a builders day rate will help you determine how much a project will cost and also allows you to compare builders in your area using HaMuch. Currently the average daily rate for a builder in the UK is £206 but, if it’s a large building business, you will probably have to add VAT. You can get cheaper and more expensive builders and they range from £133 to £275 per day, but this also depends on where you live. If you are looking to build an extension or loft conversion you will require multiple skills on site, so the quote will be more complicated and more likely based on previous jobs the builders have done. The builders will be more interested in the day rate of other trades if they are employing subcontractors for the job. Also materials post Brexit are going up in price so a quote might have to change if you need to wait a while to get the building done. A single storey house extension can cost from £25k and take 8 weeks + so your builder might not be readily available.

Choosing a builder

When choosing a builder, get a few written quotes so you have a better understanding about what level of building work is being offered at different prices. Insist on being given a ‘written quote’ to avoid disputes over payment and job expectations at the end of the project. As building work can involve scaffolding, so discuss with the builder if it has included any scaffolding hire charges and if this is something that will still need to be added on to the final bill. Another charge to consider is skip hire. If there will be demolition work taking place at your home, then hiring a skip is a good option to avoid a lot of small trips to the tip clearing away the building debris.

Before making a decision on which builder to choose, ask what their payment terms are and if a big building project like house extension and loft conversions, can be paid in instalments in line with sections of the building work being completed. Unless you have specified specific building materials that they don’t normally supply, you should not be asked to pay any money upfront.

If you are getting large scale building work completed, it would be wise to see a portfolio of similar work carried out. Try to drop in to do a site visit on a current building project so that you can see the level of organisation on site, quality of materials being used, number of builders on site. Check any associations the builder is part of e.g. The National Federation of Builders (NFB).

Lastly, check what insurances you need to have in place with your own personal building and contents insurance, check to see if you need to make your insurers aware of work being carried out. Ask the builder about their insurance and how much public liability insurance they have (there should be a certificate to show you).

Building costs

Traditional bricks and mortar are only part of the complicated task of completing a large building project to enhance your home. A lot of building companies today have their own team for the core work onsite and subcontract for the rest, acting like a project manager. Costing a job is usually based on size. The larger it is the more you pay but your choice of materials will also affect the cost. If you choose to project manage you can choose smaller companies that have smaller overheads and better day rates to build your garage or lounge extension. You can purchase your own materials and negotiate the best rate for expensive items like bifolding doors.

Loft conversion cost

A full loft conversion to create another living space can cost from £30,000 depending on your location and the quality of the finish. Prices are rising and builders are booked up for months so getting a builder who is available is not an easy task. Why not try posting a job with HaMuch and get free quotes from available builders in your area. Loft conversions add value to your home and don’t require planning permission if they are of a good size. So if it’s a roof light conversion or a dormer loft conversion talking to a qualified builder will help get you started and save money.

House extension cost

Unless you have a cellar to convert or you want to build upwards a home extension is the next best way to add value to your home and give you extra living space. A budget extension can cost £20,000 and the average price is over £35,000 but this depends on the quality of your materials and glazing. Also you don’t need planning permission if you are extending out from your building for 3 metres or less. It is difficult to give an exact value but an extension could add an extra 15% to the price of your home, so that is worth considering before you start.

Conservatory cost

To build a conservatory costs an average of £15,000 but you can pay a lot more or less. They start from around £7,000 and can go up to over £50,000 and you have a choice of wood or upvc finish. An orangery with bifolding doors and roof lanterns are a popular alternative to a traditional conservatory and cost around £25,000. Seems a lot but, if you want to maximise your property size and have enough garden space, a conservatory is a great way to achieve more indoor space.

Before talking to the builder regarding a conservatory or extension, have an idea of the size you would like, the shape it should be built, if there is an existing driveway or patio that needs to be demolished first, any outside drains or outside bathroom pipe that might need to become inside drains or pipes and consider a style that will suit your home e.g. Edwardian or Victorian.

For conservatories, extensions, rebuilding external walls, window repairs… any building job involving windows, you can choose from standard double glazing to upgrades like self-cleaning glass or toughened glass. When choosing windows uPVC work with traditional and contemporary homes while sash windows are better suited to Victorian style homes.

As building work can involve changing the layout of a house, check if your project would require any planning permission before it goes ahead. Loft conversion means you may need to purchase the loft from the freeholder if you in a leasehold and some building works may require an architect to design the space and calculate the costings or a structural engineer to ensure the safety of the project.

How much do extensions, loft-conversions and other building work cost

Job details Estimate
Building a conservatory including foundation£2000
Structure repair£800
Converting a loft into a bedroom with en-suite£7000
Converting a garage into a bedroom£4000
Damp protection for internal walls £280 per wall
Damp protection for external walls£300 per wall
Rising damp treatment£280 per wall
Demolition of a garage£1000
Demolition of a patio, driveway, shed, outside space£800
Building concrete, tarmac, block, etc driveway£750
Creating a dropped kerb£500
One room extension £2000
Multi room extension£2000 per room
Removal of old floor and laying a new floor£150 per room
Repairing floors by filling gaps, sanding, staining, sealing and securing loose floorboards£100 per room
Building a retaining wall£250
Pointing and brick work repair£50 per m2
Chimney flue installation£400
Chimney repointing£500
Chimney breast removal£700
Flat roof repairs and replacing slipped or cracked tiles£170 per 5x tiles
Upgrading old tiles or Cotswolds stone roofs£2500 or a 2bed house
Chimney flashing or flashing around solar panels and roof lighting£800
Window fitting and replacing£300 for 4 windows
Repairs on window frames and windowpanes including leaks£100 per window

Rates for other trades

Builder hourly rate and daily rate
Builder: Average Hourly and Daily Rates in the UK for 2022 (excluding VAT or callout charges)
Location in UKHourly RateDaily Rate
Builder near Aberdeen£25£250
Builder near Amber Valley£28£208
Builder near Angus£24£195
Builder near Arun£30£215
Builder near Ashfield£29£216
Builder near Aylesbury Vale£34£216
Builder near Barnsley£29£234
Builder near Basildon£34£220
Builder near Basingstoke & Deane£37£220
Builder near Bassetlaw£24£199
Builder near Bath & North East Somerset£28£217
Builder near Bedford£42£242
Builder near Belfast£19£133
Builder near Birmingham£24£194
Builder near Blackburn£37£193
Builder near Blackpool£25£178
Builder near Bolton£26£193
Builder near Bournemouth£31£222
Builder near Bracknell Forest£38£239
Builder near Bradford£25£198
Builder near Braintree£30£212
Builder near Breckland£21£178
Builder near Bridgend£29£181
Builder near Brighton£29£216
Builder near Bristol£28£216
Builder near Broadland£21£172
Builder near Broxtowe£28£211
Builder near Bury£29£200
Builder near Caerphilly£27£178
Builder near Calderdale£24£182
Builder near Cambridge£31£234
Builder near Canterbury£25£189
Builder near Cardiff£27£177
Builder near Carmarthenshire£22£174
Builder near Charnwood£25£187
Builder near Chelmsford£33£218
Builder near Cheltenham£27£221
Builder near Cherwell£30£220
Builder near Chester£26£185
Builder near Colchester£29£208
Builder near Conway£23£181
Builder near Coventry£24£187
Builder near Crewe & Nantwich£28£216
Builder near Dacorum£46£231
Builder near Derby£28£205
Builder near Doncaster£26£202
Builder near Dover£24£189
Builder near Dudley£24£193
Builder near Dumfries & Galloway£20£160
Builder near Dundee£25£204
Builder near East Ayrshire£21£188
Builder near East Devon£21£174
Builder near East Dunbartonshire£28£215
Builder near East Hampshire£32£216
Builder near East Hertfordshire£37£237
Builder near East Lindsey£25£195
Builder near East Riding£23£199
Builder near Eastleigh£30£220
Builder near Edinburgh£31£232
Builder near Elmbridge£41£235
Builder near Epping Forest£37£230
Builder near Erewash£28£209
Builder near Exeter£20£174
Builder near Falkirk£28£200
Builder near Fife£31£217
Builder near Flintshire£26£189
Builder near Gateshead£30£225
Builder near Gedling£28£215
Builder near Glasgow£32£243
Builder near Gloucester£26£206
Builder near Guildford£39£244
Builder near Gwynedd£19£153
Builder near Halton£27£193
Builder near Harrogate£25£193
Builder near Havant & Waterloo£30£213
Builder near Highland£19£190
Builder near Horsham£31£218
Builder near Huntingdonshire£33£220
Builder near Ipswich£27£193
Builder near Isle of Wight£31£215
Builder near Kings Lynn & West Norfolk£22£180
Builder near Kingston-upon-Hull£23£186
Builder near Kirklees£26£199
Builder near Knowsley£26£184
Builder near Lancaster£22£194
Builder near Leeds£26£197
Builder near Leicester£23£174
Builder near Lisburn£19£135
Builder near Liverpool£27£186
Builder near London£39£231
Builder near Luton£35£224
Builder near Macclesfield£30£197
Builder near Maidstone£36£228
Builder near Manchester£28£195
Builder near Mid Bedfordshire£39£235
Builder near Mid Sussex£29£215
Builder near Middlesbrough£40£206
Builder near Milton Keynes£38£232
Builder near Neath Port Talbot£25£181
Builder near New Forest£31£224
Builder near Newbury£31£217
Builder near Newcastle-under-Lyme£24£191
Builder near Newcastle-upon-Tyne£30£229
Builder near Newport£27£187
Builder near North Ayrshire£24£205
Builder near North East Lincolnshire£26£203
Builder near North Hertfordshire£37£235
Builder near North Lanarkshire£27£206
Builder near North Lincolnshire£22£179
Builder near North Somerset£28£216
Builder near North Tyneside£31£238
Builder near North Wiltshire£27£206
Builder near Northampton£36£220
Builder near Norwich£21£176
Builder near Nottingham£28£214
Builder near Nuneaton & Bedworth£24£188
Builder near Oldham£28£197
Builder near Oxford£30£226
Builder near Pembrokeshire£16£140
Builder near Perth & Kinross£32£212
Builder near Peterborough£31£211
Builder near Plymouth£28£204
Builder near Poole£32£225
Builder near Portsmouth£30£211
Builder near Powys£20£190
Builder near Preston£40£195
Builder near Reading£38£237
Builder near Redcar & Cleveland£30£208
Builder near Reigate & Banstead£39£235
Builder near Renfrewshire£32£253
Builder near Rhondda, Cynon, Taff£28£172
Builder near Rochdale£29£196
Builder near Rotherham£28£231
Builder near Salford£28£194
Builder near Salisbury£43£275
Builder near Sandwell£24£192
Builder near Scarborough£24£190
Builder near Scottish Borders£32£260
Builder near Sefton£27£190
Builder near Sevenoaks£38£227
Builder near Sheffield£29£238
Builder near Slough£45£239
Builder near Solihull£24£189
Builder near South Ayrshire£23£193
Builder near South Bedfordshire£42£242
Builder near South Cambridgeshire£33£236
Builder near South Gloucestershire£28£215
Builder near South Kesteven£26£184
Builder near South Lanarkshire£24£177
Builder near South Oxfordshire£32£227
Builder near South Somerset£27£249
Builder near South Tyneside£31£235
Builder near Southampton£30£218
Builder near Southend-on-Sea£34£209
Builder near St Albans£37£234
Builder near St Helens£26£184
Builder near Stafford£24£206
Builder near Stockport£29£200
Builder near Stockton-on-Tees£39£208
Builder near Stoke-on-Trent£24£193
Builder near Stratford-on-Avon£25£194
Builder near Stroud£26£206
Builder near Suffolk Coastal£22£177
Builder near Sunderland£30£226
Builder near Swale£36£208
Builder near Swansea£24£197
Builder near Tameside£29£200
Builder near Teignbridge£24£195
Builder near Tendring£27£200
Builder near Test Valley£28£206
Builder near Thamesdown£27£205
Builder near Thanet£21£168
Builder near The Wrekin£26£214
Builder near Thurrock£35£222
Builder near Torbay£25£205
Builder near Trafford£29£200
Builder near Vale of Glamorgan£29£179
Builder near Vale of White Horse£29£219
Builder near Vale Royal£26£192
Builder near Wakefield£25£197
Builder near Walsall£24£194
Builder near Warrington£27£196
Builder near Warwick£24£192
Builder near Waveney£22£180
Builder near Waverley£42£241
Builder near Wealden£27£211
Builder near West Lancashire£26£187
Builder near West Lothian£30£224
Builder near West Wiltshire£27£206
Builder near Wigan£26£187
Builder near Windsor & Maidenhead£46£239
Builder near Wirral£28£188
Builder near Wokingham£38£236
Builder near Wolverhampton£24£194
Builder near Wrexham Maelor£26£199
Builder near Wychavon£24£195
Builder near Wycombe£34£231
Builder near York£25£188