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Read our range of cost guides to find out how much you should expect to spend on removing pests from your home, office or business premises.

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It’s everyone’s worst nightmare to discover a pest problem. Whether you’ve noticed mice activity in your cupboards or there’s a wasp nest in your loft, you want to get the problem sorted quickly. But how much will it cost? Read our guides to find out how much it will set you back to have a pest controller remove unwanted guests from your home.

Cheap pest controller cost

A cheap pest controller costs from £20 per hour, but the average cost across the UK is £38 per hour. The actual cost of a pest control specialist will depend on the type of pest you have, how large the infestation is and how difficult it is to access the area where the pests are. Many pest controllers will charge based on a per-job or per-visit basis, so you’ll know exactly how much you’ll be charged before the pests are eradicated.

Be wary of very cheap pest control quotes. While it can be tempting to go with the cheapest pest controller, consider whether the cost sounds too good to be true. Very low prices may indicate that the pest controller doesn’t have the qualifications or experience to eradicate the pests, and bearing in mind that these specialists will often deal with strong poisons that could get into the ecosystem, you want to ensure that they know what they’re doing. Make sure you ask for references or testimonials before going with the cheapest pest controller you can find.

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Pest Control FAQs

What is the hardest pest to get rid of?

The hardest pests to get rid of are widely considered to be bedbugs, termites and cockroaches. These types of pests breed quickly and can go unnoticed for a long time until the problem is huge. These pests, particularly bedbugs, are becoming resistant to insecticides, so it can take more than one treatment to eliminate them. Plus, termites and cockroaches are great at hiding, so it can be difficult to get rid of them all in one go.

Do councils charge to get rid of rats?

Yes, most councils will charge to get rid of rats, unless you are a tenant in local authority housing. It also depends on which local authority you are a part of, as not every council has a pest control service. If your council does, they are likely to charge less than a private pest controller, but they may not offer as many visits to help you get rid of the rats and you might have to wait longer for them to visit your property than if you chose to call an independent pest control expert.

Do you have to declare rats when selling a house?

Yes, you should declare rats when selling a house if they are still an ongoing problem. If you fail to declare all necessary information about your house when you sell it, the buyer could sue you. The best thing to do is to have your rat problem dealt with by a pest control expert before you sell your house so you can state that you have cleared the property of pests. You could try selling the house while disclosing that you have a rat infestation, but you’re likely to be offered less money for your home.

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