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Read our carpentry and joinery cost guides to get an idea of how much various carpentry and joinery jobs will cost around your home based on our database of hourly and daily rates.

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If you’re looking for a bespoke bookshelf or a set of fitted wardrobes, you’ll need a carpenter or a joiner. Our cost guides help you find out how much you should budget for various carpentry and joinery projects around your home. Take a look at our cost guides below:

Cheap carpenter cost

Carpenters charge from as little as £16 per hour for small jobs, but the average is £27 per hour for jobs like hanging a door or fitting a new door frame. But remember, it’s not always best to look for the cheapest carpenter. If you get an unusually cheap quote from a carpenter, ask yourself why it’s so cheap. Do they have the right qualifications and insurance? Do they have reviews or references from past customers?

If your carpenter or joiner can’t provide you with references or a portfolio of their work, be wary of accepting a cheap quote. You might end up spending more on fixing the problems that they cause.

Carpentry & Joinery Cost Guides

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Carpentry & Joinery FAQs

Do I need a carpenter or a joiner?

Lots of people get carpenters and joiners mixed up, and it’s no surprise – what they do is very similar. But, in a nutshell, a joiner can make you a beautiful bespoke fitted wardrobe, while a carpenter can install it for you. Another way to remember the difference between a carpenter and a joiner is that a joiner will construct furniture or other objects out of wood without using fixings such as nails or screws, whereas a carpenter will use nails or screws to install something a joiner has made in your home.

So, whether you need a carpenter or joiner ultimately depends if you want them to make a bespoke piece of furniture, or just want them to fit it.

Can a joiner fit a kitchen?

Yes, a joiner can fit a kitchen. They can fit the cabinets, units and worktops, but they will rely on plumbers and electricians to fit kitchen sinks, stovetops, ovens and other appliances. You will find that most kitchen fitters are qualified joiners by trade.

Do you need a joiner to fit a door?

Like we said, joinery involves making something out of wood without using fixings, while carpentry involves installing it. So you’d need a carpenter to fit a door for you, but a joiner could well make your door.

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