Read our cost guides to find out how much you’ll need to budget for a variety of tiling jobs around your home.

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Tiles can finish off your bathroom or kitchen and give it a beautiful, timeless look. With a range of tiles available in materials like ceramic and porcelain, it can be difficult to know where to start. A tiler can advise you on the best type of tiles for your home and help you lay them – but how much do they charge? Read our cost guides to find out how much you should expect to pay for a range of tiling jobs in your home.

Cheap tiler cost

A cheap tiler may charge as little as £19 per hour for small repair jobs, but the average hourly rate for a tiler is £26. The average tiling day rate is £183, although tilers are more likely to charge per job for tasks such as tiling a bathroom or kitchen.

How much a tiler will charge will depend on how much preparation they need to do to your walls, the kind of tiles you choose and where you live. London and the South East has the highest prices, while rural Scotland and the north of England has the lowest.

Make sure you look for reviews and ask for references from your tiler before you book them for your project. Remember that cheapest doesn’t always mean best, so you should do your research on at least three tilers before you choose them for the job.

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Tiling FAQs

How many metres can a tiler lay in a day?

How many metres a tiler can lay in a day depends on their experience level. However, a professional tiler should be able to tile a floor or walls at a rate of 10-15 square metres per day. This includes all tasks like preparation, adhesive, laying the tiles and grouting.

Can I retile my bathroom myself?

Yes, you certainly can retile your bathroom yourself – but whether you can get a good finish or not is another matter! Tiling is a very skilled profession that takes tradespeople a long time to learn and even longer to master. It’s unlikely that you’ll do as good a job as a tiler who has years of experience, so it’s best to leave the project to the professionals. If you do want to have a go at retiling your bathroom yourself, make sure you get high-quality materials, buy extra tiles to allow for waste, and take your time. It’s also important to prep your bathroom walls or floor to get a nice flat surface to retile on.

What is the cheapest way to tile a bathroom?

The cheapest way to tile a bathroom is to use ceramic tiles and only tile necessary areas. For example, you could only tile a splashback above your bathroom sink and tile around your bath or shower to reduce costs. Ceramic tiles are usually the cheapest type of tiles, and they work on both your walls and floors. They come in a range of styles and colours and clean easily, so they’re a great option for your bathroom.

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