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Cleaner rates

How much will it cost to professionally clean my home?

Many of us do not look forward to devoting our ‘off-time’ to clean our homes, spending hours polishing and dusting surfaces, mopping and vacuuming floors, we would much rather be off having fun or relaxing so having a cleaner able to free us from this load is invaluable. Aside from the time-saver, there is a health benefit too as a dedicated regular cleaning time is more likely to keep dust /pet allergies at bay. Helping streamline the process of finding the right cleaner, HaMuch has documented information including questions to ask to ease your search with finding the right cleaner for your home.

Managing money and getting off on the right foot with your cleaner

As with any safe and sensible practice of hiring a tradesperson to work in your home, always call around to chat with more than one company to see what services they offer and how their prices compare to their peers. The cleaning company does not need to come to your home to quote, instead they will be able to discuss with you over the phone or by email based on the size of your home and what services you require from them. Never accept a verbal quote as this opens you up to miscommunication so always insist that they either post or email you the quote for you to read over before accepting. The majority of cleaning companies are VAT registered, so check with them if VAT still needs to be added on top of the figure quoted. Ask how and when payment is expected and if there is a discount for signing up to a regular cycle of cleaning. Once-off cleans are usually more costly. Depending on the frequency of the cleaning service you choose the discount gets more favourable with the more regular the clean is, e.g a fortnightly clean agreement, each cleaning day will normally be cheaper than if you were having the service only monthly.

Professional cleaners often offer set services, e.g. dusting, polishing, hoovering, cleaning the bathrooms, cleaning the kitchen including washing the morning breakfast dishes, making all of the beds… but if you have specific services in mind that you would like to add to the services, ask about their bespoke services, e.g including washing inside windows or hosing down the patio and garden furniture in summer. When receiving a quote, check to see which cleaning materials you are required to provide (such as a vacuum cleaner or a mop) and what cleaning materials they will be bringing to the job. If they normally arrive with their own bottles of cleaning chemicals, you can check which brand they use and if you prefer a different brand, ask if you could rather provide all of the cleaning chemicals and see if this would reduce the overall cost (they might use harsh chemicals where you prefer eco-friendly chemicals like Ecover or Method). They will arrive in a car or van and need to park near your home for the hours that they are cleaning, arrange a permit for them if necessary and give clear instructions on how they can park safely without receiving any parking fines from your council.

Before choosing the cleaner, ask for references from previous clients and Google to see what reviews are left on the internet about the company. As this is someone who will be in your home for hours at set intervals do ask the company if the cleaners have been thoroughly checked. If it is a company, find out if the cleaner is an employee of theirs or if they then contract it out as it might be cheaper to just cut out the middleman and go directly to the cleaner. Be sure to check how long the cleaning company has been doing this line of work and whether they are affiliated to any organisation for more peace of mind, e.g., British Cleaners Association (BCA) or Federation of Master Cleaners.

HaMuch has referred to using a cleaning company (this could be a one-man-van or a crew of cleaners) rather than finding someone that lives in your area and paying them cash. This is because you want to feel safe with whom you have in your home and know that there are assurances for any items that are damaged or go missing as well as wanting a uniform quality of service that you are guaranteed on every visit to your home with a cleaning schedule that suits your needs and best serves your home without you ever being let-down at the last minute with a non-arrival of the cleaner or poor cleaning standards. Choosing a professional means, they are equipped with skills and knowledge on how to clean your property.

Defining the quality and detail of the job

On the day the cleaner is due, this may sound obvious but DO NOT clean before they due to arrive. Being houseproud it may feel strange opening the door to someone knowing that beds are unmade or that your hallway needs a sweep / hoover but for the cleaner to have knowledge of what will be expected on-going and what the norm is, it is best that from day 1, the job is correctly defined. Also, this will avoid you feeling resentment at paying for a cleaner after cleaning yourself!

Aside from having chosen a service based on a set service offered or creating your own bespoke service, before the cleaner starts you do need to agree on their terms and conditions. What will happen if you are not satisfied with a quality of cleaning after one of their days in your home? Will they come back to do a touch-up or rectify the room you felt was not properly cleaned? Will they offer you a discount on the following cleaning day?

What is their cancellation policy? Unfortunately, life is not always smooth sailing, and any unforeseen chaos might result in you having to cancel on the day they due or the day before. What is a suitable notice period, would they charge you and would you allow the cleaner in your home if you cannot be there too?

Some cleaning services might require a specialised cleaner rather than have a regular cleaner add into their workday. Oven cleaning and outside glass windows are more infrequent a clean than a general inside house clean. Check if your new regular cleaner offers these bespoke services otherwise they might be able to refer you to a specialised cleaner. Same with carpet cleaning, curtain cleaning and steam cleaning furniture, this will not always be a service offered by the cleaning company used for general cleaning.

Rough guide for how much basic wall, floor and bathroom tiling in your home costs;

Job detailsEstimate
Fortnightly clean of a 2 bed flat / house£55
Monthly clean of a 2 bed flat / house£80
Weekly clean of a 2 bed flat / house£45
Landlord tenant deep clean of a 2 bed flat / house£140
Deep carpet clean – wet or dry£25 per room
Steam clean of furniture£25 per item
Steam clean of curtains£30 per pair
Polish and clean floors£30 per room
Once-off outside windows clean of 10 windows£25
Outside regular windows clean of 10 windows£20
Once-off inside windows clean of 10 windows£30
Inside regular windows clean of 10 windows£25
Inside and outside windows clean of 10 windows£50
Oven and HOB deep clean£75

Rates for other trades

Cleaner Rates: Average Hourly and Daily Rates
Cleaner: Average Hourly and Daily Rates in the UK (excluding VAT or callout charges)
Location in UKHourly RateDaily Rate
Cleaner near Aberdeen£12£100
Cleaner near Amber Valley£18£136
Cleaner near Arun£25£175
Cleaner near Ashfield£17£120
Cleaner near Aylesbury Vale£20£144
Cleaner near Barnsley£18£105
Cleaner near Basildon£19£216
Cleaner near Basingstoke & Deane£17£138
Cleaner near Bassetlaw£13£104
Cleaner near Bath & North East Somerset£18£167
Cleaner near Bedford£30£191
Cleaner near Belfast£15£123
Cleaner near Birmingham£15£123
Cleaner near Blackburn£13£98
Cleaner near Blackpool£10£80
Cleaner near Bolton£15£118
Cleaner near Bournemouth£16£95
Cleaner near Bracknell Forest£19£152
Cleaner near Bradford£19£110
Cleaner near Braintree£17£109
Cleaner near Breckland£15£120
Cleaner near Bridgend£15£126
Cleaner near Brighton£23£167
Cleaner near Bristol£16£151
Cleaner near Broadland£16£114
Cleaner near Broxtowe£18£136
Cleaner near Bury£15£119
Cleaner near Caerphilly£24£174
Cleaner near Calderdale£20£123
Cleaner near Cambridge£57£187
Cleaner near Canterbury£12£111
Cleaner near Cardiff£22£166
Cleaner near Carmarthenshire£12£80
Cleaner near Charnwood£29£169
Cleaner near Chelmsford£21£130
Cleaner near Cheltenham£31£238
Cleaner near Cherwell£18£82
Cleaner near Chester£15£116
Cleaner near Colchester£16£129
Cleaner near Conway£15£120
Cleaner near Coventry£15£187
Cleaner near Crewe & Nantwich£19£122
Cleaner near Dacorum£20£160
Cleaner near Derby£18£136
Cleaner near Doncaster£12£84
Cleaner near Dover£10£110
Cleaner near Dudley£15£124
Cleaner near Dumfries & Galloway£10£80
Cleaner near Dundee£45£300
Cleaner near East Ayrshire£30£200
Cleaner near East Devon£15£101
Cleaner near East Dunbartonshire£14£116
Cleaner near East Hampshire£18£138
Cleaner near East Hertfordshire£15£156
Cleaner near East Riding£25£154
Cleaner near Eastleigh£22£171
Cleaner near Edinburgh£28£195
Cleaner near Elmbridge£17£139
Cleaner near Epping Forest£18£161
Cleaner near Erewash£29£188
Cleaner near Exeter£16£115
Cleaner near Falkirk£17£135
Cleaner near Fife£30£150
Cleaner near Flintshire£14£96
Cleaner near Gateshead£14£104
Cleaner near Gedling£16£129
Cleaner near Glasgow£15£126
Cleaner near Gloucester£31£227
Cleaner near Guildford£18£145
Cleaner near Gwynedd£12£92
Cleaner near Halton£15£119
Cleaner near Harrogate£13£101
Cleaner near Havant & Waterloo£21£155
Cleaner near Highland£18£150
Cleaner near Horsham£17£116
Cleaner near Huntingdonshire£44£171
Cleaner near Ipswich£16£124
Cleaner near Isle of Wight£22£172
Cleaner near Kings Lynn & West Norfolk£14£132
Cleaner near Kingston-upon-Hull£25£154
Cleaner near Kirklees£22£119
Cleaner near Knowsley£15£117
Cleaner near Lancaster£12£80
Cleaner near Leeds£19£121
Cleaner near Leicester£33£188
Cleaner near Lisburn£12£150
Cleaner near Liverpool£15£110
Cleaner near London£18£146
Cleaner near Luton£20£160
Cleaner near Macclesfield£15£136
Cleaner near Maidstone£19£141
Cleaner near Manchester£14£118
Cleaner near Mid Bedfordshire£23£172
Cleaner near Mid Sussex£18£125
Cleaner near Middlesbrough£31£102
Cleaner near Milton Keynes£22£160
Cleaner near Neath Port Talbot£18£125
Cleaner near New Forest£16£124
Cleaner near Newbury£18£149
Cleaner near Newcastle-under-Lyme£21£144
Cleaner near Newcastle-upon-Tyne£14£104
Cleaner near Newport£25£184
Cleaner near North Ayrshire£30£200
Cleaner near North Hertfordshire£25£166
Cleaner near North Lanarkshire£15£129
Cleaner near North Lincolnshire£10£80
Cleaner near North Somerset£16£170
Cleaner near North Tyneside£14£104
Cleaner near Northampton£21£172
Cleaner near Norwich£20£140
Cleaner near Nottingham£29£188
Cleaner near Nuneaton & Bedworth£15£189
Cleaner near Oldham£14£116
Cleaner near Oxford£20£150
Cleaner near Peterborough£14£171
Cleaner near Plymouth£12£61
Cleaner near Poole£16£95
Cleaner near Portsmouth£21£157
Cleaner near Preston£12£90
Cleaner near Reading£19£153
Cleaner near Redcar & Cleveland£14£80
Cleaner near Reigate & Banstead£17£131
Cleaner near Renfrewshire£15£123
Cleaner near Rhondda, Cynon, Taff£30£212
Cleaner near Rochdale£14£116
Cleaner near Rochester-upon-Medway£10£90
Cleaner near Rotherham£13£85
Cleaner near Salford£15£119
Cleaner near Salisbury£30£180
Cleaner near Sandwell£16£124
Cleaner near Scarborough£25£225
Cleaner near Sefton£14£110
Cleaner near Sevenoaks£20£136
Cleaner near Sheffield£13£85
Cleaner near Slough£19£140
Cleaner near Solihull£15£168
Cleaner near South Ayrshire£30£200
Cleaner near South Bedfordshire£30£191
Cleaner near South Cambridgeshire£57£187
Cleaner near South Gloucestershire£15£161
Cleaner near South Lanarkshire£95£600
Cleaner near South Oxfordshire£22£167
Cleaner near South Somerset£31£211
Cleaner near South Tyneside£14£97
Cleaner near Southampton£22£171
Cleaner near Southend-on-Sea£18£134
Cleaner near St Albans£20£148
Cleaner near St Helens£15£123
Cleaner near Stafford£18£116
Cleaner near Stockport£14£119
Cleaner near Stockton-on-Tees£32£119
Cleaner near Stoke-on-Trent£21£144
Cleaner near Stratford-on-Avon£14£119
Cleaner near Stroud£31£225
Cleaner near Suffolk Coastal£16£112
Cleaner near Sunderland£14£97
Cleaner near Swale£18£145
Cleaner near Swansea£17£114
Cleaner near Tameside£14£117
Cleaner near Teignbridge£16£103
Cleaner near Tendring£15£110
Cleaner near Test Valley£18£135
Cleaner near Thamesdown£15£113
Cleaner near Thanet£10£113
Cleaner near The Wrekin£11£11
Cleaner near Thurrock£20£171
Cleaner near Torbay£20£140
Cleaner near Trafford£15£118
Cleaner near Vale of Glamorgan£15£120
Cleaner near Vale of White Horse£16£125
Cleaner near Vale Royal£15£109
Cleaner near Wakefield£18£113
Cleaner near Walsall£16£124
Cleaner near Warrington£16£123
Cleaner near Warwick£16£189
Cleaner near Waveney£15£35
Cleaner near Waverley£18£145
Cleaner near Wealden£15£92
Cleaner near West Lancashire£16£127
Cleaner near West Lothian£15£90
Cleaner near Wigan£15£117
Cleaner near Windsor & Maidenhead£19£135
Cleaner near Wirral£15£109
Cleaner near Wokingham£19£153
Cleaner near Wolverhampton£16£117
Cleaner near Wrexham Maelor£15£109
Cleaner near Wychavon£19£149
Cleaner near Wycombe£19£162
Cleaner near York£24£182