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Plumber cost per hour

If you have an emergency leak or small pipework job then you will hire a plumber by the hour and the average daily rate for a plumber in the UK is £41 per hour. Ask your plumber if there are any other charges such as; call out, parking, materials and collection etc. You can ask for an estimate for the job over the phone or a full quote so you know exactly how much you will pay (this will probably require a visit, possibly with a call out cost).

Rates can vary from £27 to £80 per hour depending on where you live, so expect to pay more in the South of the UK. In London for example, the average rate is £55 per hour.

See table with UK plumber cost per hour and see rates and get quotes in your local area

Plumber cost per day

If you have a large plumbing project like re plumbing a house, fitting new radiators throughout your home or fitting a new bathroom, then you should agree to a quote based on the day rate. A plumbers average daily rate in the UK is £256 per day but the regional fluctuations vary so you can pay as little as £180 in some areas.

See table with UK plumber cost per day and see rates and get quotes in your local area.

How to get the cheapest quotes when looking for a plumber

Plumbers who are self-employed are just as qualified and experienced as those working for a large plumbing company. They may have even started working for a larger plumbing company to gain experience before starting their own business.

By being an independent, self-employed plumber the small plumbing business avoids many business costs (e.g. administration staff, office rental etc), charging less for plumbing jobs and giving you the same quality of work.

Get quotes from self-employed plumbers and talk directly with the person who is going to do the job.

Choosing a plumber

Plumbers have vast knowledge with extensive skills and need a strong stomach to handle some jobs that can come their way like an urgent blocked toilet. Plumbers install, service and repair pipes as well as any items to do with a connection to water e.g. jet blasting a blocked outside drain or replacing a kitchen sink, plumbing in the water supplies to the tap and ensuring the sink is watertight.

To make a plumbing project less overwhelming, HaMuch has put together information including questions to ask to keep the project running smoothly, to how much to budget, as well as how to find the right plumber for you. We have prepared a table so you can compare rates of plumbers in your area and use our estimator to work out how much a plumbing job will cost. We have also prepared a table to help you with basic plumbing costs in your home.

Get comparison quotes

When choosing a plumber try to get 3 comparison quotes so you have a feel for the value of service and what is being offered at what price. Most important is to check what qualifications the plumber has – if they have a National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) and how much experience they have had in the plumbing world as so much to do with plumbing is down to problem solving.

Ask if your plumber is VAT registered and if yes, check if the quote includes VAT or if it still must be added. Don’t be afraid to insist on a ‘written quote’ to avoid any miscommunication errors during or after the project. Ask what different plumber’s payment terms are, if they only accept cash, bank transfers or have card facilities.

Nowadays people are moving away from paying by cheque so if that’s your preferred payment method, it is worth seeing beforehand if they will accept cheque payments.

When receiving a quote, material costs are often not included. Get advice from the plumber if you have to first source parts e.g. kitchen sink, bath hot and cold taps, bath or sink waste pipes on which trade / consumer shops they could recommend for you to pick up the parts you need at trade prices.

Also ask for the plumber’s opinion on their favoured brand to last the test of time (many companies have their own preferred prestigious bathroom suite… Bristan vs Grohe vs Mira).

If it is a company or even a ‘man-in-van’ you are choosing, having a quick Google for any reviews on their plumbing capabilities to see if other clients have had a positive experience. If you are using your plumber for a big project like a complete bathroom refurbishment, ask to see photos showing a ‘before and after’ of a comparable project.

As plumbing so often involves water at high pressure, chose a plumber who is insured and perhaps it is a good time to double check your own home emergency cover. Always when handing money over, protect yourself and ask for an email or paper invoice to create a paper trail of monies handed over and amounts still owing.

If you live in an area with parking restrictions, out of fairness to the plumber, organise parking nearby the property as he will need to make a few trips to his van for tools and parts during the visit and it is better he can focus on his job at hand rather than walking a mile to the van or worrying about getting a parking ticket.

When a plumber arrives to quote your job, be prepared with us much detail as possible; tell them why you have needed a plumber, explain how the system behaved before, if there is any leakage from a pipe or a drip from a tap clearly point that out, show any broken parts, move furniture or anything that may be in the way hindering a good visual inspection, explain what is happening that is your cause for concern, how long the system has been behaving in this way, give your opinion on what it might be, after all you have a better idea on the history of your property and finally be honest about any attempts made to fix the issue, whether that means having called in a previous plumber or yourself.

E.g. If the washing machine or dishwasher is not draining, say when you first noticed this, when last did it work correctly, make a note of any strange or unusual smells / noises associated with this issue and clear out the cupboard under the sink so the plumber has access to the waste pipes.

It is also important that if you have an idea of where you stopcock is, that you locate this before your plumber arrives, ready to show them, so if they do need to shut off the mains water supply for further investigative work, it is easy and possible, which will also keep down labour costs for less time in your home and an easier safer way to work.

A small repair job like fixing a pop-up plug or tightening a valve on a dripping kitchen tap might be easily rectified when the plumber arrives to have a look but a more involved job like a wet-room not draining or a power shower losing pressure will most likely involve a call out to quote before coming back with correct parts to carrying out the repair. Even a quick seemingly simple job to swap a traditional brass stopcock with a modern more effective Surestop might require two visits to your property.

Good communication keeps the plumbing costs down. This page is designed to help you understand how much a plumber will cost for plumbing work in your area. Click on a plumber link in your area to find a plumber near you.

Cost to fit kitchen tap or fix a leaking pipe

Job details Estimate
Cost to fix a leak £200
Cost to unblock a clogged toilet £69
Cost to seal or re silicone a bath or shower £55
Cost to replace toilet float valve £41
Cost to replace a toilet £80
Cost to replace a bath £150
Cost to remove and refit a kitchen sink £80
Cost to replace kitchen mixer tap £150
Cost of public liability insurance for plumbers £6 per month
Cost to install or remove a dishwasher £70
Cost to install a washing machine £70
Cost to replace heating expansion header tank £133
Cost to fit a new bathroom basin £162
Cost to fit an outside garden tap £68
Cost to fit a water softener £80
Cost to fit a macerator £80
Cost to replace a cold water storage tank £130
Cost to fit a boiling water tap £70
Accessible pipes, emergency call-out, mains water supply can be isolated £100
Fix a standard mixer tap that is dripping, assumes isolation valves are present £60
Exterior wall behind kitchen sink £115
This may require a Saniflo or Grundfos toilet waste macerator pump pushing waste further to the sewage pipe £600
Replace a section of pipework £80
Replacement in an average 3-bed, including conversion of older pipework £400

Rates for other trades

Plumber hourly rate and daily rate
Plumber: Average Hourly and Daily Rates in the UK for 2023 (excluding VAT or callout charges)
Location in UKHourly RateDaily Rate
Plumber near Aberdeen£37£270
Plumber near Amber Valley£40£229
Plumber near Angus£36£267
Plumber near Arun£43£260
Plumber near Ashfield£39£230
Plumber near Aylesbury Vale£49£279
Plumber near Barnsley£35£226
Plumber near Basildon£45£256
Plumber near Basingstoke & Deane£54£266
Plumber near Bassetlaw£33£225
Plumber near Bath & North East Somerset£39£255
Plumber near Bedford£48£272
Plumber near Belfast£32£208
Plumber near Birmingham£39£225
Plumber near Blackburn£49£233
Plumber near Blackpool£35£248
Plumber near Bolton£45£239
Plumber near Bournemouth£42£257
Plumber near Bracknell Forest£55£272
Plumber near Bradford£41£233
Plumber near Braintree£44£256
Plumber near Breckland£29£218
Plumber near Bridgend£36£219
Plumber near Brighton£47£271
Plumber near Bristol£37£252
Plumber near Broadland£42£235
Plumber near Broxtowe£39£230
Plumber near Bury£45£238
Plumber near Caerphilly£33£220
Plumber near Calderdale£40£227
Plumber near Cambridge£43£269
Plumber near Canterbury£44£239
Plumber near Cardiff£34£228
Plumber near Carmarthenshire£28£193
Plumber near Charnwood£37£224
Plumber near Chelmsford£44£255
Plumber near Cheltenham£43£292
Plumber near Cherwell£44£266
Plumber near Chester£36£217
Plumber near Colchester£44£252
Plumber near Conway£31£200
Plumber near Coventry£38£231
Plumber near Crewe & Nantwich£35£228
Plumber near Dacorum£51£273
Plumber near Derby£38£225
Plumber near Doncaster£34£225
Plumber near Dover£44£237
Plumber near Dudley£40£225
Plumber near Dumfries & Galloway£35£243
Plumber near Dundee£40£270
Plumber near East Ayrshire£41£183
Plumber near East Devon£33£245
Plumber near East Dunbartonshire£39£264
Plumber near East Hampshire£42£257
Plumber near East Hertfordshire£50£276
Plumber near East Lindsey£35£260
Plumber near East Riding£37£207
Plumber near Eastleigh£42£260
Plumber near Edinburgh£40£253
Plumber near Elmbridge£55£285
Plumber near Epping Forest£55£285
Plumber near Erewash£39£230
Plumber near Exeter£36£260
Plumber near Falkirk£39£255
Plumber near Fife£38£259
Plumber near Flintshire£36£230
Plumber near Gateshead£39£244
Plumber near Gedling£39£230
Plumber near Glasgow£39£260
Plumber near Gloucester£68£309
Plumber near Guildford£56£287
Plumber near Gwynedd£30£232
Plumber near Halton£37£229
Plumber near Harrogate£35£223
Plumber near Havant & Waterloo£40£252
Plumber near Highland£40£320
Plumber near Horsham£50£266
Plumber near Huntingdonshire£42£264
Plumber near Ipswich£60£294
Plumber near Isle of Wight£39£244
Plumber near Kings Lynn & West Norfolk£33£233
Plumber near Kingston-upon-Hull£37£207
Plumber near Kirklees£42£229
Plumber near Knowsley£36£224
Plumber near Lancaster£38£267
Plumber near Leeds£42£229
Plumber near Leicester£36£226
Plumber near Lisburn£33£210
Plumber near Liverpool£36£226
Plumber near London£55£283
Plumber near Luton£51£283
Plumber near Macclesfield£35£232
Plumber near Maidstone£43£248
Plumber near Manchester£38£231
Plumber near Mid Bedfordshire£48£274
Plumber near Mid Sussex£50£272
Plumber near Middlesbrough£39£259
Plumber near Milton Keynes£47£271
Plumber near Neath Port Talbot£36£227
Plumber near New Forest£41£255
Plumber near Newbury£56£272
Plumber near Newcastle-under-Lyme£34£219
Plumber near Newcastle-upon-Tyne£39£245
Plumber near Newport£34£226
Plumber near North Ayrshire£38£230
Plumber near North East Lincolnshire£36£279
Plumber near North Hertfordshire£50£275
Plumber near North Lanarkshire£39£259
Plumber near North Lincolnshire£36£219
Plumber near North Somerset£37£247
Plumber near North Tyneside£39£243
Plumber near North Wiltshire£46£297
Plumber near Northampton£46£265
Plumber near Norwich£40£238
Plumber near Nottingham£38£226
Plumber near Nuneaton & Bedworth£37£229
Plumber near Oldham£38£237
Plumber near Oxford£47£283
Plumber near Pembrokeshire£27£204
Plumber near Perth & Kinross£39£278
Plumber near Peterborough£37£260
Plumber near Plymouth£31£234
Plumber near Poole£43£256
Plumber near Portsmouth£39£247
Plumber near Powys£42£288
Plumber near Preston£52£247
Plumber near Reading£54£272
Plumber near Redcar & Cleveland£40£261
Plumber near Reigate & Banstead£56£284
Plumber near Renfrewshire£38£263
Plumber near Rhondda, Cynon, Taff£34£208
Plumber near Rochdale£38£238
Plumber near Rochester-upon-Medway£45£280
Plumber near Rotherham£34£226
Plumber near Salford£38£231
Plumber near Salisbury£41£269
Plumber near Sandwell£40£224
Plumber near Scarborough£32£228
Plumber near Scottish Borders£48£370
Plumber near Sefton£35£226
Plumber near Sevenoaks£51£262
Plumber near Sheffield£35£228
Plumber near Slough£52£280
Plumber near Solihull£39£228
Plumber near South Ayrshire£38£218
Plumber near South Bedfordshire£48£272
Plumber near South Cambridgeshire£45£263
Plumber near South Gloucestershire£38£254
Plumber near South Kesteven£39£263
Plumber near South Lanarkshire£39£262
Plumber near South Oxfordshire£48£269
Plumber near South Somerset£31£252
Plumber near South Tyneside£39£244
Plumber near Southampton£41£257
Plumber near Southend-on-Sea£43£249
Plumber near St Albans£52£283
Plumber near St Helens£37£225
Plumber near Stafford£41£223
Plumber near Stockport£38£237
Plumber near Stockton-on-Tees£39£259
Plumber near Stoke-on-Trent£34£220
Plumber near Stratford-on-Avon£46£254
Plumber near Stroud£41£277
Plumber near Suffolk Coastal£63£300
Plumber near Sunderland£39£245
Plumber near Swale£44£247
Plumber near Swansea£35£225
Plumber near Tameside£38£232
Plumber near Teignbridge£37£255
Plumber near Tendring£57£284
Plumber near Test Valley£41£257
Plumber near Thamesdown£53£299
Plumber near Thanet£42£239
Plumber near The Wrekin£81£231
Plumber near Thurrock£46£258
Plumber near Torbay£39£259
Plumber near Trafford£39£233
Plumber near Vale of Glamorgan£37£223
Plumber near Vale of White Horse£49£283
Plumber near Vale Royal£39£234
Plumber near Wakefield£41£232
Plumber near Walsall£39£222
Plumber near Warrington£38£235
Plumber near Warwick£40£241
Plumber near Waveney£42£241
Plumber near Waverley£53£275
Plumber near Wealden£47£254
Plumber near West Lancashire£36£228
Plumber near West Lothian£42£267
Plumber near West Wiltshire£46£297
Plumber near Wigan£38£228
Plumber near Windsor & Maidenhead£52£277
Plumber near Wirral£36£227
Plumber near Wokingham£56£274
Plumber near Wolverhampton£40£223
Plumber near Wrexham Maelor£38£240
Plumber near Wychavon£41£272
Plumber near Wycombe£54£286
Plumber near York£36£226

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