Find out how much it will cost to have your garden landscaped in our range of cost guides based on our database of hourly and daily rates for landscapers in your area.

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Want to give your garden a new look? You’ll probably need a landscaper to help bring your vision to life. From soft landscaping like re-turfing your lawn to hard landscaping like building you a beautiful pond, a landscaper can do it all. But how much will it cost? Read our detailed cost guides to find out how much you should expect to spend on landscaping your garden. 

Cheap landscaper cost

A cheap landscaper could charge as little as £12 per hour, but the average hourly rate is £28. A cheap day rate for a landscaper is £108, while the average is £204. However, the exact rate you’ll pay will depend on the project you’d like done and your location in the country.

It’s worth remembering that it’s not always best to go with the cheapest option. A cheap landscaper might not have the skills or experience to carry out your project, leaving you with more problems than you started with. While a cheap landscaper might sound good initially, you might find that you end up spending more money fixing the issues they cause than it would have cost to hire a more expensive landscaper in the first place.

Landscaping Cost Guides

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Landscaping FAQs

What is the purpose of landscaping?

Landscaping has a few purposes: to improve the look of the outside space around a building, and to help different kinds of plants and flowers to thrive. Lots of people also say that it improves people’s wellbeing by having a beautiful space with plants and features like walls, ponds and paths to enjoy throughout the year. Landscaping can also protect your home when it’s maintained, although it may be a gardener that you need to call on to help you maintain your garden.

Do landscape gardeners do fencing?

Some landscape gardeners do fencing, but others won’t.Some landscapers will only do hard and soft landscaping, but others will also offer fencing services and other work like driveways and small gardening jobs. If you’re looking for a landscaper that also does fencing, the best thing to do is to do your research on various companies and tradespeople to see what services they offer. You can also post your job on HaMuch who will ensure that you’re only put in touch with landscapers that can complete the whole of your project.

Do I need a gardener or a landscaper?

Whether you need a gardener or landscaper will depend on the job you want carrying out. If you’re looking for someone to maintain your garden and look after your plants, for example to cut your lawn or replant shrubs, you’d want a gardener. But if you’re looking to transform your garden with new elements like retaining walls, new flowerbeds and paths, you’d need a landscaper to help.

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