See local handymans rates for 2023 and get quotes

Handyman cost per hour

A handyman helping out with small, odd jobs in your home can ease an overwhelming to-do-list, especially if you do not feel confident to drill into your own walls in preparation to hang curtain poles, mirrors, shelves, etc. The average daily rate for a handyman in the UK is £27 per hour but that rate can range from £10 per hour to £45 per hour depending on the local area.

Let HaMuch help you find your handyman by contacting them in your locality so you can check on their availability and find the hourly rate that suits you.

Handyman cost per day

The average daily rate for a handyman in the UK is £188 per day but when you are looking for a handyman it is not only the price you are comparing but what they are suggesting doing for the price and what experience and tools they will be using. If you are having someone come to fit a spotlight on your outside wall, you need to know that they will have a ladder long enough to reach where you need the spotlight placed. A lot of handymen are not VAT registered, so when you get their quote, it’s best to be clear and double check with them that there are no additional charges to be added onto your final invoice.

Choosing a handyman

Always insist on receiving your quote in writing, whether it is a hand-written quote given to you at the time of discussing the job or a quote emailed to you, so that before you give the ‘go-ahead’ for the work being quoted, you know exactly what service they will provide, and at what cost. This is the clearest way to avoid any arguments at the end of the project. Handyman jobs are usually jobs that require no upfront deposit, with payment made on completion of the job and often before they leave your home there is the expectation to have been paid.

Materials for the project are normally provided by you, waiting in your home for the day the handyman is booked in. Drill bits, extra screws or small bits they can provide but when chatting with them discussing your project let them know what you have and what surface they will be working on, e.g.; if they are there to erect a shed, let them know that the shed will be delivered and if you have a smooth base waiting or need them to first lay one and whether the shed will come equipped with roofing felt and all of the screws or if they arriving to hang some wall art, discuss the type of wall you have (dry wall or brick) and give them an idea of rough weight of the wall art and if a hanging kit has been provided.

Always try to get references from previous clients. Nowadays with Google, it is easier to Google them and see what experience other homeowners have had using them for various projects (this way you can also double check they have had experience they have claimed).

If the job requires two people, like hanging large heavy mirrors or assembling a bedroom suite, do check that they will have someone else on hand to help with the heavy lifting / holding of awkward sizes. You do not want to wait for your Ikea wardrobe only to have the handyman break it on construction because they thought they could do a 2 person build alone.

Never be shy to ask questions, as it is your home and your belongings being dealt with and you are paying for the service.

Handyman costs

Take your time to consider the project needing doing and walk around your home thinking about any additional small, odd jobs that they could do. This will save you money rather than calling them back on another day to complete jobs you missed.

Assembling a shed will take 3 to 4 hours and cost approximately £100 with an average hourly rate of £27. Mowing the lawn and weeding beds will take a couple of hours and cost £50.

If you are after having fittings professionally fitted on your walls, first consider the space, whether the room will best suit blinds or curtain poles, and purchase them first so that when you discussing with the handyman, they know exactly what is being fitted and if it requires them to drill into the wall or to hang from the ceiling. Drilling into a wall might require a drill capable of drilling through steel lintel so it is best they know exactly what the job entails.

Painting and decorating will probably take a day and cost an average daily rate of £188. Small plumbing jobs would not take long so you may be asked to pay a call out charge if it only takes an hour. For any small plumbing repair or maintenance jobs that you might have for the handyman in your home, you could seek their advice. If it is about re-siliconing around a bath, they might provide the silicone and use silicone that is better suited for a wet room with anti-mould properties.

Handyman job costs in your home

Job details Estimate
Erecting a garden shed, typical 2-3 hours work £150
Half day of hanging curtain poles and mirrors £150
1 hr of fixing a piece to the wall £50
Installing a battery Ring camera / device to outside wall £50
Cutting a curtain pole to size and hanging £60
Securing a wardrobe to the wall £60
Hanging 3x art / mirrors / bathroom accessories to a drywall £60
Hanging 3x art / mirrors / bathroom accessories to brick wall £80
Power jet washing a patio £50
Relaying some brickwork on a drive £70
Removing a redundant TV aerial on an outside wall / roof £70
Installing a cat or dog flap through a kitchen door £80
Re-hanging a loose internal door £70
Shaving some wood off an internal non fire door £20
Removing tiles from 1 small bathroom (4 walls) £200
Painting a door with oil paint provided £100
Painting a small room without any prep work needed £150
Painting a terraced garden fence (3 sections of fencing) £180
Painting a large garden fence (3 sections of fencing) £250
Painting a garden shed £150
Removing wallpaper from 1 room (4 walls) £150
Removing wallpaper from 1 wall and replastering £150
Fitting and replacing a kitchen or bathroom tap £120
Renewing silicone in a bathroom or kitchen £120

Rates for other trades

Handyman hourly rate and daily rate
Handyman: Average Hourly and Daily Rates in the UK for 2023 (excluding VAT or callout charges)
Location in UKHourly RateDaily Rate
Handyman near Amber Valley£24£176
Handyman near Arun£28£204
Handyman near Ashfield£31£192
Handyman near Aylesbury Vale£30£206
Handyman near Barnsley£22£164
Handyman near Basildon£32£217
Handyman near Basingstoke & Deane£33£212
Handyman near Bath & North East Somerset£27£219
Handyman near Bedford£30£207
Handyman near Birmingham£34£218
Handyman near Blackburn£22£172
Handyman near Blackpool£26£157
Handyman near Bolton£21£180
Handyman near Bournemouth£42£143
Handyman near Bracknell Forest£38£237
Handyman near Bradford£22£190
Handyman near Braintree£27£212
Handyman near Bridgend£23£194
Handyman near Brighton£22£175
Handyman near Bristol£26£209
Handyman near Broxtowe£29£181
Handyman near Bury£24£175
Handyman near Caerphilly£52£274
Handyman near Calderdale£22£203
Handyman near Cambridge£29£223
Handyman near Canterbury£27£180
Handyman near Cardiff£68£312
Handyman near Charnwood£23£155
Handyman near Chelmsford£30£205
Handyman near Chester£22£180
Handyman near Colchester£26£218
Handyman near Coventry£31£146
Handyman near Crewe & Nantwich£20£160
Handyman near Dacorum£35£231
Handyman near Derby£24£176
Handyman near Doncaster£23£169
Handyman near Dover£28£190
Handyman near Dudley£34£218
Handyman near East Dunbartonshire£38£238
Handyman near East Hampshire£24£166
Handyman near East Hertfordshire£37£217
Handyman near East Lindsey£25£250
Handyman near East Riding£28£200
Handyman near Eastleigh£32£230
Handyman near Edinburgh£60£250
Handyman near Elmbridge£35£228
Handyman near Epping Forest£37£229
Handyman near Erewash£29£181
Handyman near Fife£60£250
Handyman near Gateshead£22£161
Handyman near Gedling£31£189
Handyman near Glasgow£38£238
Handyman near Guildford£33£235
Handyman near Halton£29£173
Handyman near Harrogate£25£250
Handyman near Havant & Waterloo£26£184
Handyman near Horsham£33£238
Handyman near Huntingdonshire£35£250
Handyman near Ipswich£28£198
Handyman near Kingston-upon-Hull£28£200
Handyman near Kirklees£20£160
Handyman near Knowsley£29£173
Handyman near Leeds£22£205
Handyman near Leicester£18£56
Handyman near Lisburn£18£162
Handyman near Liverpool£28£172
Handyman near London£37£231
Handyman near Luton£34£219
Handyman near Macclesfield£40£160
Handyman near Maidstone£32£218
Handyman near Manchester£26£180
Handyman near Mid Bedfordshire£33£203
Handyman near Mid Sussex£29£203
Handyman near Middlesbrough£35£204
Handyman near Milton Keynes£30£207
Handyman near Neath Port Talbot£23£194
Handyman near New Forest£26£186
Handyman near Newbury£33£212
Handyman near Newcastle-under-Lyme£20£160
Handyman near Newcastle-upon-Tyne£23£163
Handyman near Newport£68£312
Handyman near North Ayrshire£15£150
Handyman near North Hertfordshire£33£209
Handyman near North Lanarkshire£38£238
Handyman near North Lincolnshire£21£162
Handyman near North Somerset£27£219
Handyman near North Tyneside£23£158
Handyman near Northampton£30£220
Handyman near Nottingham£29£181
Handyman near Nuneaton & Bedworth£19£94
Handyman near Oldham£24£175
Handyman near Peterborough£35£250
Handyman near Poole£42£143
Handyman near Portsmouth£24£175
Handyman near Preston£23£158
Handyman near Reading£32£223
Handyman near Redcar & Cleveland£35£204
Handyman near Reigate & Banstead£36£226
Handyman near Renfrewshire£30£209
Handyman near Rhondda, Cynon, Taff£42£270
Handyman near Rochdale£24£175
Handyman near Rochester-upon-Medway£22£120
Handyman near Rotherham£23£169
Handyman near Salford£26£180
Handyman near Sandwell£34£218
Handyman near Sefton£28£172
Handyman near Sevenoaks£43£261
Handyman near Sheffield£23£169
Handyman near Slough£36£236
Handyman near Solihull£30£202
Handyman near South Bedfordshire£30£207
Handyman near South Cambridgeshire£28£206
Handyman near South Gloucestershire£24£191
Handyman near South Oxfordshire£33£212
Handyman near South Tyneside£22£156
Handyman near Southampton£32£230
Handyman near Southend-on-Sea£33£217
Handyman near St Albans£37£240
Handyman near St Helens£27£174
Handyman near Stafford£26£219
Handyman near Stockport£40£160
Handyman near Stockton-on-Tees£35£204
Handyman near Stoke-on-Trent£20£160
Handyman near Stratford-on-Avon£15£150
Handyman near Stroud£20£150
Handyman near Suffolk Coastal£34£193
Handyman near Sunderland£22£151
Handyman near Swale£36£234
Handyman near Swansea£34£216
Handyman near Tameside£30£180
Handyman near Tendring£28£198
Handyman near Test Valley£35£250
Handyman near Thanet£30£200
Handyman near Thurrock£37£228
Handyman near Trafford£28£173
Handyman near Vale of Glamorgan£64£380
Handyman near Wakefield£23£193
Handyman near Walsall£34£218
Handyman near Warrington£24£180
Handyman near Warwick£15£150
Handyman near Waveney£50£180
Handyman near Waverley£34£248
Handyman near Wealden£30£215
Handyman near West Lancashire£28£170
Handyman near Wigan£26£179
Handyman near Windsor & Maidenhead£37£240
Handyman near Wirral£28£172
Handyman near Wokingham£40£243
Handyman near Wolverhampton£34£218
Handyman near Wycombe£46£293