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Local pest control expert who can quickly and easily control an ant colony with insecticides, exterminate a plague of rats and humanely bird proof to rid an area of pigeons.

No job too small, removing a dead pigeon from the loft or trapping a few mice in the kitchen. Or too big, a bed bug fumigation or killing a loft full of wasp nests.

Professional pest control expert services include;


  • mice control, usual place for mice are in the kitchen, under the stairs or boiler and airing cupboard
  • rat control, rats are often found in the kitchen, basement, roof and garden
  • squirrel control, squirrels like to hide in roofs chewing woodwork and wiring

Crawling pests

  • ant control, mostly ants are found in the kitchen or garden
  • bed bugs treatment, they can take over the house hiding in carpets, mattresses, bed frames, wardrobes
  • cockroach control, often hiding in kitchens, boiler and airing cupboards
  • flea treatment, flea infestation in carpets, soft furnishings, bedding
  • silverfish control, silverfish dwell in basements, attics, storerooms feeding on paper and damp clothing
  • spider control, spiders prefer damp areas, junction of wall and ceilings or crevices
  • woodworm treatment, woodworm will be found in timber so either, floors, windowsills, doors, loft

Flying pests

  • bird control, birds tend to get into lofts and fireplaces
  • carpet beetle control, often found in dark areas like walls, chimneys and lofts
  • fly control, flies can be found anywhere in the home
  • moth control, moths will often be found in wardrobes, on curtains, carpets or clothes left out
  • wasp control, normally wasps make nests in lofts, air vents, roofs, under guttering in the eaves

So, if you need a pest control expert to treat or control pests or vermin in your home HaMuch has thousands of friendly, British Pest Control Association (BPCA) registered professionals ready to help with your rodent removal, spider infestation, wasp nest or unwanted bed bugs.

Why do you need a pest control specialist?

Why do you need a pest control specialist?

Pests — nobody wants them. Whether rodents (mice and rats), birds or vermin (spiders and insects), pests pollute buildings, destroy food supplies and can cause considerable damage to property inside and outside of the home or office. Not only do they also play a role in triggering allergies, but they also transmit disease. With viruses and diseases becoming increasingly common, it’s become more vital than ever to be vigilant about the pests in our homes.

If your property’s heavily infested, you’ll want to eradicate the problem as soon as possible. Whether you’re sharing your home with loved ones or are responsible for the health and wellbeing of a team of staff or a number of residents, this becomes even more vital. Local pest control experts possess the expertise required to eliminate rodents and other pests to avoid further damage.

However, a pest control expert isn’t only useful in the event of an infestation. A specialist can also advise you on appropriate precautions to take to prevent pests from taking over your home in the first place. Should it happen, however, early detection is essential and will make it easier and cheaper to solve the problem. Armed with the know-how to spot an infestation, you’ll be able to find a local pest control expert to come into your home or office and eliminate pests with minimal inconvenience.

What do pest control specialists do?

A thorough understanding of pests, their habits and their preferred environmental conditions is required for a pest control specialist. The techniques used in bird control, for example, will differ from those used in insect control. Common tasks of a pest control specialist include:

  • Domestic and commercial pest control cleaning: Pest control requires the use of biological, physical or chemical products, and sometimes a combination of all three. The combinations used will depend on the extent of the infestation and the type of pest.
  • Elimination of hygiene pests: Hygiene pests include bed bugs, mites, pharaoh ants and rats. Hygiene pests are mainly attracted to food and are often found in the kitchen. Frequently occurring storage pests include mice, cockroaches and moths.
  • Eliminations of material pests: Material pests can cause massive damage to furniture or even the foundations of a home. As such, caution is required in order to prevent further damage. A specialist can assist with getting rid of material pests, such as moths on clothes and or beetles on carpet.

How to find a specialist pest control expert near you

To find a specialist pest control expert near you, follow our simple three-step process:

  1. Post your job: Enter the trade you need and the postcode of your project then describe your job.
  2. Get quotes: We’ll send your job details to pest control expert specialists in your area and match you with local professional tradespeople qualified and skilled to complete your project. We’ll notify you via text or email when a tradesperson is available to quote.
  3. Select your tradesman: Compare rates, proximity, review profiles and experience of the tradesmen interested in working with you. You can use HaMuch to safely message, ask questions or just phone them — you’re in complete control!

Our search tools are designed to help you find a tradesman that best suits your needs, budget and location.

Are you looking for a pest control expert? Find the perfect tradesmen for you on HaMuch. Our directory lists vetted, trusted pest control experts near you.

Our trusted Pest Control Experts

north Essex pest control Fast friendly service located in Colchester covering Essex and Suffolk. We are licensed and insured and only unmarked vans our full service coverers all aspects of pest control from small to large scale issues we can deal with it All our staff are dBs checked and trained by the royal society for public health We are full members are the NPTA and are on the UK professional Register Basis Prompt. We offer a range of treatments from fumigations to rodents removal. We o...

    Looking for a fast and effective way to get rid of mice and squirrels? Contact Sykes Pest Control for a tailored pest control solution for your property.  Based in Cleckheaton, we are a team of professionals who can deal with a range of common pest problems including wasp removal, mice removal, rat removal, squirrel removal, rabbit removal, mole removal, fox removal and more. We can come to you across Cleckheaton, Birstall, Bradford, Brighouse, Batle...

Hi Im Ricky I have been a pest eliminator for 4 and a half years and I am a member of the BPCA,  I work in most of Essex  I specialise in: Rats, mice, cockroaches, ants, flys, wasps, spidere, beetles, pigeons and SPI. I use nothing but the best products available on the market and stay up to date on new products realesed. I will use the best techniques to help eradicate your pest problems as fast as possible and as safe as possible     

With over twenty years experience within the pest control industry, we can expertly identify and resolve your issue with minimal disturbance to you and your home/business. We offer long term and short term contracts and one off jobs, free no obligation surveys. We are also bird proofing specialists. With full membership in the British Pest Control Association you will have complete peace of mind.

Fast  affordable  effective control of any pest 

member of BPCA
able to work in all G postcodes
able to assist you removing all unwanted pest guests

All types modern day pest control.
Scottish Borders

All pest control covered rodents, insects, wasps, squirrels etc Fully qualified, insured, and registered RSPH level 2, basis prompt and BPCA
Belfast, Lisburn, Antrim, Northern Ireland
Offer low cost 24 hour call

45 minute drive from Stockport area most "M" Postcodes and Most "SK" Postcodes covered
The process is - We provide a free no obligation inspection of the property. Have a discussion with you once the inspection is complete and decide on what the best treatment is moving forward, taking into account your circumstances and availability. The customer actually does come first with us.

Our pest control department specialises in all aspects of the pest control industry covering wasps bees, flying insects flies, mice, rats, moles, rabbits, and many more. We also specialise in for fumigation as well as one of the treatments.Our decorating team and handyman are very reliable, hard-working, and take pride in their work and work to high standards to meet our customer expectations.
Stevenage Hitchin Letchworth Baldock Biggleswade Henlow Langford Shefford Caldicott lower Caldicott ...

We are a family run business we specialise in all aspects of building we can do a single tile repair all the way to building you a new houseKitchen rip outs New bathrooms installed Driveways Brickwork Plumbing Electrical Pest control all our work is insurance backed and before and after pictures taken all the time we can also do drone footage whilst you are there to have a look what has been done
We cover all of the north west we use Marley products Firestone rubber We specialise in flat ...

Hello, My Name Is MICHAEL And I Am Representing BrentDirectServices.Ltd Our Knowledge Your Power We Do Price-Quality-Service Like ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!!   + Any Kind Painting-Decorating                And Wallpapering   ! + Treatment For Mold And Damp ! + Tv Wall Mounting ! + Fix,Assemble Any Kind off Furniture ! + Tiles Any Kind ! + Flooring Any Kind ! + Bathroom -Refurbishment ! + Kitchen-Fitting-Refurbishment ! + Do...

Established in 2002 we provide very competitive quotes for bathrooms and kitchens. Supply, supply/fit, fit only available. 

We are focused on delivering high quality loft conversions, house extensions, full or partial house refurbishment, also maximising the full potential of the property at a competitive price. B&B London Construction ltd is fully personalised from planning to the completion of loft conversions or house extensions, with a straightforward procedure for the customer with regular updates and feedback right from the free initial feasibility survey, through to the actual construction of new loft or e...

Lbt tree services is a well established company delivering a very high standard in professional tree work from the outset our mission statement is to look after trees and hedges with correct precision pruning all our staff are fully qualified ARBORISTS very helpful friendly and professional. 

Reputable and experienced, in good hands  

Family run business.  Professional & Friendly service. We have been in the trade for 20 years. We work to a very high standard. Your home or property is yours and we respect every premises we go into. no job to big or small. We do removals, handyman work, maintenance, painting and decorating, electrics, basic carpentry,rubbish clearance, cleaning/?house keeping.  competive prices quality service  Get in touch we dont bite

A local business dedicated to provide a professional touch to you garden .

As a chartered building enginer I able to provide a wide rang of services either directly or via contacts in the industry. You can rest assured all work will be carried out in accordance with the building regulations.

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My daughter lives in Basingstoke and has a flea issue in the home. It’s a 3 bed home on Quilter Road Brighton Hill. She has treated the home several times and the dog and cat. Both animals have now been shaved too. Can you please tell me how much it would be to treat the home

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Silverfish in the hall, now finding them in the kitchen area and on benches

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I’ve realised my dogs got fleas not seen many only seen one in her dog bed but don’t know how long she’s had them for I was wanting the whole house done and it’s just a small 2 bed

Have had wood lice in kitchen and in bathroom

Rat in back garden running about

Large rat under my shed, seen numerous times in garden and behind water butts. Always dashes back under shed

Moth problem Killed hundreds Tend to come out around dusk on walls and ceilings Ongoing around 6 months Think its the clothes moth

Mice in attic, droppings foud

Rats are quite a problem

I have bed bugs in my bedroom I need them yo be extermination

I have just found 1 mouse tonight and need it out ASAP

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Bed bug removed 3 bed house

Several mices caught with traps within garage and loft. Have now seen several sightings of mice within the home, can hear throughout floor boards when downstairs. Help :(

Rats in garden,pest control required

Flea fumigation for the house

Bed bugs. One bedroom

Mice or rats, mouse/rat no idea, sound as like they/re in chimney breast, hearing scratching/banging, no evidence of any droppings and no holes around chimney breast wall

Cockcroach removal in my house

I have birds in my roof space that need removing and the access closing with a board

Can hear something in the loft. So much stored up there need some advise. Traps were set before but nothing caught

Hello I caught a rat in our house about 2 weeks ago but think there may be more what price would be a call out to deal with the issue

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Hearing scurrying sounds at night, found what I think is mice droppings in loft.

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Pest Control Expert: Average Hourly and Daily Rates (excluding VAT or callout charges)
Location in UKHourly RateDaily Rate
Pest Control Expert near Elmbridge£55£359
Pest Control Expert near East Hertfordshire£46£306
Pest Control Expert near Windsor & Maidenhead£56£475
Pest Control Expert near Basingstoke & Deane£39£283
Pest Control Expert near Bury£38£300
Pest Control Expert near Northampton£47£276
Pest Control Expert near North Ayrshire£60£400
Pest Control Expert near Bolton£20£200
Pest Control Expert near East Ayrshire£60£400
Pest Control Expert near Warrington£20£200

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