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How much does a boiler service cost?

We have created a list of estimated boiler servicing costs in regions throughout the UK. London and the South East tend to be more expensive than the rest of the UK. Another factor that can affect the price is the length of time between servicing and the age of your boiler. Always arrange a price for the boiler service before the heating engineer comes out. They will ask what type it is so have this information to hand.

Why should I service my boiler?

A regularly serviced boiler is much less likely to develop dangerous Carbon Monoxide safety issues. During a boiler service, Gas Safe Registered engineers check for leaks to avoid problems and give you peace of mind.

Spot and tackle small boiler problems before they become big expensive ones.

The cost of a boiler service can easily avoid more expensive breakdowns which if occurred during the cold winter months can cause huge disruption and time off work waiting for busy engineers to get to your home.

Landlords Gas Safety Checks and Certificates.

For tenanted properties it is a legal requirement to get annual inspections of all gas appliances and flues.

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What is included in the Boiler Service Cost?

The list below is a breakdown of boiler service checks that contribute to the cost of your service.

  • Leak checking - gas leaks tested for by tightness testing
  • Visual inspection - looking for faults eg water stains
  • Flue inspection - all joints and flue exhaust
  • Radiators - all working properly
  • Pressurised system - check pressure gauge and reset pressure within boiler manufacturer guidelines
  • Safety components - check as per Gas Safe Register guidelines
  • Flue Gas Analysis - Check flue operating safely using Flue Gas Analyser
  • Condense Trap - on condensing boilers check/clean condense trap
  • Boiler magnetic filter - clean debris/sludge out of filter
  • Controls - inspect control valves and lubricate if applicable
  • Boiler Gas Burner - visually check operating properly
  • Seal leaks - check bonded properly
  • Ignition - test all components to ensure ignition operates
  • Final leak check - ensure nothing leaking after boiler service

For more information on servicing boilers click boiler servicing or to check out boiler engineers in your region check out the table "Boiler service cost in the UK".

Boiler Service Cost in the UK