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When you want a chimney breast removed or a small wall built, you’ll need a builder. Builders can help with a range of small and large jobs around your home – but how much will they cost? Our cost guides help you decide how much you should budget for various small building jobs in your area.

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Our cost guides help you find out how much you should budget for various small building projects, from repointing brickwork to installing a fireplace. Take a look at our small builder cost guides below:

Cheap builder cost

It’s possible to hire a builder for as little as £16 per hour, but the UK average is £29 per hour for small jobs like building a retaining wall. But remember, cheapest doesn’t always mean best – you should check your builder’s references, look for ratings and reviews and make sure they have the right insurance before you choose a builder. Never be attracted purely by price.</strong

Small Builder Cost Guides

Cost Guides for Other Common Small Builder Jobs

Small Builder FAQs

How do I pay a builder in the UK?

There are two main ways that people pay a builder in the UK: with cash or via a bank transfer. Some builders may allow you to pay by card, but since they will have to pay a transaction fee it’s likely they’ll only offer this for larger jobs like extensions or loft conversions.

Depending on the size of your job, the builder may ask you for a deposit upfront and then for further instalments. If you agree to pay in full at the end of the job, you should ask them for an invoice with the breakdown of the work before paying them in cash or via bank transfer.

Should I pay for a builder’s quote?

For small building jobs, you shouldn’t have to pay for a builder’s quote. If a builder asks you to pay for a quote, be very wary about what they are offering. You should only pay for a builder’s quote if you are planning a large project like a basement conversion or a garage conversion and want a very detailed quote that helps you plan for every eventuality.

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