See local locksmiths rates for 2023 and get quotes

Locksmith cost per hour

The average hourly rate for a locksmith in the UK is £43 per hour but regional variations can mean you paying up to £78 per hour in some areas.  A call out fee might also be asked, especially if it is in an emergency and out of hours. So when you have that, “have I closed the Yale locked door and left my keys inside?” moment, thankfully, we can call a locksmith. You might have to secure your property after a break-in or change the locks because you kicked the other halve out. It can be daunting who to choose and trust to help us in a vulnerable situation, that is why HaMuch is helping you choose the right locksmith for a rate that suits you.

Locksmith cost per day

The average daily rate for a locksmith in the UK is £226 per day. A locksmith is one of those jobs where being needed for a day or longer is quite rare unless there are multiple sites that need securing. The hourly rate is usually a lot higher to compensate for travelling between lots of small jobs and unlike a builder they are not usually on site for longer than a few hours. Jobs that might take longer are installing CCTV cameras which can cost around £2000 and installing access control locks throughout a property, starting from £300. 

Choosing a locksmith

Before searching for a locksmith, decide which of the 3 main categories your necessity falls under. Do you need a locksmith for your home, office or car? A lot of companies will cover domestic and commercial locksmithing needs but a car / van / bike emergency (e.g., replacing damaged locks or rekey), needs a specialist to deal with automotive locks.

Next in your search is to ensure a safe repair, so you need to choose a locksmith who is affiliated to associations to ensure they follow secure guidelines, e.g., look for someone who is MLA (Master Locksmith Association) approved and a company who will only send out tradespeople that have been DBS Checked (this way you can be safe in the knowledge that you will not have a criminal changing your locks!). A lot of locksmiths will offer 24 hour emergency services but using their services out of normal operating hours does come at a higher cost, so if your emergency can wait for usual business hours, that is best for your budget and be sure to get comparison quotes so that you are not paying emergency call-out prices in non-emergency times of the day.

When receiving quotes from locksmiths for your home, ask what brand of door lock will be used as you want to know that you are paying for a leading brand such as Yale, Union, ERA, Chubb… and if you have an existing mortice lock, make sure that the quote is replacing like for like (or a more secure version of the lock you had) rather than paying to change a mortice for a rim cylinder lock. Ask to have the quote in writing, even if it is emailed to you from their smartphone while you both stand outside your front door waiting for it to be unlock, this will make any insurance claim easier having in writing the locks you are having replaced as well as avoid any disputes with the locksmith when it comes time to make payment for works. Study the quote to see if you are being charged for an ‘hourly locksmith service’ or for the completion of the job. A job such as a jammed uPVC door might require more than one visit in a 24hr period, due to the replacement part needing to be order in so you would rather be quoted for the job than per hour. A simple key cutting job that takes a few minutes is also usually charged by the number of replacement keys you need to cut (always be sure to use the master key for the key cutting because when it is constantly a replacement key being used the cut isn’t as perfect).

Cost to hire a locksmith

Automotive locksmiths can help with a range of lockout issues and lost car keys. Before you contact the auto locksmith, make sure you have the following details on hand; make and model of your car, van or motorbike as well as the registration and your full address. If you have locked the keys inside the car and require the locksmith to come and pick the vehicle lock, give as much detail as you can on your location for them to easily locate you. Try and free a parking space as close to your car as possible for them before they arrive so they can pull up and have quick access to all the tools needed. If the emergency is a broken key, explain beforehand where the key is broken and needing extraction, e.g., stuck in the ignition or broken in the door handle. Key programming normally needs an immobiliser code which the locksmith should be able to extract from the vehicle. If locks have been damaged and need replacing, provide details on which lock, e.g., boot lock or front passenger door lock.

If you have locked yourself out and need a locksmith to help you gain entry into your home, give clear details of your address and what time you will be meeting them at the front door. If you have lost your keys but do not want the lock replaced, ask the locksmith if they can make an impression of the lock to cut a new key for you or if they are able to disassemble the lock. If you are having a lock replaced, for your home insurance to be valid, do insist on a ‘British Standard’ lock which will come with a BS Kitemark identification logo. If you have just moved into a new home, it is safe practice to change the locks as you do not know how many people the old owner has left a spare key with. Before the locksmith arrives, inform them about the make of your door, plastic uPVC doors usually have a Euro Lock mechanism and wooden doors are normally fitted with a Mortice or Yale lock. Modern patio doors often fall under the uPVC category. The same applies for windows that need lock or key replacements, give details about what type of window frame you have and where the lock is situated on the window.

Commercial locksmiths can retain the security of the office, from replacing old locks with access control lock and digital locks to installing CCTV footage and a safe for securing high valuable items. When businesses need to close during a holiday period or a global pandemic, a commercial locksmith can also board up the office to make sure you are leaving it safe and secure.          

Locksmith cost for work in your home

Job details Estimate
Installing a fire-proof safe £400
Opening a fire-proof safe £250
Installing CCTV security £2000
Installing access control locks £300 per lock
Reprogramming digital locks £20 per lock
Installing locks on multiple office doors £30 per lock
Boarding up for closure £300
Emergency 24 hrs service for door opening access £70
Emergency 24 hrs service removing broken key from lock £70
Emergency 24 hrs service for wooden door lock change £115
Emergency 24 hrs service for uPVC door lock change £85
Emergency 24 hrs service for burglary repair and boarding up £120
Replacement of front and door lock £140
Key cutting from a master key £10
Key cutting from an impression of the lock £80
Window key cutting from a master key £70
Window lock replacement £55
Installing a wall safe £300
Replacement of lost car key £200
Car key cutting from an existing key to create copies £60
Pick a locked car to gain entry £120
Broken key extraction from a door £70
Broken key extraction from an ignition £90
Car key programming £30
Re-pinning of locks using existing locks £40 per lock
Replacement of a damaged door / boot lock £80
Replacement of a damaged ignition lock £90

Rates for other trades

Locksmith hourly rate and daily rate
Locksmith: Average Hourly and Daily Rates in the UK for 2023 (excluding VAT or callout charges)
Location in UKHourly RateDaily Rate
Locksmith near Amber Valley£48£264
Locksmith near Arun£54£287
Locksmith near Ashfield£44£258
Locksmith near Aylesbury Vale£54£238
Locksmith near Barnsley£55£316
Locksmith near Basildon£48£256
Locksmith near Basingstoke & Deane£70£245
Locksmith near Bassetlaw£32£175
Locksmith near Bath & North East Somerset£39£222
Locksmith near Bedford£60£236
Locksmith near Belfast£32£160
Locksmith near Birmingham£50£198
Locksmith near Blackburn£70£321
Locksmith near Blackpool£54£252
Locksmith near Bolton£39£240
Locksmith near Bournemouth£75£212
Locksmith near Bracknell Forest£55£288
Locksmith near Bradford£46£267
Locksmith near Braintree£32£169
Locksmith near Breckland£30£240
Locksmith near Bridgend£43£179
Locksmith near Brighton£15£120
Locksmith near Bristol£39£222
Locksmith near Broadland£53£210
Locksmith near Broxtowe£44£258
Locksmith near Bury£41£251
Locksmith near Caerphilly£49£188
Locksmith near Calderdale£20£158
Locksmith near Canterbury£37£158
Locksmith near Cardiff£43£186
Locksmith near Carmarthenshire£30£240
Locksmith near Charnwood£27£164
Locksmith near Chelmsford£40£218
Locksmith near Cheltenham£72£525
Locksmith near Cherwell£60£250
Locksmith near Chester£16£120
Locksmith near Colchester£19£90
Locksmith near Coventry£37£172
Locksmith near Crewe & Nantwich£58£168
Locksmith near Dacorum£48£263
Locksmith near Derby£46£250
Locksmith near Doncaster£38£175
Locksmith near Dover£37£158
Locksmith near Dudley£51£200
Locksmith near East Devon£40£185
Locksmith near East Dunbartonshire£36£162
Locksmith near East Hampshire£58£288
Locksmith near East Hertfordshire£50£245
Locksmith near East Riding£18£145
Locksmith near Eastleigh£48£242
Locksmith near Edinburgh£35£221
Locksmith near Elmbridge£52£287
Locksmith near Epping Forest£55£301
Locksmith near Erewash£48£244
Locksmith near Exeter£45£259
Locksmith near Falkirk£25£250
Locksmith near Flintshire£13£80
Locksmith near Gateshead£53£322
Locksmith near Gedling£44£258
Locksmith near Glasgow£36£162
Locksmith near Gloucester£63£367
Locksmith near Guildford£46£295
Locksmith near Halton£34£205
Locksmith near Harrogate£40£185
Locksmith near Havant & Waterloo£47£268
Locksmith near Highland£25£200
Locksmith near Horsham£38£213
Locksmith near Huntingdonshire£60£250
Locksmith near Ipswich£17£149
Locksmith near Kings Lynn & West Norfolk£40£300
Locksmith near Kingston-upon-Hull£18£145
Locksmith near Kirklees£44£306
Locksmith near Knowsley£38£214
Locksmith near Leeds£47£280
Locksmith near Leicester£20£138
Locksmith near Lisburn£32£160
Locksmith near Liverpool£40£214
Locksmith near London£56£297
Locksmith near Luton£51£260
Locksmith near Macclesfield£45£219
Locksmith near Maidstone£49£242
Locksmith near Manchester£40£245
Locksmith near Mid Bedfordshire£53£242
Locksmith near Mid Sussex£37£207
Locksmith near Middlesbrough£32£217
Locksmith near Milton Keynes£62£227
Locksmith near Neath Port Talbot£28£128
Locksmith near New Forest£34£200
Locksmith near Newbury£85£226
Locksmith near Newcastle-under-Lyme£58£168
Locksmith near Newcastle-upon-Tyne£53£322
Locksmith near Newport£55£210
Locksmith near North East Lincolnshire£25£200
Locksmith near North Hertfordshire£51£256
Locksmith near North Lanarkshire£32£199
Locksmith near North Lincolnshire£18£145
Locksmith near North Somerset£30£213
Locksmith near North Tyneside£53£322
Locksmith near North Wiltshire£32£181
Locksmith near Northampton£38£182
Locksmith near Norwich£53£210
Locksmith near Nottingham£44£258
Locksmith near Nuneaton & Bedworth£35£172
Locksmith near Oldham£37£227
Locksmith near Oxford£60£250
Locksmith near Peterborough£60£250
Locksmith near Plymouth£18£116
Locksmith near Poole£75£212
Locksmith near Portsmouth£40£250
Locksmith near Preston£55£270
Locksmith near Reading£62£252
Locksmith near Redcar & Cleveland£32£217
Locksmith near Reigate & Banstead£54£290
Locksmith near Renfrewshire£36£194
Locksmith near Rhondda, Cynon, Taff£44£178
Locksmith near Rochdale£36£225
Locksmith near Rotherham£45£200
Locksmith near Salford£39£237
Locksmith near Sandwell£49£202
Locksmith near Sefton£44£230
Locksmith near Sevenoaks£60£284
Locksmith near Sheffield£52£200
Locksmith near Slough£47£278
Locksmith near Solihull£46£176
Locksmith near South Bedfordshire£60£236
Locksmith near South Gloucestershire£39£222
Locksmith near South Kesteven£40£200
Locksmith near South Oxfordshire£57£259
Locksmith near South Somerset£55£241
Locksmith near South Tyneside£53£322
Locksmith near Southampton£48£242
Locksmith near Southend-on-Sea£46£234
Locksmith near St Albans£50£273
Locksmith near St Helens£40£228
Locksmith near Stafford£65£300
Locksmith near Stockport£39£243
Locksmith near Stockton-on-Tees£32£217
Locksmith near Stoke-on-Trent£58£168
Locksmith near Stratford-on-Avon£25£51
Locksmith near Stroud£63£367
Locksmith near Suffolk Coastal£15£150
Locksmith near Sunderland£50£282
Locksmith near Swale£43£234
Locksmith near Swansea£29£156
Locksmith near Tameside£39£243
Locksmith near Teignbridge£45£272
Locksmith near Tendring£20£145
Locksmith near Test Valley£60£275
Locksmith near Thamesdown£28£180
Locksmith near Thanet£46£180
Locksmith near The Wrekin£45£120
Locksmith near Thurrock£57£277
Locksmith near Torbay£41£289
Locksmith near Trafford£39£237
Locksmith near Vale of Glamorgan£42£171
Locksmith near Vale of White Horse£30£200
Locksmith near Vale Royal£13£80
Locksmith near Wakefield£49£280
Locksmith near Walsall£50£198
Locksmith near Warrington£38£239
Locksmith near Warwick£35£88
Locksmith near Waverley£52£312
Locksmith near West Lancashire£43£233
Locksmith near West Lothian£38£254
Locksmith near West Wiltshire£32£181
Locksmith near Wigan£36£211
Locksmith near Windsor & Maidenhead£50£280
Locksmith near Wirral£40£212
Locksmith near Wokingham£56£253
Locksmith near Wolverhampton£54£189
Locksmith near Wrexham Maelor£50£300
Locksmith near Wycombe£51£272
Locksmith near York£55£55