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Car Mechanic: Average Hourly and Daily Rates around NE65

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Car Mechanic: Average Hourly and Daily Rates around NE65 (excluding VAT or callout charges)
Location in UKHourly RateDaily Rate
Car Mechanic near North Tyneside£35£150
Car Mechanic near Newcastle-upon-Tyne£35£151
Car Mechanic near Gateshead£35£151
Car Mechanic near South Tyneside£35£151
Car Mechanic near Sunderland£35£151

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Cheap car insurance£38.00 per month
Ford Fiesta car insurance£42.75 per month
Ford Focus car insurance£50.41 per month
Ford Mondeo car insurance£59.80 per month
Ford Kuga car insurance£71.25 per month
VW Golf car insurance£50.11 per month
Vauxhall Corsa car Insurance£48.82 per month
Nissan Qashqai car insurance£50.15 per month
BMW 3 Series car insurance£42.01 per month
Vauxhall Astra car insurance£46.99 per month
Nissan Juke car insurance£54.28 per month
Volkswagen Polo car insurance£47.78 per month
Black Box Insurance£76.69 per month
Young driver insurance£99.06 per month
Convicted Driver Insurance£46.08 per month
Over 50's car insurance£19.66 per month

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Jobs for Car Mechanics near NE65

Kia Sportage 2012 timing chain replacement. Parts will be provided

Brake pads and discs - rear Range Rover evoque

Replacement brake pads and discs

Exhaust manifold and oil leaks I already have a second hand exhaust manifold

Rear brake hoses replaced

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