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Summer Home Improvement: Balcony Ideas

Balconies provide an excellent space for those who need to step out for air. Depending on how big your balcony is, you can in fact do a lot with this extra space. A little bit of creativity can go a long way in changing something that looks simple and small. There is a whole list of balcony ideas you can look into if you’re thinking about increasing your property value. Speaking to family or friends for ideas on how you can set up your balcony is a great start or you can read up on it yourself, do a little bit of experimenting on the setup and decide for yourself what works best for you. read more

Home improvement on a budget: Place an outdoor garden path

Garden paths provide a warm, welcoming feel for those who walk through it. Whether it’s the habitants who live in the house or visitors who come over, garden paths provide an instant attraction that seldom goes wrong.

Setting up your garden path is one of the best ways to make your home appear more welcoming, creative and even innovative. Not to mention how it greatly increases your property value! There are numerous garden paving ideas available on the internet these days that you can have a look at. There is even garden design software, which helps you to virtually design your perfect garden design prior to setting it up in real life. read more

Home Improvement on a budget: Restore your deck

Decks are now considered as one of the most down to earth, low-cost and great ways to add on extra living space to a house. Decks make it opportune to just sit and enjoy your time outside, whether in the day or at night. Whenever friends and family are over, decks provide that excellent extra space to just get away from the rest of the crowd, for a one on one conversation. Entertaining guests on the deck is also a great way of using up the space. There are probably more ways to use a deck than can be listed. read more

Get Your Garden Ready for Spring

With the start of spring, winter gardens that have dead plants will be done away with and lively spring gardens will be in view throughout neighborhoods. Spring plants are colorful and fill the heart with joy. After all, once we’ve been through the severe cold of winter, pleasant weather alongside vibrant plants is a full package of bliss and joy.  

Steps to Prepare Your Garden for Spring

In order to get your garden ready for spring, consider the following five steps:

Firstly, you want to clean out your garden from any lingering effects from winter’s severe weather. You can always hire garden cleaners to get the cleaning job done. Or you can choose to connect with your garden and take up the challenge yourself. Get rid of debris that may have been left behind by storms. Cleaning will also help prepare your garden for the new buds you will be planting. Early spring flowers and spring plants in general tend to have a breathtaking beauty attached, and so you want the perfect clean background to go along with it. read more

First time buyers: Top Five Tips to Avoid Homeowner Hassles

Buying your first house can be a stressful experience. Once all of the legal dealings are out of the way, and you’ve popped the cork on your ‘welcome to your new home’ bottle of champagne, the reality sets in – everything from the bricks and mortar to the knives and forks are now your responsibility.
We at HaMuch have put together our top five tips to help make your first home run like a dream.

1. Find the essentials

When you first move in, it can be tempting to focus on where the TV will go and what colour the spare bedroom will be, first make sure you find the essentials. Locate your gas and electricity meters, the fuse box, and the stopcock on day one. Once all your boxes are unloaded from the moving van, you should take readings from your meters, as your suppliers will need this information, and it will avoid you getting over charged.
If you can find your fuse box in the dark and can access (and shut off) your stopcock valve quickly, you will be covered for most major emergencies. When you need the services of an electrician or a plumber, they will ask you where these are, so it’s handy to tell them straight away. read more