Improve Your Property Value: Kitchen

Your kitchen is a central part of your house and plays a huge role in determining the value of your property, should you decide to sell it. It’s your kitchen where you prepare your food or spend time whenever hunger or thirst kick in. Renovating your kitchen time to time is an especially good idea […]

Getting a Smart Thermostat

Purchasing a smart thermostat will help you set the right temperature throughout the day and in accordance to your daily schedules, making your life a whole lot easier; not to mention, smart thermostats save you heaps of time and money. What is a Smart Thermostat? If you haven’t heard about a smart thermostat, it’s basically […]

Considering Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is the ultimate heating solution. Thousands of homeowners and customers all over the country are choosing to opt for underfloor heating these days due to its economical benefits in addition to the ambient temperature setting for the room. Once upon a time central heating was considered a huge luxury for homes. A misconception […]

Get Your Garden Ready for Spring

With the start of spring, winter gardens that have dead plants will be done away with and lively spring gardens will be in view throughout neighborhoods. Spring plants are colorful and fill the heart with joy. After all, once we’ve been through the severe cold of winter, pleasant weather alongside vibrant plants is a full […]

DIY Disasters and How to Avoid Them

Some of us are blessed with almost professional level skills when it comes to home improvements. People who can turn their hand to most repairs or renovations, and looking like they’ve been visited by the Grand Designs team, can be the envy of their less able friends For others, though, DIY can be a DI-Saster, […]

How to Avoid Kitchen Sink Dramas

House maintenance can seem like an endless battle with homeowners banging their heads against the wall when it feels like yet another repair needs doing, or the boiler is on the blink – again! Whatsmore, homeowners tend to agree that finding the right tradesperson for a job can be a real challenge, and many people […]

Checkatrade vs Rated People vs MyBuilder

Comparison of Tradespeople Websites On-line websites and Apps have changed the way we run our lives, Amazon is now the world’s retailer and while Uber has had a set-back, in London, it’s a safe bet that we will be using one Ride App or another instead of flagging down Taxis longer term. Nowadays when we […]