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Summer Home Improvements: Roof repair and replace

The roof is possibly the most important part of a house in that it plays the role of keeping water and other forms of precipitation out of your home. The dangers may seem far-fetched to many of us, but we should never compromise with the safety of our roof. Considering the load your roof takes from harsh weather, it’s only inevitable that you will have to fix it up at some point. The bright side is, fixing up a roof is usually a call of duty that comes every few decades and not on a regular basis. read more

Summer Home Improvement: Kids Room Remodelling

As summer is amidst us, many of our kids’ bedrooms may need remodeling. With growing kids, it’s never a bad idea to remodel the bedrooms to suit the kids’ interests and in order to make the rooms comfort zones for growing ones. After all, bedrooms are more than rooms used to sleep in; a bedroom is meant to be a comfort zone, one that is personalised based on who is staying in it.

Hunting for Ideas

If you’re looking for ideas to spark up your kids’ bedrooms, there are a vast number of ideas you will find on the internet, in books and of course by simply asking family and friends for suggestions. Similar to every other setup, prior to remodeling a bedroom it’s a good idea to do some research on the pricing of furniture, the different colour contrasts available in the market and other intricate details that may be incorporated to room remodeling. read more

Summer Home Improvement: Install Energy Efficient Windows

Energy Conservation through Windows

Other than making a statement regarding the house, home windows play a huge role in ventilation. As such, it’s a good idea to invest in energy efficient windows or windows that suit your home setting best. Energy efficient windows are crucial in that heat loss and heat gain through windows constitutes around 25-30% of a home’s heating and cooling. Energy conservation or energy efficiency are both incorporated to the use of windows. Not to mention, energy efficient windows also help to block out extreme noise that may disturb the residents within a house. read more

Summer Home Improvement: Balcony Ideas

Balconies provide an excellent space for those who need to step out for air. Depending on how big your balcony is, you can in fact do a lot with this extra space. A little bit of creativity can go a long way in changing something that looks simple and small. There is a whole list of balcony ideas you can look into if you’re thinking about increasing your property value. Speaking to family or friends for ideas on how you can set up your balcony is a great start or you can read up on it yourself, do a little bit of experimenting on the setup and decide for yourself what works best for you. read more

Home Improvement on a Budget: Add Elegant Crown Molding

Today’s households include mouldings in innumerable forms. Mouldings offer elegance and class to home settings. Each mould is intended for a precise purpose, whether it be framing a door or window in order to make it look more modern or offering a visual alteration at the connection between walls and floors. There are so many types of mouldings that decorate our homes in today’s time that it’s challenging to differentiate between them.

Types of Moulding

Moulding of the walls or ceilings is a modern way of making the walls appear wider or narrower, depending on how the molding is done. The term “trim” is often used when going through the process of moulding. If you’re one to enjoy repairing or installing staircase parts, fireplace mantles or paneling, you will find a broad range of trims that fit right into your area of interest. read more

Home improvement on a budget: Fireplace remodeling

Fireplaces are magical areas within a home that can change the whole look of the house. They are a focal point of attraction that can either beautify your home is set up properly or ruin the look entirely! Hence, it’s important to have the perfect décor to go with your home setting.

There are a whole host of fireplace ideas that homeowners opt to go with for their homes. Not only does having a catchy and pleasant fireplace make the home look for appealing, the value of your property also goes up when you deck of your fireplace. Fireplace décor is a huge thing, especially during the Christmas season. read more

Improve your property value: Wood Flooring

Where the heart lies

There is a well-known saying, “home is where the heart lies”. It really doesn’t matter how many stars a hotel has and just how luxurious it is, if you stay week after week at a hotel, you’re bound to miss being home! There is a different kind of attachment every human beings have for the place they consider home.

In line with this, comes how comfortable and appealing we make our homes. One of the main ways of making your homes feel comfortable is the type of floors or flooring you have at home has a huge impact on the overall look and feel of your house and effectively how much your property is priced. read more

Improve Your Property Value: Kitchen

Your kitchen is a central part of your house and plays a huge role in determining the value of your property, should you decide to sell it. It’s your kitchen where you prepare your food or spend time whenever hunger or thirst kick in. Renovating your kitchen time to time is an especially good idea for those who feel their kitchens should represent them and their tastes. After all, food is not only about taste but about presentation as well. Stemming from which we have great kitchen designs and kitchen renovation ideas. read more

How to Avoid Kitchen Sink Dramas

House maintenance can seem like an endless battle with homeowners banging their heads against the wall when it feels like yet another repair needs doing, or the boiler is on the blink – again!

Whatsmore, homeowners tend to agree that finding the right tradesperson for a job can be a real challenge, and many people are left scratching their heads not knowing where to start their search or who to trust.

Here are three simple steps to find the right person for the job, avoiding the pain and strain of poor services, and instead feeling confident while the true professionals take care of your much-loved home. read more