Month: July 2018

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Garden Wall?

A garden wall doesn’t just offer privacy and protect your home’s boundaries — it can be beautiful and put your home in the spotlight too! Building a wall offers many more benefits besides, including added security and various possibilities for visibility and wind protection.

If you are thinking of building a garden wall, there are some considerations you need to make in advance. These include how big you want it to be, the materials you would like to use and the cost of the job. Ideally and for a clean finish, the architecture should also match the house and its current surroundings. read more

Summer Home Improvement: Building a Summer House

Summer is not only the hottest of all the seasons but it is also a time to enjoy the outdoors, spend time at the beach and simply relax and unwind at home. For some homeowners, this is also the ideal time to build the perfect summer house to boost your property and make the summer so much more enjoyable.

There are many great ways to build a summer house and add a very enjoyable space to your property. Not all building projects require a lot of money so if you do it right, it can be a cost-effective way of getting a large summer house this summer. Then, of course, you have to choose the right products and an experienced builder, especially if you have a limited budget. read more

Summer Home Improvement: Garden Fence Ideas

Adding a garden fence to your home is a great way of increasing its value and giving it a stylish look. There are different fences available, depending on your property type, layout and design. A garden fence can be a practical addition to your property as well.

Here are a few great garden fence benefits for your home:

It’s decorative. When it comes to fencing, you can be creative and have any fence installed that you want. There are different materials and designs available and your landscaper can give you tips on what will work best.

  • It increases security. A garden fence can add a measure of security to your home, especially if you choose a higher, stronger fence. You can choose a durable design and have a high fence installed to boost security around your summer home.

  • It creates a boundary. One of the main reasons why people install garden fences is to create a boundary for your property. It’s convenient, stylish and very practical. A summer house looks even better with a beautifully installed garden fence around it.

  • It adds privacy. You can also choose wood fence panels, which is a great way of adding both style and security. Privacy is becoming increasingly important as home owners want to know that they have privacy inside their property. This is also why you can install higher fences as opposed to smaller, wooden picket fences.
  • Garden fences can be very convenient and add a measure of style, security and privacy to home summer home. If you want to install a cost-effective fencing option, you can go with a PVC fence. When you install a PVC fence, you will enjoy an easy installation, optimal privacy and a variety of styles. Plus, it’s very affordable too. A PVC fence requires little maintenance over the years, so it’s the perfect choice for your summer home’s fence. read more

    A Guide to Skimming a Wall: A Breakdown of Costs

    With the summer sun comes brighter, longer days — the perfect time to implement new inspirations and ideas in your home. Whether you have just purchased a brand new home or you are thinking of renovating your current one, chances are at some point your walls will need an overhaul. This may include re-plastering the wall, and painting or adding new wallpaper.

    While it may not be noticeable, minor defects arise through the everyday use of your walls, and heat and condensation are two major contributing factors of deterioration. Renovation, therefore, is necessary not just for aesthetic purposes, but also to improve the overall health of your living space. In this guide, you will find valuable tips on skimming a wall, the costs involved and the best materials to use. read more

    Summer Home Improvement: Driveway Repairs

    If you have a driveway in your home, you’ll know that driveway maintenance will be required regularly as it will likely develop a few cracks in the concrete during its lifetime. These cracks can be caused by a variety of factors, including soil movement and tree roots. When it comes to driveway crack repair you don’t have to break the slab and pour a brand new one, you can simply hire a technician to repair it.

    Preparing the Surface for Driveway Maintenance

    When your tradesman starts the driveway resurfacing, preparation is essential. He will start by using a pressure washer to clean the surface properly. This will remove any dirt, mold and mildew. He can potentially add a cleaning solution to the pressure washer’s reservoir to spray on the surface. Once the washing is done, a high-pressure nozzle is attached to ensure you clean the whole slab, including every crack, to remove all the dirt. read more

    Summer Home Improvement: Garden Furniture Ideas

    Turning your house into its summer edition is not only enjoyable to have but also a great way to add some style and elegance to your everyday living. With so many different garden furniture ideas, you can really transform your garden into a relaxing and rejuvenating space. From beautiful and modern garden furniture ideas to durable rattan garden furniture, there’s something for everyone.

    Adding beautiful garden furniture is not only a great way to enjoy your garden, but also a way to add value to your property overall. Regardless of the size of your summer home, you want to spend a lot of time outdoors and this is why you need the right outdoor patio furniture. read more

    Summer Home Improvement: Create an Open Plan Space

    Creating open plan spaces inside your home is a very popular improvement to make, and it definitely adds value to your home. Whether it’s an open plan ground floor, or a stylish open plan loft conversion, enjoying open spaces is practical, convenient and definitely stylish.

    Designing an Open Plan Layout

    One of the first steps in creating an open plan ground floor is to design your layout, you can do it yourself or even better hire an architech or interior designer to get professional support. If your open plan space will contain the kitchen or bathroom, for example, you have to keep things in mind such as positioning them close to an external wall for the convenience of expelling waste. From there, you can simply use a little bit of imagination and visualization to design the perfect open plan space for your house. read more

    Summer Home Improvement: Built-in BBQ for Your Garden

    If you enjoy a good barbecue you’ll definitely benefit from installing a built-in bbq in your backyard. Not only is this a great way to add value to your home, but also to make it functional and very enjoyable to use. But you can take it one step further and install a kitchen in your backyard and you won’t need to split our time between your outdoor grill and indoor kitchen anymore, making an outdoor kitchen a great benefit to have.

    An outdoor living space expands your home and allows you to cook and clean outdoors, making it ideal to entertain friends and family. You can install an outdoor kitchen island in your backyard and extend its functionality to allow you to prepare your favourite meal. read more

    Summer Home Improvement: Ceiling Fan Installation

    With this warmer weather homeowners like you will want to be enjoying their home by turning it into comfortable, enjoyable spaces. You can make a few minor changes to your house to turn it into an enjoyable summer house, and one of the easiest ways to do that east to install modern ceiling fans.

    Ceiling fans are not only great to keep you cool during the summer, but it can also help you to save energy on your cooling costs. This is why it is important to make sure that you choose the right type of ceiling fan and that they are professionally installed. read more