Driveway Maintenance

If you own a summer home, you’ll know that your driveway will likely develop a few cracks in the concrete during its lifetime. These cracks can be caused by a variety of factors, including soil movement and tree roots. When it comes to driveway crack repair you don’t have to break the slab and pour a brand new one, you can simply hire a technician to repair it.

Preparing the Surface

When your tradesman starts the driveway resurfacing, preparation is essential. He will start by using a pressure washer to clean the surface properly. This will remove any dirt, mold and mildew. He can potentially add a cleaning solution to the pressure washer’s reservoir to spray on the surface. Once the washing is done, a high-pressure nozzle is attached to ensure you clean the whole slab, including every crack, to remove all the dirt.

Filling the Cracks

Next, the technician will need to mix your concrete, making sure it has a thick consistency. He will pour it onto the concrete and use a flat edge trowel to force the mixture into the cracks. It’s important to ensure that it’s smooth and allow to dry overnight. Now it’s ready for a thin layer of driveway sealer that it will be applied with a rubber squeegee. This is a great driveway repair method for concrete surfaces.

The driveway will be ready for foot traffic after 24 hours.

Repairing an Asphalt Driveway

If your home has an asphalt driveway, you can easily get a professional for high quality asphalt driveway repair. Common problems include potholes and cracks, which are commonly known as spider web cracks or alligator cracks. You may also have an area in the asphalt that has sunk in the ground, commonly referred to as a sink hole.

Preparing for asphalt driveway maintenance starts with preparing the surface. Thoroughly cleaning the driveway from dirt and dust, either using a stiff bristled broom or a high-pressure washer. You tradesman will potentially also use a backpack leaf blower. Also he will remove any vegetation.

In order to’ repair potholes you’ll need new asphalt and a pothole tamper. You can cover a 30cm x 30 cm hole with around 4.5 kg of asphalt repair aggregate and your tradesman is the best person to give you advice on this based on their experience. The first thing he will check for is whether the whole goes down past the asphalt itself. If it does, he will fill the hole with sand first.

Next, he’ll heat up the asphalt around the pothole with a flame torch to help the aggregate bond with the existing asphalt. After pouring the aggregate into the hole; if it overfills a bit, he will use a flat head shovel or garden rake to level it out. Once the hole is filled, the pothole tamper is used to pound and flatten the asphalt.  

Filling Asphalt Cracks

To repair cracks in an asphalt driveway, you need patch material, a sealcoat sealer and a squeegee. Your technician will pour the patch material into the repair area, using the squeegee to spread the material out evenly.

Repairing your driveway is easy if you can get a professional to take care of all your driveway maintenance as they know how to use the right techniques and materials. With this maintenance you will ensure that your driveway and your house as an extension will look as good as new, all year round.

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