Prepare Your Home for Autumn: Repair Any Broken Fences or Gates

Repair Fence

With the end of summer around the corner, you need to prepare your home for autumn and this means inspecting your yard for any repairs or maintenance that needs to be done. This includes inspecting your gates and fences, so that you can do gate repairs in time.

Inspecting Your Fence

inspecting your friend is extremely important, especially when it comes to signs of damage. You may have more trouble with the wooden fence then a vinyl fence, has would can show signs of rot due to somewhat painful. This is what is important to check out your fences before autumn comes so that you can do all the necessary repairs.

Be sure to get the help of a professional to check all the fence posts to ensure that they are structurally sound and that none of your boards are damaged or loose. If you only have one single damaged board, you can easily repair it; however, if you have more extensive damage, especially damage to the structure of the fence, call in an expert to repair the broken fence.

Signs of rot can include:

  • Boards that cave in
  • Gates that sag and don’t close properly
  • Posts that are loose

In addition to checking your gates and fences for damage, you should also make sure that it is ready for the winter snow. It should handle the moisture of the snow, which can damage wooden fences, in addition to the weight that it needs to be able to carry.

Keeping Leaves Away from Your Fence

One of the first chores should be raking leaves regularly. Be sure to rake the leaves close to your fence, especially when it rains so that it doesn’t collect any unnecessary moisture. When it starts snowing, rake as much snow as you can off your fence so that you remove any specific weight you can from your fence.

Work with a professional to keep your fence clean, inspect it for any damage, and do professional repairs when needed. This will give you the peace of mind needed to know that your home is ready for autumn and winter.

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