Hiring heating engineers to fit, service and repair your boiler…what’s the best option?

Like many purchases, when it’s time to get a new boiler or maintain your existing heating system, the different service provider choices and how much they all charge can be baffling.

So, whether you’re installing a new Valliant combi boiler, servicing an old Worcester or your Baxi boiler has stopped working and needs urgent repair the following are your three options;

  1. Hire an independent local heating engineer
  2. Hire a medium sized regional or national company which has a team of heating engineers
  3. Take out a home insurance plan from one of the large national providers

The pros and cons of each option;

Independent Heating Engineers


Independent heating engineers will charge you what they pay for boilers plus a bit more (e.g. 10%) for organising collection and to earn a bit of profit which is perfectly normal for any business. They then charge you an hourly rate or a fixed price based on their estimate of how many hours/days are required for the job. read more

Improve Your Property Value: Kitchen

Your kitchen is a central part of your house and plays a huge role in determining the value of your property, should you decide to sell it. It’s your kitchen where you prepare your food or spend time whenever hunger or thirst kick in. Renovating your kitchen time to time is an especially good idea for those who feel their kitchens should represent them and their tastes. After all, food is not only about taste but about presentation as well. Stemming from which we have great read more

Improve your property value: Pipes Replacement

When it comes to the property you own, there are points to keep in mind that go beyond it being a roof over your head. Your property is not only your home and comfort zone, but an investment that you are making for the long run. Whether you decide to pass on your property as inheritance or sell it for a profit later on in life is an open choice that is always available to you. As such, it is important to always keep in mind how to improve your property value. An old, worn down property probably won’t be worth as much as one that has been well kept and looked after properly, both internally and externally.

One of the main things to keep in mind when it comes to property value is renovation and remodeling. Renovation often includes plumbing. Plumbing is required from time to time in order to avoid drain clogs, worsening of =&0=&, bad odors coming out of the pipes or any other such discomforts. In fact, one of the main ways of keeping your house hygienic is by ensuring your plumbing is done right!

Renovation Needs

Renovation implies getting partial makeovers done for your home or sometimes, full makeovers for your home setting. Hence, =&1=& will of course vary depending on the amount of work you would like to get done.

As for plumbing, whether it’s a simple leak that needs tending to,=&2=& or getting rid of an =&3=&, plumbers pretty much handle a range of works. Plumbers deal with sinks, the sewage and drainage. In order to get good plumbing, you do need to keep the money factor in mind.

Plumber costs are based on =&4=& and at times =&5=&. There are rated plumbers to=&6=&as well. It’s also a good idea to ask your plumber questions pertaining to their experience before finalizing any one plumber. Asking them to come and visit your house to see what they need to work on is also a good idea in order to ensure both parties are clear on the terms.

For all of your plumbing needs, and great rates on experienced plumbers, do check out for great deals on a host of works related to your home.

Getting a Smart Thermostat

Purchasing a smart thermostat will help you set the right temperature throughout the day and in accordance to your daily schedules, making your life a whole lot easier; not to mention, smart thermostats save you heaps of time and money.

What is a Smart Thermostat?

If you haven’t heard about a smart thermostat, it’s basically a thermostat with advanced communication and connection features which allows you to set up automatic temperature settings based on your daily needs and individual schedules. Certain thermostats with Wi-Fi connectivity have advanced functions that can be made great use of.

Programmable or Non-programmable Thermostats

Smart thermostats can either be programmable or non-programmable.=&2=&can help you to set your house temperature automatically based on preset timings. This will help to conserve energy since the device will ensure minimizing the temperature while you are out of home and maximize the temperature while you are home. Non-programmable thermostats on the other hand require the homeowner to put it in the heat or cool mode manually.

=&3=&are the new line of thermostats in the market that do not contain moving parts to measure the temperature. There are built in thermistors and resistance temperature detectors to measure the temperature. The overall built up of digital thermostats is different to old thermostats that require constant setting.

Different Types of Thermostats

The following is a list of several types of thermostats that you can consider purchasing based on your specific requirements:

=&5=&– under non-programmable thermostats, this is considered the best smart =&6=& presently available in the market. This one is considered extremely intelligent and helps to save energy.

=&7=& or =&8=& – this smart wi-fi thermostat is similar to the nest thermostat but is available at cheaper prices. You can purchase the honeywell thermostat in different colours as well. When it comes to non-programmable thermostats, this thermostat is in highest demand as it is easy to set and has a smart look to it. The features of a simultaneous display of set temperature and current temperature, slide switches which make switching from heat to cool or vice versa easy and overall ease of usage make it a favourite among home owners.

Ecobee Smart Thermostat- this thermostat has the features of Nest Thermostat or Honeywell, except it is available in cheaper rates.

=&9=&– these thermostats work to keep the house heated. There are a variety of central heating thermostats available in the market.

=&10=& this thermostat, similar to central heating thermostats works to keep the house warm.

=&11=& smart heating controls include connecting with your phone to make note of its location in order to control your heating. Basically, depending on how far or how close you are from home helps the app determine which temperature to keep your house in for your comfort. Certain apps need to be downloaded in order to keep your phone connected with the thermostat. Over 30% of energy can be saved using some of the smart heating controls.

If you haven’t purchased a smart thermostat yet, it’s time to consider switching to one to make your lives more comfortable. After all, the right home temperature can either ruin your day or make it complete. Last but not the least, keep all your heating systems running smooth by providing regular servicing. Find the best heating engineers near you ASAP with for quick and easy setup and installation of your thermostat and stay free of all the troubles and worries!

Considering Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is the ultimate heating solution. Thousands of homeowners and customers all over the country are choosing to opt for underfloor heating these days due to its economical benefits in addition to the ambient temperature setting for the room. Once upon a time central heating was considered a huge luxury for homes. A misconception today, underfloor heating is looked at as a form of luxurious heat, except that underfloor heating cost is actually one that lowers the heating bills. Setup and installation is now easier than ever. Go to and find heating engineers close to you. Along with their expertise, obtain better prices (they’re all about wholesale deals!) and enjoy the added benefit of longer insurance too.

Things to Consider for Underfloor Heating

  • Purchasing Underfloor Heating- In order to purchase underfloor heating components, you can head over to underfloor heating stores that should be available nearby. Try looking up the closest underfloor heating store near you or simply visit to buy and install your preferred system and avoid all the hassle with ease!
  • Underfloor Heating Cost– Underfloor heating is a great way to save you money in the long term. If you plan to use underfloor heating as your main source of heat, make sure to use it efficiently by ensuring good insulation. Initially, your savings may not seem much but over time, the savings do add up. The cost of the product itself and installation costs will be paid back within a short time and add to your savings. You will also be saving huge amounts of energy in comparison to normal heaters.
  • Type of underfloor heating- electric underfloor heating and water underfloor heating.
    1. Electric or dry underfloor heating– this method involves electric heating mats that run on electricity and are placed underneath the top layer of the floor. Even though these can be less of a difficulty in installing and can be fit in cheaply, the ultimate costs to run them can be quite high, unless your source of electricity is solar panels.
    2. Wet or water underfloor heating– this form of underfloor heating is widely seen in recently built properties. Even though water underfloor heating may take a little more effort to fit in compared to electric underfloor heating, it is very compatible with modern day boilers and cheaper than electric underfloor heating in the long run.
    3. read more

  • Get Your Garden Ready for Spring

    With the =&0=&, =&1=& that have dead plants will be done away with and lively =&2=& will be in view throughout neighborhoods. =&3=&

    are colorful and fill the heart with joy. After all, once we’ve been through the severe cold of winter, pleasant weather alongside vibrant plants is a full package of bliss and joy.   read more

    First time buyers: Top Five Tips to Avoid Homeowner Hassles

    Buying your first house can be a stressful experience. Once all of the legal dealings are out of the way, and you’ve popped the cork on your ‘welcome to your new home’ bottle of champagne, the reality sets in – everything from the bricks and mortar to the knives and forks are now your responsibility.
    We at HaMuch have put together our top five tips to help make your first home run like a dream.

    1. Find the essentials

    When you first move in, it can be tempting to focus on where the TV will go and what colour the spare bedroom will be, first make sure you find the essentials. Locate your gas and electricity meters, the fuse box, and the stopcock on day one. Once all your boxes are unloaded from the moving van, you should take readings from your meters, as your suppliers will need this information, and it will avoid you getting over charged.
    If you can find your fuse box in the dark and can access (and shut off) your stopcock valve quickly, you will be covered for most major emergencies. When you need the services of an electrician or a plumber, they will ask you where these are, so it’s handy to tell them straight away.

    A fresh coat of paint or new wallpaper can help to make it your own

    2. Put your own stamp on it

    One of the best things about owning your own home is that you can decorate it the way you like. A fresh coat of paint or new wallpaper can help to make it your own. If you’re not keen to get out the pasting table or paint brushes, it’s worth finding a good local decorator who can work their magic on your walls and get the look you want.
    If you peel back the paper to reveal a cracked or problematic wall, a good plasterer should be able to skim it for you, making it the perfect surface to paint. You can then hang your mirrors, pictures and shelves to your heart’s content.

    Find trusted certified tradespeople in your area

    3. Make friends with tradespeople

    You’ve committed a lot of money to your new home, so it’s easy to become nervous when jobs too complicated for DIY need doing. Find trusted, certified tradespeople in your area, so you won’t need to worry next time your boiler needs servicing or you need a new plug socket.
    Make sure your electrician is regulated to meet UK safety standards, your plumber is WIAPS approved and your gas engineer is on the Gas Safe Register. You can check all of this information from HaMuch when finding a tradesperson.

    Double-glazing will also save your money long term on your heating bills

    4. Check your security

    When you first move in, it is worth making sure you’re happy that the doors and windows are secure. Consider changing the locks if the house is not a new build, or replacing the windows if they’re not double-glazed. This will make your home feel safer and give you peace of mind. Double-glazing will also save you money long term on your heating bills.
    You may also choose to invest in a burglar alarm or security lights to help keep your home safe when you’re away. Make sure you choose a reputable company to fit these to make sure you get a reliable service.

    A good local gardener on the case will help you fool the neighbour into thinking you're Monty Don with minimum effort

    5. Consider the extras

    If your house or garden is large, or if you’re working full time, think about hiring a cleaner or a gardener to help keep your house looking its best. It can lift your spirits considerably to come home to a spotless house, and having a cleaner to look after this for you can take a load off your mind.
    Gardens can start to look drab without regular TLC, and if you’re not green-fingered, this can start to feel like a chore. Getting a good local gardener on the case will help you fool the neighbours into thinking you’re Monty Don with minimum effort.

    HaMuch has more than 11,000 trusted local tradespeople who can help with every homeowner hassle.

    DIY Disasters and How to Avoid Them

    Some of us are blessed with almost professional level skills when it comes to home improvements. People who can turn their hand to most repairs or renovations, and looking like they’ve been visited by the Grand Designs team, can be the envy of their less able friends
    For others, though, DIY can be a DI-Saster, and end up costing time, money and heartache in the long run. Don’t let that put you off though. With some research, some careful planning, and sometimes a visit from the professionals, you can improve your home for relatively little cost.
    Here’s the HaMuch guide to DIY disasters, and how to avoid them.

    1. Paint

    Painting the walls is a quick and easy way to spruce up your home, sometimes damage can be caused when we whip out the emulsion. A knocked-over paint can or a dripping brush can cause hundreds of pounds worth of damage to your carpets and flooring.
    Make sure you cover the whole floor area under where you’re painting with a dust sheet, and be careful when moving ladders around near your paint, to avoid spillages. Alternatively, you can find a decorator through HaMuch, and they will do a professional job and clean up when they go.

    Never attempt plumbing on your own

    2. Plumbing

    Never, under any circumstances, attempt plumbing on your own if you’ve had no formal training. Even though the pipes and fittings may look simple from the outside, they are incredibly complex, and can cause severe water damage to your home if you don’t know what you’re doing.
    If you have a plumbing emergency, the best way to deal with it is to locate the stopcock and switch off your water to avoid flooding or water damage, and find a qualified plumber through HaMuch to make any repairs.

    Find a qualified electrician

    3. Electrics

    Unless you have been professionally trained, you should never attempt any electrical installations yourself. Find a trusted, qualified electrician through HaMuch, and you will have the peace of mind that the new electrics are safe and up to UK standards.
    Electrical disasters can occur with basic home improvements too, as, for example, many people accidentally drill holes through wires when hanging pictures or mirrors. Most DIY shops sell basic wire and cable detectors, that can quickly tell you whether it’s safe to drill or not.

    structural changes

    4. Building Work

    It’s the brave DIY-er who would attempt any form of extension or building work on their own. If you’re looking to make any big structural changes to your home, make sure you consult your local authority to see if you need planning or building control permission before you start.
    You can find a trusted, local builder through HaMuch, who will be able to give you a quote as to how much the work will cost, and can advise you on any permissions you need to seek.


    5. Central Heating

    Installation, servicing and repairs of gas central heating systems should always be carried out by a Gas-Safe qualified engineer (formally CORGI). DIY installations can risk carbon monoxide poisoning as well as expensive damage to your home, so always find a trusted engineer through HaMuch.
    To get the best from your boiler, get it serviced every 12 months to make sure it is still safe and working efficiently. This will save you money long-term on your energy bills, as well as avoiding potentially costly breakdowns.

    How to Avoid Kitchen Sink Dramas

    House maintenance can seem like an endless battle with homeowners banging their heads against the wall when it feels like yet another repair needs doing, or the boiler is on the blink – again!

    Whatsmore, homeowners tend to agree that finding the right tradesperson for a job can be a real challenge, and many people are left scratching their heads not knowing where to start their search or who to trust.

    Here are three simple steps to find the right person for the job, avoiding the pain and strain of poor services, and instead feeling confident while the true professionals take care of your much-loved home.

    1. Check and compare costs

    You might have a quick job that will only take a couple of hours, or you may be considering a project in your home that will take weeks or months to complete. Likewise your budget may be tight and you need to get the job done on a shoestring, or you could have a big pot to play with to wave a magic wand, transforming your house.

    Whatever your budget, you will want to check and compare costs quickly and easily. HaMuch allows you to simply check costs for jobs by the hour, and by the day. All the costs are open and visible on the website, there is complete transparency. So, all you need to do is search for a tradesperson in your area, and use HaMuch to compare the costs. Easy!

    check availability

    2. Check and compare availability

    HaMuch has created a unique feature to make your life considerably easier when searching for available tradespeople.
    With a cost-comparison feature to save you time when finding a service makes HaMuch stand out from the crowd. You can breathe a sigh of relief as the days of fruitless calls to unavailable traders taking you back to the drawing board time and time again – are over!

    HaMuch has transformed finding an available tradesperson: one click, add your details, and the tradesperson will swiftly let you know their availability without the fuss.

    check credentials

    3. Check credentials

    Everyone has heard a ‘rogue trader’ story, or has watched programmes on the telly where people’s houses have been worse off for hiring the wrong person for the job. However, there is a quick and simple solution to get the very best people to work on your home and that is to check the credentials on the HaMuch website.

    Simply search for the service you require in your area, click on a tradesperson and their credentials will appear alongside comments and ratings.

    After your chosen tradesperson has completed their job, share your story by returning to HaMuch and rate their hard work, praise their performance with a high star rating and post a comment.