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Builder's rates near South Somerset

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Rough guide for how much basic building work in South Somerset costs;

JobJob detailsEstimate
ConservatoryBuilding a conservatory including foundation£2374
ConservatoryStructure repair£950
Loft ConversionConverting a loft into a bedroom with en-suite£8310
Garage ConversionConverting a garage into a bedroom£4748
Damp proofingDamp protection for internal walls £332 per wall
Damp proofingDamp protection for external walls£356 per wall
Damp proofingRising damp treatment£332 per wall
DemolitionDemolition of a garage£1187
DemolitionDemolition of a patio, driveway, shed, outside space£950
DrivewayBuilding concrete, tarmac, block, etc driveway£890
DrivewayCreating a dropped kerb£594
ExtensionOne room extension £2374
ExtensionMulti room extension£2374 per room
Floor fitting Removal of old floor and laying a new floor£178 per room
Floor restorationRepairing floors by filling gaps, sanding, staining, sealing and securing loose floorboards£119 per room
Outside wallBuilding a retaining wall£297
Outside wallPointing and brick work repair£59 per m2
Roof - chimneyChimney flue installation£475
Roof - chimneyChimney repointing£594
Roof - chimneyChimney breast removal£831
Roof repairsFlat roof repairs and replacing slipped or cracked tiles£202 per 5x tiles
Roof replacementUpgrading old tiles or Cotswolds stone roofs£2968 or a 2bed house
Roof waterproofingChimney flashing or flashing around solar panels and roof lighting£950
Window fittingWindow fitting and replacing£356 for 4 windows
Window repairsRepairs on window frames and windowpanes including leaks£119 per window

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