cleaners near LL64 from £0 per hour

Cleaner: Average Hourly and Daily Rates around LL64

Cleaner: Average Hourly and Daily Rates around LL64 (excluding VAT or callout charges)
Location in UKHourly RateDaily Rate
Cleaner near Gwynedd£12£92
Cleaner near Conway£14£120

Cleaner job costs in LL64

Job detailsEstimate
Cost to clean a home £0
End of tenancy cleaning of 3 bedroom house £120
Cost to clean upholstery £0 per item
Cost to clean windows and glass conservatories £4
Cost to clean the kitchen including oven £50
Cost to clean a bathroom £0
Cost to clean the driveway £50
Cost to pressure clean patio or decking £0

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Jobs for Cleaners near LL64

General office clean weekly

General weekly cleaning

Clean 3 bedroom flat

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12 bedroom house deep clean

4 bedroom bungalow 1 bathroom.weekly clean

Clean 3 bedroom house weekly

1 bedroom cottages weekly clean

Cleaning village hall…three very large rooms, three kitchens, seven toilets, foyer, stairs

Clean house 2 hour's weekly