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From Budget to Luxury: Discover the Average Cost of a New Kitchen

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Considering investing in a new kitchen? Find out how much you are looking at spending with our beginners guide to costs.

We all love a new kitchen. It’s one of the areas of the home we spend the most time, which is why so many Brits are inspired to cast aside their old furnishings and enjoy some of the latest trends in kitchen design.

However, whilst many desire a new kitchen, is it really an affordable luxury? The average cost of a new kitchen varies wildly. In this blog post, we break down those costs, helping you understand what options are available to you.

Budget Kitchen Installation Costs

White and brown interior with green accessories foe small kitchen

Kitchen installation is never cheap, but there are options available to reduce costs. Limitation of what you actually buy is, of course, the easiest way to keep costs down, as is the brand of supplier you use.

For a small or medium-sized kitchen, it is possible to fully kit out countertops, cabinets and even include an oven for under £3000. For larger kitchens, or if you want a full revamp that includes fridge-freezers and other appliances, you’ll be looking at up to £5000 on a budget-conscious effort.

Mid-Range New Kitchen Costs

beautiful kitchen in luxury home with island, pendant lights, cabinets, and hardwood floors. tile back splash, stainless steel oven,range, and hood compliment the elegant features

The mid-range kitchen is the one most people will decide to have installed. It includes all the basics of a budget option, but is often built from higher quality woods and materials, and also includes additional features, such as wine racks, sliding pantries, double-door fridges, central islands, larger stoves, etc. You may decide to go for granite or timber countertops over laminate.

This is the kind of kitchen you’d find in your typical suburban detached property. So what is the average cost of a new kitchen in the mid-range?

You can expect to pay between £10,000 – £25,000 for this kind of kitchen. The higher quality surfaces and larger appliances are what will really see your price rise compared to more budgetary options.

Luxury Kitchen Expenses

luxury kitchen interior with a large central island of marble

For those who consider money to be no object, kitchens can really become a lavish centre of the home. Form marbled countertops to heated floors and smart technology integration, anyone with the financial firepower behind them can build a kitchen worthy of the stars. These types of kitchens often feature bespoke design and custom-built fixtures.

A kitchen like this can be yours for around £50,000 with larger spaces with designs from premium outlets pushing past £100,000.

The main cost here is the design. After a certain point, fixtures, surfaces and appliances hit a price plateau. However, it’s the time spent by the creators behind these types of kitchens that you are paying for.

Don’t Forget Labour Rates When Considering the Average Cost of a New Kitchen

After buying up all your new fittings, furnishings and appliances, you’ll need them installed. Unless you have the qualifications and skills required for such work, or have paid a service to do this as part of the kitchen purchase, this will require a tradesman.

Kitchens can take a variable amount of time to install. This all depends on the type of fittings required, the amount of new items that need placing, the state of the old kitchen and the size of the space.

Therefore, will always be unique to the job.

However, we know this is not helpful information, so to give you an idea, we’re going to make some broad generalisations in an effort to at least help you understand the sort of rates people pay when hiring a tradesman to fit their kitchen.

How Much Are Labour Rates for Kitchen Installation?

Your average kitchen will take around seven days to install — for luxury, bespoke kitchens, expect this to take far longer, ranging into a month or more. This includes stripping out the old appliances and fittings, making any necessary plumbing or electrical changes and installing the new kitchen itself. Work will take place over the course of your average eight-hour day.

Workers carrying out this type of job will charge, on average, between £100-£200 for the job per day.

This means, for a typical kitchen installation job carried out by a qualified trader, you’ll be looking at an additional fee, on top of the purchasing of your fittings, of around £700-£1400.

Average Cost of a New Kitchen: Price Breakdown

With all these notes in mind, here is a rough breakdown of average costs you can expect to pay when buying a new kitchen:

  • Budget: £4000-£6000
  • Mid-Range: £11,000-£26,000
  • Luxury: £60,000+


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