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Estimated cost of plumbing work in Peterborough

Job detailsEstimate
Cost to fix a leak £205
Cost to unblock a clogged toilet £71
Cost to unblock a sink £70
Cost to install a thermostatic mixer shower £252
Tap replacement cost £123
Cost to seal or re silicone a bath or shower £56
Cost to install a shower booster pump £257
Cost to replumb a house £3850
Cost to replace toilet float valve £42
Cost to replace a toilet £82
Cost to replace a bath £154
Cost to remove and refit a kitchen sink £82
Cost to plumb in an outdoor garden shower £308
Cost to replace mains water supply pipe £359
Cost to replace kitchen mixer tap £154
Cost of public liability insurance for plumbers £6.00 per month
Cost to install or remove a dishwasher £72
Cost to install a power shower £667
Cost to install a washing machine £72
Cost to fit a sink waste disposal £77
Cost to install an ice machine £67
Cost to plumb in a hot tub Jacuzzi £462
Cost to replace heating expansion header tank £137
Cost to fit a home garden sprinkler system £590
Cost to fit a new bathroom basin £166
Cost to fit an outside garden tap £70
Cost to fit a water softener £82
Cost to fit a macerator £82
Cost to find a leak £154
Cost of an emergency plumber £175
Cost to replace a cold water storage tank £133
Cost to fit a boiling water tap £72
Cost to install a bidet £257
Cost to install a basement sump pump £678
Accessible pipes, emergency call-out, mains water supply can be isolated £103
Fix a standard mixer tap that is dripping, assumes isolation valves are present £62
Exterior wall behind kitchen sink £118
This may require a Saniflo or Grundfos toilet waste macerator pump pushing waste further to the sewage pipe £616
Replace a section of pipework £82
Replacement in an average 3-bed, including conversion of older pipework £411

Rates for other Peterborough trades

Plumber hourly and daily rates in Peterborough
Plumber Hourly and Daily Rates in Peterborough (excluding VAT or callout charges)
Business nameHourly RateDaily Rate
JCW Plumbing & Heating, Peterborough , PE2 £42£250
RS Heating & Plumbing, , PE3 £40£262
Archway Construction (UK) Limited, Peterborough, PE1 £40£200
Heat-Reach Plumbing & Gas Services, , PE1 £40£262
G Liguori, Peterborough, PE3 £35£220
Snart Solutions ltd , PETERBOROUGH, PE2 £40£300
Gary Crossland Technologies, Peterborough , PE2 £35£250
, peterborough, pe2 £35£250
Paul Ayre Plumbing, Heating and Gas, Peterborough, PE4 £40£350
Delegate Heating & Plumbing Ltd, Peterborough, PE4 £39£251
Osborne & Reed Heating & Plumbing, , PE7 £35£
Network Plumbing and Heating, , PE5 £41£267
Peterborough Heating Solutions, Whittlesey , PE7 £40£260
Cool Heating, Peterborough, PE6 £35£250
Gablee Projects Ltd, 2 Eastgate, Deeping St James, Peterborou, PE6 £36£245
MD Plumbing & Heating, , PE6 £39£271
A Stephenson Electrical Plumbing and gas contractors , Market Deeping , PE6 £30£240
Stamford Eco Boilers, 3 Belton Street, Stamford, Lincolnshire, PE9 £36£259
Stamford Plumbing Heating Gas Services, Wardens House, Broad Street, Stamford, Lincolnshire, PE9 £37£253
H2O GAS PLUMBING & HEATING, Stamford, PE9 £30£240
MH Plumbing and Heating, , PE9 £39£268
Bradley's Plumbing and Heating, Stamford, PE9 £35£250
Paul Eady Plumbing & Heating, , PE15 £42£266
Mr Fix It Gas, Chatteris, PE16 £30£240
LD Plumbing and Heating, Wisbech, PE13 £30£250