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By Emily Rivers
Last updated 21st August 2023

How much do MOTs cost?

In the UK, getting an MOT is a legal requirement. Because of this, many people are concerned about how much an MOT might cost them - especially if they need repair work on their vehicle. It’s important to have a good understanding of how much an MOT and repair work could cost you as this can give you real peace of mind.

In this guide, we’ll cover what the MOT prices in the UK are and how much you can expect to pay on average. We’re also going to bring you some info on what’s covered on an MOT, as well as the prices of common repair work following an MOT.

2023 MOT prices in the UK

In the UK, the Government have set a cap on the price of an MOT. For a car with up to 8 passenger seats, this price is currently £54.85. For a motorbike, the cost is currently £29.65, and for vans up to 3,500kg the maximum price is £58.60. 

Remember that this is a cap on the maximum price of an MOT in the UK - it’s not always how much you’ll pay. Many garages offer MOTs that are substantially cheaper than this, especially if you get an MOT alongside a vehicle service or other work.

The other important factor when it comes to the price of an MOT will, of course, be how much extra work is required on your vehicle. It’s hard to predict this, unless you’re a mechanic yourself, so the best thing you can do is have a good understand of how much likely work could cost - we cover this later in this guide.

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Why do you need an MOT?

MOT disc brakes inspection

An MOT is an annual test that your vehicle has to have to demonstrate that it’s safe to drive on the roads in the UK. It’s a legal requirement to have one on most cars, unless they’re brand new, and you have to get it done every year.

While the MOT is often done alongside a vehicle service, this isn’t legally required. An MOT only checks a limited number of things that are deemed to be essential to a vehicle being roadworthy and not dangerous to drive. A vehicle service checks a number of further things on a vehicle that are designed to make the drive more comfortable or make the vehicle run better.

When are you required to have an MOT?

You’re required to have an MOT test on your vehicle every year. Most vehicles under 3 years old don’t need an MOT until the 3rd anniversary of their registration. Following this, all vehicles will need to have an MOT test every year. 

The Government provide a service where you can put your vehicle’s registration number in and check the MOT status of your vehicle, if you’ve forgotten when you last had an MOT, or need to check when your vehicle needs to have one. You can access that service here.

What items are checked on an MOT?

An MOT only checks items on your vehicle that are deemed to be a part of its roadworthiness or safety to drive. This means that things like climate control, radios and entertainment systems aren’t included. However, just because your vehicle has passed an MOT, this doesn’t mean that nothing can mechanically go wrong on it - a number of common failure items like cambelts, water pumps and even oil changes aren’t covered by an MOT, and are only checked on a service.

The items checked on an MOT are split out into four categories.

Interior checks 

In this section, the tester will check safety items in the interior cabin of the vehicle. This includes items like:

  • Seats and seat belts

  • Warning lights on the dashboard

  • Ensuring the view from the windscreen is adequate and not obscured by cracks

  • The steering wheel operates properly

  • The doors and mirrors are in good working order

Exterior checks

Exterior checks of the vehicle cover things like:

  • Registration plates are legible and readable

  • All exterior lights function properly

  • Wheels and tyres have enough tread and are properly fitted

  • Ensuring wiper blades function correctly

  • Exterior condition of doors, boot lid and bonnet - all latches function

  • The general condition of the body - serious body damage to a vehicle can cause an MOT failure, but minor scuffs and dents are fine

Mechanical system checks

The technician will also inspect the engine and underbody of the vehicle, inspecting a range of systems including:

  • Vehicle structure and underbody for rust and condition

  • Braking systems, including wear of brake pads and discs

  • Exhaust systems - this includes an emissions check

  • Suspension components and shock absorbers

  • Wheel bearings and linkages

  • Fuel system

  • General vehicle condition

What can you do to help your car pass its MOT?

MOT tyres inspection

Of course, unless you’re a mechanic yourself, it’s difficult to inspect your entire vehicle to be sure that it will pass its MOT. However, there are a few things that you can check before you put your vehicle in for its MOT to give it the best chance of passing. You don’t need tons of mechanical knowledge to check these things, either - they’re quick checks that you can do to know ahead of time if your vehicle has any issues.

Firstly, check all of your vehicle’s bulbs, including brake lights, fog lights, reversing lights and high beams. If any of these are not working, get them changed before your MOT. Make sure that your wiper blades are working properly, and if you think they’re not properly clearing water from your windscreen, replace these as well.

Make sure there are no check engine or other warning lights on your dashboard. If you have a sizeable crack on your windscreen within the area that the wiper clears, it may be worth getting your windscreen replaced, too - speak to a windscreen replacement company about this. It’s also worth getting your vehicle washed before its MOT, as things as simple as a dirty numberplate can cause your car to fail its MOT.

MOT failure repair work costs

Of course, the price of the MOT is also likely to include the costs of some remedial work. While this will depend on the condition of your vehicle, we have included some examples of rough prices for common issues that cause an MOT fail below.

If you need to replace bulbs on your vehicles, expect to pay between £5 and £10 per bulb, plus a small extra charge for fitting. For wiper blades, expect to pay around £10 to £30 per blade, again plus a small charge to fit the part.

Tyres are another common failure item. The price of a tyre will depend on the type that you choose, but you should expect to pay around £60 per tyre for budget options, with premium tyres ranging from £80 to £120 per tyre. If your vehicle using low profile tyres or an unusual rim size, this can increase significantly, up to around £200-£300 per tyre.

Brake pads and discs will also occasionally need to be replaced, and this is often picked up on an MOT. These are generally replaced together and as a pair, so expect to pay between £200 and £400 to replace each pair of pads and discs.

Estimates for common car mechanic jobs;

Rates for other trades

MOT cost in the UK
MOT cost in the UK (excluding VAT or callout charges)
Location in UKMOT cost
MOT near Aberdeen£60
MOT near Amber Valley£60
MOT near Arun£68
MOT near Ashfield£59
MOT near Aylesbury Vale£66
MOT near Barnsley£54
MOT near Basildon£70
MOT near Basingstoke & Deane£68
MOT near Bassetlaw£57
MOT near Bath & North East Somerset£72
MOT near Bedford£62
MOT near Belfast£53
MOT near Birmingham£56
MOT near Blackburn£55
MOT near Blackpool£71
MOT near Bolton£57
MOT near Bournemouth£62
MOT near Bracknell Forest£67
MOT near Bradford£58
MOT near Braintree£69
MOT near Bridgend£61
MOT near Brighton£65
MOT near Bristol£74
MOT near Broxtowe£58
MOT near Bury£56
MOT near Caerphilly£61
MOT near Calderdale£57
MOT near Cambridge£60
MOT near Canterbury£58
MOT near Cardiff£61
MOT near Charnwood£53
MOT near Chelmsford£72
MOT near Cheltenham£61
MOT near Cherwell£84
MOT near Chester£63
MOT near Colchester£62
MOT near Conway£50
MOT near Coventry£58
MOT near Crewe & Nantwich£55
MOT near Dacorum£68
MOT near Derby£59
MOT near Doncaster£53
MOT near Dudley£55
MOT near Dundee£60
MOT near East Ayrshire£55
MOT near East Devon£59
MOT near East Dunbartonshire£51
MOT near East Hampshire£60
MOT near East Hertfordshire£64
MOT near East Lindsey£58
MOT near East Riding£55
MOT near Eastleigh£64
MOT near Edinburgh£40
MOT near Elmbridge£65
MOT near Epping Forest£69
MOT near Erewash£58
MOT near Exeter£58
MOT near Falkirk£46
MOT near Fife£50
MOT near Flintshire£64
MOT near Gateshead£55
MOT near Gedling£58
MOT near Glasgow£51
MOT near Gloucester£58
MOT near Guildford£70
MOT near Halton£59
MOT near Harrogate£58
MOT near Havant & Waterloo£68
MOT near Horsham£66
MOT near Ipswich£52
MOT near Isle of Wight£68
MOT near Kingston-upon-Hull£53
MOT near Kirklees£58
MOT near Knowsley£59
MOT near Lancaster£75
MOT near Leeds£58
MOT near Leicester£53
MOT near Lisburn£54
MOT near Liverpool£60
MOT near London£68
MOT near Luton£63
MOT near Macclesfield£55
MOT near Maidstone£60
MOT near Manchester£57
MOT near Mid Bedfordshire£63
MOT near Mid Sussex£65
MOT near Middlesbrough£60
MOT near Milton Keynes£61
MOT near Neath Port Talbot£57
MOT near New Forest£63
MOT near Newbury£68
MOT near Newcastle-under-Lyme£53
MOT near Newcastle-upon-Tyne£55
MOT near Newport£60
MOT near North Ayrshire£54
MOT near North East Lincolnshire£53
MOT near North Hertfordshire£64
MOT near North Lanarkshire£48
MOT near North Lincolnshire£52
MOT near North Somerset£69
MOT near North Tyneside£55
MOT near North Wiltshire£58
MOT near Northampton£48
MOT near Nottingham£58
MOT near Nuneaton & Bedworth£58
MOT near Oldham£56
MOT near Oxford£82
MOT near Plymouth£30
MOT near Poole£62
MOT near Portsmouth£70
MOT near Powys£48
MOT near Preston£59
MOT near Reading£69
MOT near Redcar & Cleveland£61
MOT near Reigate & Banstead£67
MOT near Renfrewshire£49
MOT near Rhondda, Cynon, Taff£66
MOT near Rochdale£57
MOT near Rotherham£53
MOT near Salford£56
MOT near Salisbury£64
MOT near Sandwell£55
MOT near Sefton£60
MOT near Sevenoaks£65
MOT near Sheffield£53
MOT near Slough£65
MOT near Solihull£56
MOT near South Ayrshire£54
MOT near South Bedfordshire£62
MOT near South Cambridgeshire£63
MOT near South Gloucestershire£75
MOT near South Lanarkshire£46
MOT near South Oxfordshire£72
MOT near South Somerset£61
MOT near South Tyneside£55
MOT near Southampton£63
MOT near Southend-on-Sea£70
MOT near St Albans£67
MOT near St Helens£59
MOT near Stafford£52
MOT near Stockport£56
MOT near Stockton-on-Tees£60
MOT near Stoke-on-Trent£53
MOT near Stratford-on-Avon£55
MOT near Stroud£58
MOT near Suffolk Coastal£50
MOT near Sunderland£55
MOT near Swale£56
MOT near Swansea£56
MOT near Tameside£57
MOT near Teignbridge£58
MOT near Tendring£52
MOT near Test Valley£53
MOT near Thamesdown£55
MOT near Thanet£58
MOT near Thurrock£67
MOT near Torbay£58
MOT near Trafford£57
MOT near Vale of Glamorgan£61
MOT near Vale of White Horse£55
MOT near Vale Royal£64
MOT near Wakefield£56
MOT near Walsall£55
MOT near Warrington£57
MOT near Warwick£57
MOT near Waveney£50
MOT near Waverley£70
MOT near Wealden£62
MOT near West Lancashire£59
MOT near West Lothian£42
MOT near West Wiltshire£58
MOT near Wigan£57
MOT near Windsor & Maidenhead£65
MOT near Wirral£61
MOT near Wokingham£67
MOT near Wolverhampton£54
MOT near Wrexham Maelor£64
MOT near Wychavon£51
MOT near Wycombe£64
MOT near York£58