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A Guide To Rewiring Your Home: Breakdown Of Costs

Reasons Why You Should Rewire Your Home (1)

If you are thinking of rewiring your home, you may be asking yourself what the benefits are and how much it will cost. It’s good practice to rewire your house if it is more than 50 years old.  Your electrical wiring may need updating, especially if you are thinking of selling your home.

In this guide, you’ll gain more clarity on the reasons, benefits, and costs of rewiring your home.

Why Should I Rewire My Home?

If you are buying a home that was built a couple of decades ago, you might also want to consider updating the electrical wiring in the house. Over the years, the standard household power has changed significantly. 60 amps would have been enough years ago, but modern homes now require up to 200 amps to run HD televisions, computers, home automation devices, deep freezers, and air conditioners, along with other appliances, gadgets and gizmos.

Rewiring a home will also involve replacing worn out wires. Warning signs such as dimming lights, frequently blown fuses, frequent burning smells and electrical shocks tell you it is time for an update.

However, rewiring your home is not one of those home repairs that you can handle yourself. It’s messy and very technical work that requires the help of an expert electrician. You and your home will be safer if you get a professional to handle it.

What the Job Entails

The first step to rewiring a property is finding a qualified electrician. Electrical repairs and installations can be dangerous and should only ever be handled by a qualified professional. You can find expert home electricians in London using our database.

First, an expert electrician will conduct an electrical assessment of your home. This is vital as it helps them understand what work needs to be done.

Some homes will not need full rewiring: they will just require a few updates here and there. The full electrical assessment will reveal what work needs to be done. Some of the inspections carried out will include testing devices, inspecting the fuse board, switches and sockets, and checking the polarity of your electrical installations.

Once the inspection is done, your electrician will decide whether to carry out a total rewiring of your property.

The Benefits of Rewiring Your Home

There are a number of reasons to consider rewiring your home:

Safety: Outdated electrical wiring means that some of the wires may be damaged. This increases the likelihood of an electrical fire. An electrician will review your wiring to ensure fire accidents are not a potential hazard. Old wiring is also more likely to cause electrical shocks. Homes with such wiring problems see frequent cases of fuses blowing.

Convenience: Having your home rewired is a chance for customisation, as you’ll be able to choose where you want your power points. Many older homes have few power outlets and they are not always installed at the most convenience points. You will also get to incorporate modern switches in your newly rewired home.

Value: Rewiring a home will add value, as it reduces the risk that a homeowner will experience electrical problems for some time. Potential buyers will likely ask if your home has been rewired and, if it has not, they are well within their rights to request a cut in your selling price.

Materials Needed

Materials required for rewiring a house include electrical wires, mains power and power cable connectors, adhesive tape, junction boxes, double sockets, and fuse boards. The amount of materials needed will depend on the size of your home and condition of your current electrical system. This will impact the amount of money you can expect to pay.

The Cost of Rewiring Your Home

Just like the amount of money spent on materials is dependent on the size of the home, the total cost of rewiring a property is also dependent on its size. The extent of the job and the experience of the electrician you are working with will also affect the cost you can expect to pay. You may receive a variety of quotes. Every electrician’s quote will be a reflection of their professional references and how many years experience they possess. The hourly cost for rewiring a property can range anywhere between £15 and £80.

Average hourly and daily rates for electricians:


Average Hourly Rate

Average Daily Rate




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