Summer Home Improvement: Air Con Installation

air con installation interior

Installing an air conditioning system in your home is not only a great way to keep the entire home comfortably cool, but it is also a great way to protect your home. Heat and humidity can easily lead to swelling in wood furniture and flooring, and also cause other health hazards such as moulding. During the summer, damp and mould can easily spread throughout your basement, making a brand-new residential air conditioning system essential.

The best air conditioning system is one that can effortlessly handle the heat load of your home efficiently, at the lowest cost. However, a substandard air conditioning installation can cost you more in the long run, which is why you should work with a reputable air conditioning installer to ensure that you get the best system as well as quality workmanship.

Choosing the Right Air Conditioning System for Your Home

When it comes to finding the perfect home air conditioner, you need to consult a reliable installer to assess your home and recommend the right system for your specific environment. They can tell you about all the different types of cooling options available to your home as well as what will work perfectly with your home’s unique heating system. Experts can then recommend or design an ac installation that will work perfectly in your home to keep you cool and comfortable throughout the year.

Buying an air conditioning system can be a complicated process, which is why you need to know exactly what system you are looking for. There are a few aspects to consider before you choose the right system, as a system that is either too big or too small for your home won’t have the desired effect.

Measuring the size of the system you’ll need

One of the most important aspects is to accurately measure the space that needs to be cooled. If you have a very large house with multiple rooms, you may need more than one new air conditioner to effectively cool every room.

If your unit is too large for your home, it will turn on very quickly and to rapidly cool the room, before it then shuts off. This process will happen very fast and the process will have to be restarted frequently as heat will easily come into the house again. This is not energy efficient so it’s important not to choose a system that is too big for your home as you want to keep your air conditioner installation cost to a minimum.

Different Types of Air Con Systems for Your Home

There are different types of air conditioning systems available for your home, including ducted systems, central air conditioner, a ductless air conditioner and even a portable unit. These are some of the most popular systems and the one you choose will depend on your environment and your specific requirements.

Split air conditioning system is ideal if you want to go just a single room. Similarly, portable units are very easy to move around and they are mobile so you can put them anywhere you need it. Ducted or central systems are very energy efficient and they can consistently maintain a cool temperature throughout your house. They are also very silent in operation.

When it comes to finding the perfect it conditioning system for your home, always work with a reliable installer to help you find the best residential air conditioning system for your home. Hamuch offers pricing upfront to avoid nasty surprises


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  • I think air con is needed in this hot weather – I’m definitely considering it! I’ll definitely bear in mind that there are several different types available if I do go for it. I’m actually thinking about getting a heating engineer in to have a look and tell me what my best options would be.

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