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Carpenter & Joiner's rates near West Lothian

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Rough guide for how much basic carpentry and joinery work in West Lothian costs;

JobJob detailsEstimate
Bespoke chairDesign and create a wooden chair£295
Bespoke shelvingDesign and install shelves in an alcove, no painting£197
Bespoke small furnitureA small bookcase or a bathroom cabinet, cupboard door replacement for existing cupboard£295
Bespoke large furnitureDesign and install a built-in wardrobe, cupboard, cabinet or desk£591
Doors - insideReplacement and hanging of a new interior door shaving if needed to fit£98
Doors – outsideReplacement and hanging of a new exterior door shaving if needed to fit£98
Flat pack assemblyPutting together IKEA style furniture£98
Furniture repairRepair scratches, scuffs on furniture£197
FlooringLay a flat and prepared floor in an average size room£246
Board a loftLay flooring in a loft that covers a 2 bed house£591
Skirting boardsCreate and fit new skirting boards for a room£246
Window frameMake a wooden replacement sash window frame£689

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