Home improvement on a budget: Create a secret room

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Even though it’s true that books are losing value with today’s ever growing digitalised world, the fact remains that books are an integral part of human life. It is from the dire need of preserving and passing on knowledge that books were formed.

Bookcases that hold books have been existent for years now in order to hold these precious forms of knowledge. Many people find their bookcases to be the most important part of their home. Not surprising considering the fact that bookcases provide proper shelves to house books in for generation after generation. There are facts, moments, memories and much more that run through the pages of the books.

Bookcases With Hidden Doors

The concept of bookcases containing hidden sliding doors or even invisible doors to make it inaccessible to others is a common theme still seen in movies today. There’s often a button that no one knows about or a secret room behind the bookcase.

You may be surprised to hear though that bookcases with hidden doors behind them are still sought after by many homeowners. A bookcase with doors was once seen as the perfect place to put a hidden safe or offer as an access point to hidden rooms! No one can deny though that putting away something that is secretive in nature within a bookcase did seem pretty gallant.

Bookcases for your Home

If you’re considering setting up a bookcase for your home, you’ll be surprised to discover the number of ways you can have a bookcase built into your home. Whether it’s through sliding doors attached to walls, on sliding walls that lead to other rooms or as extensions on the walls of your home, bookcases can make for some pretty great décor. You can even match or contrast the colours between the books and the furniture, which would make for an even greater ambience.

You’re also bound to find out just how many uses a bookcase can have. A bookcase can be the perfect linking line between two rooms. Your office room and your kitchen might be connected through the sliding door that holds the bookcase. A bookcase next to a fireplace provides a traditional look alongside a cosy reading atmosphere. The crackling sound of wood makes the perfect background setting for a hearty reading anytime. Bookcases in bedrooms provide for the best holding spot of bedtime reading as well as easy access to references when in the bedroom.

Bookcases as mentioned above, can provide a lot of space for hidden storage. Whether it’s within boxes that resemble books or in saves that are kept hidden away behind the bookcase, the shelves on the bookcase can also be used in innovative ways to hold things.

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