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Why Do You Need a Door and Doorframe Specialist?

The invention of modern doors and doorframes by craftsmen has ushered in a new era of interior design, but, above all, it serves a very practical and necessary purpose. Doors vary in architecture and design, ranging from flush doors and flush-glazed fire doors to moulded doors, paint-grade, and timber doors.

Doors and doorframes are generally built to perfectly fit an internal opening. Unfortunately, over time, they become susceptible to damage due to a number of factors, many of which are unavoidable. These might include seasonal effects (where doors expand due to moisture or shrink in dry air), worn-out hinges as a result of day-to-day use, poor alignment (if doors were incorrectly fitted, for example), and water damage.

When such issues arise, it’s best to seek the advice of a door and doorframe specialist. These individuals know how to instantly identify faulty doors and frames, and can easily install new ones. Squeaks or strange sounds from a wooden or metallic door, for example, indicate that your door needs checking by a specialist. While you may think fixing a door is a simple job you can do yourself, for total peace of mind and the longevity of your door and frame, it’s vital to get the help of a specialist. Not doing so means you risk fixing it incorrectly, which can lead to other problems and vulnerabilities.

What Does a Door and Doorframe Specialist Do?

A door and doorframe specialist can save you the hassle of fixing broken or faulty doors and doorframes. But how do you know if you need a specialist? Here are a few common tasks carpenters specialising in fixing, fitting and assembling doors often perform:

  • Fixing Overlaps: Have you ever noticed the size of your doors increasing? Overlaps are a common fault, resulting from increased water content in the wood or poor installation. As a material, wood can expand due to humidity. This is why many individuals experience problems closing their doors in the winter, when it’s often humid. In dry air, wood contracts, making doors shrink. The opposite is true for metallic doors, which often expand when exposed to heat, such as sunlight. When doors overlap and won’t close properly, a specialist can be a valuable source of advice and help.
  • Installation Services: Properly installing new doors and frames reduces the risk of faults over time. Doors are meant to fit freely, but poor installation can cause misalignment or a lock fit problem. Poor installation can also increase the risk of issues caused by heat and humidity during the hotter and colder months. Specialists possess technical know-how and can ensure the installation process is done with care.
  • Fixing Faulty Locks: When your locks work as they should, your security is guaranteed. Locks and keys come in different varieties and lock patterns, varying from padlocks and deadbolts to single cylinder, double cylinder and more. Locks are subject to wear and tear, especially when excessively exposed to heat and cold. Door and doorframe specialists can fix faulty locks, ensuring your security isn’t compromised.
  • Joinery: The joining process is vital, as it ensures your doors are fully functional. Joints afford firmness and rigidity, so that your doors and doorframes will last for years to come. A door specialist can apply fasteners, bindings and adhesive to doors to increase their lifespan.

How to Find a Door and Doorframe Specialist near You

Whether internal or external, doors are crucial. They afford security and privacy, and they help keep heat in when closed or allow air to flow freely when left open. Whether you need to install a new door or repair an existing doorframe, the help of a professional is vital for the best results.

But how can you find a qualified door and doorframe specialist near you? At HaMuch, it couldn’t be easier.

To find a doorframe specialist near you, follow our simple three-step process:

  1. Post your job: Find your location, either by typing in your postcode or town, or selecting where you are from our extensive list of regions, counties and cities in the UK. We ask you to select your maximum budget, so that you never pay more than what you can afford. Post the details of your job and we’ll match you with tradesmen in your area who are qualified and experienced to do the work. 
  2. Get quotes: We’ll send your job listing to door specialists in your area. We’ll notify you via text when three tradesmen have expressed interest in your job. 
  3. Select your tradesman: Review the profiles and experience of the tradesmen interested in working with you. You can use HaMuch to read customer reviews from people just like you, compare rates and see how close they are to you. You can even communicate with tradesmen to discuss the work before making your decision — you’re in complete control!

Our search tools are designed to help you find a tradesman that best suits your needs, budget and location.

Are you looking for a qualified door and doorframe specialist near you? Enter your location now and find experienced tradespeople who can repair and install your doors and frames.

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