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When it comes building new homes, house builders, bricklaying jobs, kitchen remodels or other such jobs, you need to hire a builder. For your convenience you probably want to find a builder in your area, who will not only get the job done but give you a reasonable building quote as well.


Doing a little research prior to hiring a builder can go a long way in helping you find the right builder. There are custom builders out there who will do the job according to your specifications and then there are builders who will get the job done according to their personalised plan.

Reading through reviews for different local builders alongside reading up on the specialties they are known for (such as loft conversions, extensions or plastering), will help you form a shortlist.  

Do keep in mind that membership under a professional builders body does not necessarily guarantee the builder will be good. Years of building experience could prove to be far more valuable than membership by association. Try to keep this in mind while reviewing profiles.

Site Visit

After you are done reading up on the builders in your area, call at least three to four different builders before you make a final pick. A good builder will most likely visit your property, advise you after having a look and explain the options on your plate clearly.

If you have copies of plans or drawings that were previously submitted for certain development work such as remodeling, make sure to provide copies to the builder. This may aid in your builder providing more accurate quotes for the work they will be doing. Never agree to get the work done right when the builder arrives as the objective of site visits is to compare quotes and meet the person/people who will be spending, potentially days, weeks or even months at your place.

If you are looking for good wholesale deals on builders and to meet your specialist needs for any line of household work, be sure to check out  

Hiring the Builder

Once you’ve decided on your builder and are sure they can meet your deadline, consider the following questions while speaking to your builder:

  • What would happen in the event that unforeseen changes take place?
  • How would adverse weather affect the job?
  • Are there any penalisations if the work is not done on time?
  • Will there be any outsourced labour in use?
  • What are the materials that will be used for the job? Who will be the supplier?
  • What if the work is not of satisfactory standard?
  • How do they expect to be paid and do they expect any form of down payment?

Payment Once the Job is Done

It’s best to agree on a schedule for payments prior to the work starting. This can be stipulated in the written contract. It isn’t uncommon to be requested to pay in installments.

Once the job is done, consider the following questions while overseeing the completed work:

  • Is all of the work complete?
  • Has the site been properly cleaned after the work?
  • Are you happy with the work?
  • Do you have all of the relevant paperwork and certificates?

Enjoy making new memories with your latest building work, renovations or remodeling work.

Builder: Average Hourly and Daily Rates in the UK

Builder: Average Hourly and Daily Rates in the UK
Location in UKHourly RateDaily Rate
London£34 per hour£216 per day
Birmingham£25 per hour£199 per day
Leeds£25 per hour£186 per day
Glasgow£32 per hour£236 per day
Sheffield£73 per hour£276 per day
Bradford£25 per hour£185 per day
Liverpool£26 per hour£179 per day
Edinburgh£30 per hour£215 per day
Manchester£30 per hour£196 per day
Bristol£26 per hour£195 per day

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