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Looking for a bricklayer to help you with building or repairing a brick wall? A bricklayer can help you build a new garden wall, partition wall or even a brick pizza oven according to your needs and specification.

A specialist builder can help you with all aspects of a bricklaying project:

Building brick wall foundations

  • Digging trenches for the foundations
  • Filling the trench with concrete
  • Reinforcing with steel for high or load-bearing walls

Building a brick retaining wall

  • Laying bricks around half an inch apart in a straight line
  • Filling in the seams between bricks with mortar once aligned
  • Installing a cap row of bricks to prevent rain penetration

Building a brick pizza oven

  • Digging and preparing the site for a concrete base
  • Building an oven base from blocks or bricks
  • Installing a capstone
  • Constructing the oven using fire bricks

So, if you need a bricklayer to build a brick wall or brick structure, HaMuch has thousands of friendly, registered professionals ready to help with your project every step of the way.

Why do you need a bricklayer that specialises in building garden walls?

Why do you need a bricklayer that specialises in building garden walls?

When it comes to building garden walls, using a bricklayer who specialises in this particular area can make a significant difference. While general builders may have experience in various construction projects, a bricklayer brings specific expertise and knowledge that is invaluable in creating a functional and visually appealing structure that complements your outdoor space.

Here’s why we think you should hire a bricklayer to build your garden wall rather than a general builder:

Knowledge: Garden walls serve multiple purposes, from defining the boundaries of your property to providing privacy, security and creating a backdrop for landscaping features. A bricklayer will have all the knowledge about the specific techniques and materials needed to construct garden walls that withstand the test of time.

Advice and guidance around your garden: Another advantage of hiring a bricklayer is their ability to provide expert advice and guidance throughout the project. Although they’re not gardeners, a bricklayer can assess your garden's layout, soil conditions, and the overall aesthetic you desire, and offer tailored solutions that meet your specific needs. Their experience with different wall designs, such as retaining walls, decorative walls, or boundary walls ensures that you get a structure that not only looks fantastic but also serves its purpose.

High-quality materials: Bricklayers will have strong relationships with local suppliers to help you source high-quality products at competitive prices, ensuring that your garden wall is durable and lasts a long time.

What does a builder that specialises in building brick walls do?

A builder who specialises in building brick walls focuses specifically on constructing walls using bricks as the primary building material. Brick walls have been widely used in construction for centuries due to their durability, versatility, and timeless aesthetic appeal. Bricklayers possess the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to create high-quality brick walls for various purposes.

Here’s what a bricklayer does to ensure that your brick wall looks great – whether it’s in a garden, within a pizza oven or in your home.

Assess your project: Your bricklayer will assess your project requirements and determine the most suitable brick type, size and design for its purpose. They are well-versed in the different types of bricks available, such as clay or concrete bricks, and can recommend the most appropriate option based on factors like structural integrity, weather resistance, and visual appearance.

Construct your wall: These builders have a deep understanding of bricklaying techniques and craftsmanship. They know how to properly prepare the foundation, mix mortar, and lay bricks in a precise and structurally sound manner. Whether it's a simple garden wall, a retaining wall, or an intricate brickwork pattern, they have the expertise to ensure that the walls are built with accuracy, ensuring stability and longevity.

Advise on styles and patterns: Bricklayers that build a lot of garden walls often have an eye for detail and aesthetics. They can provide advice on different brick bond patterns, colours and finishes to achieve the desired look for the project. They understand how to incorporate architectural elements, such as arches and other decorative features into the brickwork, adding character and charm to the walls.

Maintenance and repair: Bricklayers are also knowledgable in the maintenance and repair of brick walls. They can assess the condition of existing brickwork, identify any structural issues or deterioration, and recommend appropriate repair or restoration techniques. Their expertise in brick wall construction allows them to carry out repairs that seamlessly blend with the original design, ensuring the integrity and appearance of the wall.

A bricklayer has the expertise to construct walls using bricks as the primary material. From selecting the right type of bricks to using the right bricklaying techniques, these builders have the knowledge, skills and experience to create durable, visually appealing brick walls for various purposes. Whether it's a garden wall, retaining wall, or intricate brickwork, they bring craftsmanship and attention to detail to ensure the successful completion of the project.

How to find a specialist bricklayer builder small job near you

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All aspects of brickwork and landscaping fully qualified and insured. Run own limited company employing bricklaying subcontractors all of high standard
Fully qualified bricklayers south east based own limited company 8 trowels plus apprentices and improvers, fully insured with rams/health and safety pay someone to look keep an eye. Been on are own 5 yrs went limited last yr currently work for ohob, redrow, martins plus smaller companies and do are own stuff. Pride of south east award ...

Hertfordshire brickwork is the realisation of quality and great customer service at its very best i myself the  director of Hertfordshire brickwork my method is simple obtain repeat business  by produce high quality and  great customer service and making sure the job finishes within time and budget. 

Wall Colour Group Limited is primarily a Painting & Decorating Company . It uses sub-contractors who are self-employed in their own right, and with a combined experience of over 250 years in the decorating trade makes this a must have commodity on your side. All advice is free and you will be given a fixed work quotation not a estimate that will expand as the job progresses. Wall Colour Group... step into our world.

Hi im Chris the owner of ABC. We are a small team but that doesnt mean we only do the small contracts.I have a loyal team of tradesman & I myself am a timeserved bricklayer with 25yrs exp. My company was established in 1999. Customer service & competive prices are  extremely important to us as  is a friendly approachable attitude. We guarantee we wont dissapoint.  Cscs registered. Tie wire replacement & crack repair specialist. 30years insurance backed guarantee ...

Brick - Stone cleaning  - restoration  and pointing   

I have been tiling for 30 years and have a nvq 3 in wall and floor tiling 

We are a local fully qualified City and guild  general contractor, plumber and a Niceic registeted electrical contractor wìth over 40 years experience. 
Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, and London Boroughs
We provide a prompt reliable service and get things done to a high standard. We get it right first time.

A local reliable builder working in the local area on various types of construction since 1984.  Checkout our website to find out more. 

Trading for over 11 years and 17 years expierience in the building trade, check f book page and google business page to see all my 5 star reviews 

Hi, im Wayne croucher I have now been in the building and landscaping industry from a young age. I Got trained by a local builder also going to college learning the trade. We work around are customers and give them ideas for there best end result. no job is to small we aim to send two traders out to a job saving you money get the jobs finished at a quicker rate, leaving a clean finish.

Small family building business reliable friendly service  and very high  quality of works

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General labourers needed for house 'rip out' ahead of refurbishment. Floors, doors, tiles, bathrooms, radiators, etc.

Garden wall 3ft x34ft

Power wash, point 2m squared brickwork with waterproofer and apply Wykamol with brush. Materials supplied.

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Block up a window (I have breeze block). Tooth out window wall and add bricks to make window smaller by half a brick. WhatsApp on 07361904107 for images.


Builder near M1

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My mother Euphemia Steele is looking for work carried out at her property at 10A Park Road, Newhaven, EH6 4LD. The front garden wall is leaning. If possible, it would be preferable for the wall to be taken down perhaps to half the height then rebuilt. I think its Niddrie brick. It is a boundary wall jointly owned with my mother's neighbour so this work would be jointly instructed. Once the wall is finished my mother would like the wall on her side skim coated, this work being under her own instruction. The Garden Wall is 23ft 6 inch  x  5 ft 3 inch  x 6 inch wide  There is also an outside wall where the cement is falling off and hollow. My mother would like the cement removed and the stone wall underneath pointed. Outside wall 2 ft 5 inch  x 17 ft 5 inch If you wish to visit to quote could you please give me an appointment to view after 2pm.

I’m needing someone to fix the brickwork under my back doorsteps, the top slabs are ok but the brickwork underneath is crumbling and as a result the steps are uneven and dangerous. Can’t even lift the slabs myself and struggling to find someone to do a small job.

Retaining wall needs removing, and rebuilding further back.

Brick wall with pillars 8 meters apart. Wall is 1.54 m x 15 m

Replace frost damaged bricks in garden walls

Build a small brick wall

Room alteration build a partion wall to close the entrence and cut out two doors ways

I have large window would like some of it bricking up

We have water ingress through our chimney stack. Looking to get a quote for works.

Brick restoration required for 1940 property, Need to repoint and improve appearance of the brick.

Help to fix the damp

Garage side door installation. Work required: Create opening. Install lintel. Install exterior door. (This is for a brick build detached garage) York. RedRow build.

Dwarf Wall in front of property. Severly damaged probably by passing motor traffic and Í believe will need to completely rebuilt. Approx 45' x 6 courses high.

I recently had an old air-vent removed and there is now a gap in my wall that needs bricking up. Before the air-vent was removed I had the inside wall bricked in, so there is no exposure to the outside from inside. It is approx 40cm deep and approx 50cm in height and length. It is on the second floor, and a ladder would need to be brought with you. At the moment we have a scaffolding up (due to roof repairs) but I think that will come down after 20th of March. Photos available! Please email and I can send them over. Kind regards Natasha

Front wall curved, demolition of the old and relay a new brick wall

Build a small retaining wall around flower bed. 40cm x 4m

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