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Why Do I Need a Wood Furniture Specialist?

Wooden furniture is a popular interior design choice, due to its aesthetic appeal, strength and versatility. However, wooden furniture is vulnerable to damage from water, insects, heat and even poor installation.

Damaged wooden furniture can severely compromise your interior design. While wood requires special care, if it’s looked after properly, it can last for many years, making it well worth the investment.

A furniture specialist will not only advise you on how to select furniture for your home or office, depending on its use or location, but they’ll also be able to install, fix, replace or restore various wooden components.

What Does a Wood Furniture Specialist Do?

Is a wooden furniture specialist the right professional for you? The work of a wood furniture specialist varies according to the service required by a client. These tradesmen handle broken wood, faulty hinges, and locks that need repairing or replacing. They might work on a variety of tasks and with various components:

  • Wooden flooring: Timber is the main type of wood used for flooring purposes. Some wooden floors are laminated in order to give the floor a shiny appearance, make it more durable and easy to clean, and protect it from insect attack. A wood furniture specialist can advise you on the best flooring for you and help you select a finish you’ll be happy with.
  • Repair and replacement: Wood furniture won’t always last forever. Heavy use can cause hinges to break, and the surface of the material is prone to scratches and scuff marks, all of which affect not just its practical use, but its aesthetic appeal too. However, wooden furniture can be repaired by an expert carpenter. Wooden furniture specialists know how to treat this material, using wood filler especially designed for furniture repair, to restore it to its former use and beauty. When a piece of furniture is beyond repair, a specialist can help you identify a suitable replacement.
  • Installation and construction: Assembling cabinets, beds, doors or any other wooden furniture can be difficult. You may not have the time, you may not have the physical strength, or you may not have the right tools. However, it’s vital that any piece of furniture — whether it’s a wardrobe, cabinet, bookcase, set of shelves or even a simple radiator cover — be assembled properly for your safety and that of your belongings. A wooden furniture specialist can put together your furniture and fit it wherever you desire. They may also be able to anchor furniture to the floor or a wall for additional stability.

How Can You Find a Specialist in Wood Furniture Repair Near You?

To find a wood furniture specialist near you, follow our simple three-step process:

  1. Post your job: Find your location, either by typing in your postcode or town, or selecting from our extensive list of regions, counties and cities in the UK. We ask you to select your maximum budget, so that you never pay more than what you can afford. Post the details of your job and we’ll match you with tradesmen in your area who are qualified and experienced to do the work.
  2. Get quotes: We’ll send your job listing to furniture specialists in your area. We’ll notify you via text when three tradesmen have expressed interest in your job.
  3. Select your tradesman: Review the profiles and experience of the tradesmen interested in working with you. You can use HaMuch to read customer reviews from people just like you, compare rates and see how close they are to you. You can even communicate with tradesmen to discuss the work before making your decision — you’re in complete control!

Our search tools are designed to help you find a tradesman that best suits your needs, budget and location.

If you’re looking for a wood furniture specialist, compare prices offered by local tradesmen in your area using HaMuch. We list only fully vetted, experienced experts to ensure that you get a result you’re happy with.

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