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Painter & Decorator's rates near Horsham

Range from the cheapest £10 per hour and £16 per day (A & R Landscapes and Groundworks based in GU6) to the dearest £60 per hour and £350 per day (Gary James Renovations based in GU7).

Comparing hourly and daily rates of Painter & Decorator's gives you an idea of who will be better value but the best way to compare costs is to get actual quotes.

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Rough guide for how much basic painting and decorating work in Horsham costs;

JobJob detailsEstimate
Painting1 bedroom flat / house£765
Painting2 bedroom flat / house£1093
Painting3 bedroom flat / house£1202
Painting4 bedroom flat / house£1366
Painting5 bedroom flat / house£1475
Metal paintingRe-paint a metal object£131
GlossingGloss work in good condition£219 per room
GlossingGloss work in bad condition£328 per room
Internal woodworkRe-paint 1 room skirting boards£164
WallpaperStripping wallpaper off the walls£219 per room
WallpaperHanging wallpaper in a room£437 per room

Rates for other Horsham trades

Painter & Decorator rates in Horsham
Painter & Decorator Hourly and Daily Rates in Horsham (excluding VAT or callout charges)
Business nameHourly RateDaily Rate
SDCS Group, Horsham, RH13 £28£186
PJB Plastering Services, Horsham west Sussex , RH12 £25£180
RSH Refurbishments Limited , Pease Pottage , RH11 £20£150
Multigreat Building & Decorating, Crawley, RH10 £18£180
A & R Landscapes and Groundworks, Ewhurst, Cranleigh, GU6 £25£16
Slim Maintenance Ltd, Crawley, RH10 £10£150
DC Property Improvements, Crawley, RH10 £25£180
M.P. Browning Ltd, Horley, RH6 £20£160
VMC Property Maintenance , Dorking, RH5 £20£180
B Webb Plastering & Property Maintenance, Burgess Hill, RH15 £35£250
JS Painting & Building Services, Dorking, RH4 £30£150
24hR Plumbing & Heating / Countryside Construction, Burgesshill, RH15 £35£220
R G Houghton Decorating Plus, Reigate, RH2 £20£160
Picasso Painting and Decorating, Redhill, RH1 £16£160
APS Plumbing Services, Reigate , RH2 £45£180
Tom Sinden Plastering, Redhill surrey, RH1 £25£180
Ross Property Maintenance, Godalming, GU7 £35£280
PB Plastering and Decorating Services, Worthing, bn13 £20£160
C Dingle Builders & Decorators, 74 Smithy Lane, Lower Kingswood, Tadwort, KT20 £29£192
DNA Fencing Ltd (Brighton), Portslade, Brighton, BN41 £15£150
Gary James Renovations, Godalming, GU7 £60£350
Ken Wheeler Plastering, Fetcham , KT22 £30£240
Uncommon Tiling, Brighton & Hove, BN41 £20£160
Apsley Wall Ltd, Apsley Paddocks, Wilderwick Road, East G, RH19 £27£185