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My name is Andrew Photi and my business ACP-Security is proud to be clear on price.

Our costs for the trades we offer are;

  • Painters & Decorators- £25 per hour and £130 per day
  • Pest Control Experts- £25 per hour and £130 per day

Website: http://www.acp-security.co.uk

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  • Paint Interior - Walls, Woodwork, Smoke & water damage

  • Painting Exterior - Walls, Window, Doors, Fascia

  • Wallpapering - Strip/remove, Prepare surface, Hang


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  • Bird Control - Pidgeons, Pond Protection

  • Insect Control - Cloth & Carpet Moth Fumigation, Bed Bug, Flea, Ant, Wasp Nest

  • Rodent Control - Fox, Squirrel, Rat, Mouse, Mole

  • Rot & Mould Removal - Woodworm, Dry rot


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