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What is Plasterboard?

Plasterboard is aerated gypsum plaster covered on both sides with a strong paper, one of which is usually white and suitable for decorating on directly. It comes in different thicknesses and with either square or tapered edges.

What is Platerboard used for?

Plasterboarding or dry-lining is a quick and easy way to make a smooth surface on walls and ceilings before decorating. To get a traditional wet plaster finish the white prepared surface can be given a plaster skim coat.

New build houses are often clad internally with plasterboard. An experienced plasterer will be able to work with plasterboard, fit it for you, or replace it. On solid walls plasterboard might be attached with patches of adhesive, which suspend the boards a couple of millimetres from the wall, to ensure the resulting surface is smooth. On studded walls, which are common in new build homes, and as part of extension and other DIY projects, plasterboard is nailed to the studs, which are wooded or metal beams that make up the frame of the wall. Once the plasterboard is installed, your plasterer will plaster over it with a finishing coat, an undercoat should not be necessary.

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