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Heating Engineer's rates near West Lothian

Range from the cheapest £17 per hour and £150 per day (CD Plumbing based in EH54) to the dearest £100 per hour and £600 per day (Paton Plumbing & Heating based in EH47).

Comparing hourly and daily rates of Heating Engineer's gives you an idea of who will be better value but the best way to compare costs is to get actual quotes.

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Rough guide for how much basic heating work in West Lothian costs;

JobJob detailsEstimate
BoilerCombi boiler install – like for like replacement£1148
BoilerAnnual gas safety certificate for landlords£80
BoilerStandard yearly boiler service£98
BoilerBoiler fault finding diagnosis (boiler not firing up or boiler not staying on for long)£115
BoilerRepair or replacement of parts inside the boiler (e.g. pump, diverter valve or heat exchanger)£92
Heating circulationReplace old rusty radiators£92
Heating circulationReplace old valves with thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs)£46 per valve
Heating circulationReplace a section of pipework£34
Heating circulationDetecting a water leak in the circuit causing system to lose pressure£172
Heating circulationInstall heating controls (e.g. timer or thermostat) to control circulation£115
Heating circulationPowerflushing the central heating to improve circulation£459
Hot water cylinderInstalling vented or unvented hot water cylinders£402
Hot water cylinderServicing the cylinder including cleaning out feed tank£115

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