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Take extreme care when undertaking any work in the home that involves electrics. Cables need particular attention as it is not evident where they may be located in the walls. A common mistake is accidentally drilling into cables hidden in walls, and a cable detector can help find cables to avoid the risk of electric shock.

Before you embark on any DIY – from putting up pictures to taking down a wall, first switch off the power and if in any doubt of your experience or know-how then consult a qualified electrician rather than risk cable damage or worse still, harm to those in the home.

A residual current device (RCD) can save lives by cutting off the power in the home caused by electrical fault. These are fitted in the fuse-box and are also available as a plug-in device.

Cables should also be in top condition and any power tools with a lead need careful observation. Check all power tools are in good condition and if any wires or cables appear frayed or damaged in any way then cease work and have the power tools serviced.

Qualified electricians are well-worth the investment, and while DIY can be a good option for someone experienced, basic checks are always required and it is better to seek support than run the risk of serious incidents such as an electric shock.
A qualified electrician will check all your wires and cables, provide a safe home environment and give you peace of mind that all cables and wires are fit for purpose.

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