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Do you need a qualified electrician for your home?

With the ever-growing number of electrical items we require around the house, the need for electrician hiring for our electrical repairs has gone up significantly in recent years. As much as electronic enthusiasts may want to fix every electrical issue that pops up with home appliances, there are times when only a qualified electrician with an electrical certificate in hand will do. It’s always a good idea to keep the number of an emergency electrician or an electrical contractor for local electricians up on the fridge in case someone in the house needs to contact one urgently.  

Where can you find reliable electricians?

Electrical jobs, especially electrical installations or repairs can often be dangerous as they may deal with electricity. The last thing you would want is an injury or ending up in the emergency section of the local hospital due to not taking proper precautions.

Remember, a cheap electrician does not always mean the quality of work will be worse than someone whose rates are higher. It’s best to read up on the electrician, their electrician qualifications and experience and reviews prior to hiring.  

If you are looking for a list of local, qualified and registered electricians at good wholesale rates that you know upfront, you can always opt to check out  You will find a range of professionals for all of your household chores available, from the comfort of your home or your mobile.

How should you pay?

As with all other professional and contractors working for your home, prices for your domestic electrician will be contingent on the nature of the job required. There is a huge difference between changing a light bulb to rewiring something entirely. Rates are usually hourly and may include transport fees. Do find out the electrician’s hourly rate and whether or not they are a registered electrician or a commercial electrician prior to finalizing any agreements.

Should you consider a pre-visit from your hired electrician?

If the work in question is big, experienced electricians may want to visit your house before finalising any agreements. Try to work out timing convenient for you so that you can meet the electrician in person and discuss up front any details that may be relevant.

Questions to Ask

Consider the following questions while speaking to your electrician, either on the phone or when they visit in person:

  1. What would happen in the event that you are not fully satisfied with the work?
  2. Does the hourly rate include transport and if so, how long will it be to your place?
  3. How do they expect to be paid and do they expect any form of down payment?
  4. Are there any other payments that may pop up later on which you should be weary of?
  5. Will the job be guaranteed in written form?
  6. Does the estimate include the complete assignment?

Post Completion

Once your electric job has been completed, you can rate your electrician, perhaps give them a review and even recommend them to family and friends if the job was up to the mark!

Always make sure you visit whenever you need to hire an experienced local electrician.

Electrician: Average Hourly and Daily Rates in the UK

Electrician: Average Hourly and Daily Rates in the UK
Location in UKHourly RateDaily Rate
London£45 per hour£256 per day
Birmingham£30 per hour£205 per day
Leeds£31 per hour£218 per day
Glasgow£29 per hour£223 per day
Sheffield£25 per hour£199 per day
Bradford£30 per hour£216 per day
Liverpool£28 per hour£192 per day
Edinburgh£32 per hour£249 per day
Manchester£31 per hour£210 per day
Bristol£32 per hour£226 per day

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