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Pest Control Expert's rates near Birmingham

Range from the cheapest £46 per hour and £310 per day (Badger Windows Ltd based in B30) to the dearest £46 per hour and £310 per day (Badger Windows Ltd based in B30).

Comparing hourly and daily rates of Pest Control Expert's gives you an idea of who will be better value but the best way to compare costs is to get actual quotes.

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Estimated cost of pest control work in Birmingham

Job detailsEstimate
Pigeon culling £134
Bird proofing £112
Camera survey £336
Flea fumigation £112
Wasp nest treatment £78 per nest
Woodworm eradication £840
Bedbug removal £224
Silverfish removal £168
Ant control £134
Cockroach removal £146
Cluster flies £112
Ladybird removal £112
General insects removal £112
Mole & squirrel trapping £157
Mole gassing £280
Rabbit cage trapping £336
Rabbit gassing £336
Rabbit shooting £224
Fox repellent £112
Fox dusk or night shooting £280
Fox trapping £280
Mouse and rat control £168
Rodent proofing £112

Rates for other Birmingham trades

Pest Control Expert hourly and daily rates in Birmingham
Pest Control Expert Hourly and Daily Rates in Birmingham (excluding VAT or callout charges)
Business nameHourly RateDaily Rate
Badger Windows Ltd, Unit 3, 1084 Pershore Road, Stirchley, B, B30 £46£310