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Local garden pond specialist who can quickly and easily clean out a blocked pond filter and re-line a leaking pond.

No job too small, treating water to prevent algae from growing or replacing a pump to have the pond running efficiently. Or too big, design a pond layout to suit your garden and then constructing the pond from the foundations and introducing your choice of fish suitable for the size pond (koi, goldfish,…).

Domestic garden pond specialist services include;

Pond design and service

  • pond design and construction, from helping advise which size and shape would suit your home and which fish wanting to stock, to executing the plan and creating the pond
  • pond maintenance and cleaning, from cleaning out the filters, water changes to ensure fresh clean water, servicing of the equipment running the pond and vacuuming excess algae
  • pond repairs and relining, especially important when you might have a leak in the pond and the water level keeps dropping, or a hole in the pipework and a section needs replacing
  • pumps, filters and other components such as pond lighting, aeration and planting
  • installing and repairing other water features, e.g., cleaning jets on a water fountain

So, if you need a pond specialist to service or repair a water feature or pond in your garden, HaMuch has thousands of friendly professionals ready to help with the perfect pond positioning (finding a spot that can be enjoyed from the house while in a position that is sunny, not low-lying, well-drained area away from trees), keep your pumps and filters running smoothly, and your water quality optimum for the fish’s survival.

Why do you need a garden pond construction and maintenance specialist?

The construction of a pond in your garden can providing a relaxing, peaceful space, a perfect retreat to escape from the everyday hustle and bustle of life. But installing a garden pond can be difficult. It must be constructed properly, designed appropriately for the size of your garden, and regularly maintained to ensure it keeps on looking beautiful.

It’s a common misconception that pond owners can assume the job is finished once their garden pond is constructed. In reality, they require significant maintenance work: the water must be checked regularly and changed at least once a year, while oxygen needs to be pumped into the water for fish and pond plants to thrive. Pond fish also attract predators, such as wild birds, and without proper protection, your fish may die. Maintaining a garden pond requires physical effort and incurs ongoing costs.

We all lead busy lives and not all of us have the time — or the skills and expertise — to maintain a garden pond. A pond construction and maintenance specialist can provide oxygen to your pond, help you acquire clean pond water, and even advise you on which type of pond to build and which fish to purchase. Then once it’s up and running, pond cleaning services near you can make sure it stays sparkling and pristine. HaMuch can help you find the right people for the job.

What does a garden pond design, construction and maintenance specialist do?

If you’re looking to build a pond and fill it with plant and animal life, a specialist can help. Building and maintaining your pond relies on three essential points: water, backdrop and surroundings. Typical tasks of a pond construction specialist include:

  • Garden pond design and construction: A pond construction and maintenance expert will select the right pond design for your garden and construct it using specialist tools, ensuring it not only looks the part but is also compliant with health and safety rules. They can install a pump and water for clean water flow, and also help you choose the best plant life and fish for easy maintenance and care — especially if you do not have a lot of time to dedicate to maintenance and simply want to enjoy your garden.
  • Garden pond maintenance services: A pond specialist will provide the necessary maintenance of your garden pond according to the seasons of the year.
  • Pond cleaning: There may come a time when your pond requires a thorough clean, especially if it is not appropriately maintained. A garden pond cleaning service can carry this out without affecting the life of the mini-ecosystem.
  • Winter maintenance: A specialist can maintain your pond effectively during the winter season, protecting your fish and plant life from frost and snow.

How to find a pond gardener near you?

To find a pond gardener service near you, follow our simple three-step process:

  1. Post your job: Enter the trade and postcode suitable for your project then describe your job.
  2. Get quotes: We’ll send your job details to pond gardener specialists in your area and match you with the professional tradesmen qualified and skilled to complete your work. We’ll notify you via text or email when tradesmen express interest in your job.
  3. Select your tradesman: Compare rates, proximity, review profiles and experience of the tradesmen interested in working with you. You can use HaMuch to safely message, ask questions or just phone them — you’re in complete control!

Our search tools are designed to help you find a tradesman that best suits your needs, budget and location.

Are you looking for a pond gardener? Find the perfect tradesmen for you on HaMuch. Our directory lists vetted, trusted gardeners near you.

Aqua Design Landscaping were established to satisfy a local demand for highly creative pond designs. The company offers a 1st class service. Services we offer: Pond Design & Installation Pond Maintenance & Repairs Pond service & Cleaning Filter & Pump Installation Waterfalls & Water Features Pond MOT & Fish Health Check Aqua Design Landscaping have over 8 years of pond experience from retail and building ponds. We are a Oase recommended installer so we can offer you...

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Hello, Im Leighton Hill and in May 2016 I set up Hill & James Landscapes. Although this my first company I have been in the landscaping industry for over 20 years. I have a wealth of experience to draw from and theres nothing that I love more than taking an unloved or impractical space and turning it into an enjoyable, useful space. We cover all aspects of landscaping and garden maintenance from cutting your lawn to a complete garden rebuild and everything in between. Decking, paving, fenc...

Dp plumbing and building offer full trade will all works.We are 1 company with all the trades, a family run business established for 29 years  Damp rising condensation or penetrating Kitchen and bathroom refit Decorating Renovations and conversions Nrpps approved  30 year insurance backed guaranteed on rising damp  Wood worm and rot  

Brighton and Hove
Prompt, Tidy and Reliable

Twenty five years experience in landscape & trees with an honest and friendly,reliable service.Certificated in Horticulture NCH, Arboriculture Royal Forestry Technician Certificate in Arboriculture,

32 years experience honest and always professional and clean

Kaleidoscape landscaping has been established since 2008 and is growing from stength to strength with each year that goes past. we always aim to carry out work to the highest possible standard and never cut any corners at a competitive price . please call us today for a free estimate.

We are all the professional, reliable , expert tradespeople you need for your project big or small. We have a reputation within Bristol and the South West for great customer service and quality of work. Whether you are looking for some general maintenance to be done around your home, an extension built or a new house constructed, our capable and large team will be able to help. Make your first call your best call and  call us today

We at Heron gardening & Landscaping are passionate about the work we do. We structure our company on old principles of quality service and. Slur for money. We are a family run company not a faceless organisation, from myself, my Daughter, son in law and last but by no means least my wife who helps with office duties.  We operate all over the north west and offer a number of services taylored to your individual needs. 

Jobs for Pond

Pond is deep its dirty can't see fish want it cleaned and water level dropped want pond filled in to a better level and made good

Overgrown garden wildlife pond. Clogged up.Needs cleaning, probably leaking.

Pond has a leak, possibly need new liner.

Large old farm pond in private garden needs banks stabilizing, path renovated and ditch within pond dug out.

I have two/three front gardens that need attention the weeds are like trees now and are killing my flowers. Need cleaning of weeds.

To redo waterfall and install pump

My hot tub needs draining and refilling asap. I am about to rent the property out through Airbnb so this will be an ongoing contract

Our pond leaks and is very old now. We really need someone to construct a new one for us. Pond Length is approx 12 ft. Breadth at widest point is approx. 6ft. Depth. approx 1ft 9ins. We also have a waterfall, which needs reconstructing. Approx Length 6ft. Approx. Width 9ins. We would like rubber used for the lining. The waterfall - rubber lining with stones on top.

Pond needs relining got new lining

Very small pond but require cleaning with water health check as well as pump and filter servicing... maybe twice a year?

Assistance setting up pond filter and establishing a small wildlife pond. The rigid liner and power supply has been installed

I have a very overgrown wildlife pond which needs to be cleared and restored. This will need to be done in September or October 2022. one of the ponds has lost all its water but there are irises growing so more like a bog garden now. the ponds need relining and would like more stones around the edge.

Relining a fish pond

Relining of small fish pond

Small pond only shallow needs new liner and pump sorting out .

A shaded area , want a small pond and rockery put in. Area roughly 5ft by 5ft.

Line a pond in my garden

Fish pond repair of liner and maintenance

Cleaning out of pond and one end slopes so need to be rise up

I am hoping for a sensory garden

My pond has gone very green waterfall has gone green fountain not very very well

Digger needed and landscaping

Relining fish pond....

Remove mud and water from Pond (!m x !,5m) to back of garden.

There appears to be a leak in my pond liner and therefore may need a new liner fitted

Dig out 4mt sq to approx 5 feet deep and build up to 60cm above ground. add liner or fiber glass. Make good with brick or wood above ground. Very rough quote or idea please. Thanks.

Line pond, approx 9 sq meters with fibreglass

Pond that needs cleaning out as has a lot of algae on bottom

Possible reline Koi Pond ; clean and make waterproof.....current leak requires hose top up everyday. mature pond with waterfall and lilies planted

Old pond needs emptying and tidying.

Gardener: Average Hourly and Daily Rates around

Gardener: Average Hourly and Daily Rates around (excluding VAT or callout charges)
Location in UKHourly RateDaily Rate
Gardener near Bracknell Forest£31£221
Gardener near Amber Valley£22£173
Gardener near Poole£31£203
Gardener near Rochdale£25£176
Gardener near Torbay£23£164
Gardener near South Cambridgeshire£24£191
Gardener near Newbury£28£202
Gardener near North Wiltshire£36£246
Gardener near South Kesteven£27£253
Gardener near Basingstoke & Deane£28£201

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