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Mice I've found some mice droppings in all rooms n also trapped some on sticky traps

Im getting bitten at night , so think we have have bed bugs. Its only a small room in a static caravan

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Estimated cost of pest control work in Broadland

Job detailsEstimate
Pigeon culling £0
Bird proofing £0
Camera survey £0
Flea fumigation £0
Wasp nest treatment £0 per nest
Woodworm eradication £0
Bedbug removal £0
Silverfish removal £0
Ant control £0
Cockroach removal £0
Cluster flies £0
Ladybird removal £0
General insects removal £0
Mole & squirrel trapping £0
Mole gassing £0
Rabbit cage trapping £0
Rabbit gassing £0
Rabbit shooting £0
Fox repellent £0
Fox dusk or night shooting £0
Fox trapping £0
Mouse and rat control £0
Rodent proofing £0

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