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My name is Robert Ward and my business RW Gas Services is proud to be clear on price.

Our costs for the trades we offer are;

  • Heating Engineers- £45 per hour and £200 per day
  • Plumbers- £45 per hour and £200 per day

RW Gas Services offer a good quality and honest service to all our customers.We don't rush jobs as quality is our most important priority and we take care of your property.And we take care to ensure that your requirements are met.


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  • Gas Boiler (Install, Service, Repair) - combi boiler, system boiler, condensing boiler, regular/conventional boiler

  • Heating Circulation - system design, heating pipes, radiator, underfloor heating, pump, filter, water treatment

  • Heating Controls - timer, programmer, motorised valve, smart controls, thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs), room thermostats

  • Hot Water - combi boiler, booster pump, cylinder, limescale softener, boiling water tap

  • Landlord & Safety - certificates, smoke/fire/CO alarms

  • LPG & Oil Boiler - boiler, fuel storage, controls

  • Powerflush


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  • Outdoor Plumbing - outside tap, garden hose, irrigation

  • Pipework - installation & repair of mains water pipes, heating pipes, water tanks, stopcock


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RW Gas Services carry out the annual service on my combi boiler for a very fair and reasonable price and it is done efficiently and thoroughly

Location: Swinton Manchester Date: 2017-08-03

RW Gas Services recently installed a gas hob at my new property the job was very professionally done and they were clear and precise on the price

Location: Swinton Manchester Date: 2017-08-03

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