Shower not working

Lynn | November 09 2021 | TQ1 4BG

Hi. I have an electric shower in downstairs shower room under stairs. We moved in in March and the water pressure was pretty bad. Shower will not work at all now. Lights come on....both on lightand low pressure light but no water since August. We had a leaking pipe/radiator in bedroom upstairs. Could this be the problem? I m on a limited income and we’ve already had to call out a plumber once as there was no hot water (this was fixed but it still cost over £100 hence why I haven’t approached nobody yet about the downstairs shower. Any ideas and costs would be great. Thanks.

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Dharm Jangra
November 15 2021

Radiator water has nothing to do with shower water that comes direct from should increase cold water pressure.

November 29 2021

Call the water board and tell them there is a water flow issue . They will attend to it