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In your bathroom, your kitchen and even other parts of your home tiles can provide an ideal water resistant surface, while giving you a huge range of stylistic options, whether you're planning to splurge or working within a tight budget. The most common type of tiles available are ceramic. Hard wearing, water resistant, and easy to clean, and available in classic white, terracotta, and an almost infinite selection of colours, styles and finishes, it is unsurprising that they are so popular. Ceramic tiles are also available to people with the smallest budgets, and have been used since ancient times.

Whether on walls or floors, tiles are held in place with grout, adhesive which sets like cement after a period of time, allowing the tiles to be repositioned by an expert tiler for perfect spacing and finish.

While more expensive than ceramic tiles, stone tiles give a modern but timeless look to even the most practical of rooms. Slate, marble, limestone, and granite, more rustic appearing options, like travertine and quartzite, take a natural material formed over millions of years and make it the centre of contemporary home design.

Your tiler can advise you on the process of adding or replacing tiles in your home, as well as which tiles and adhesives suit your project and budget.

Popularised by the ancient Romans, but equally popular today, mosaics use small tiles to create an artistic feature. Mosaic tiles can be used to create pictures as well as a limitless array of geometric shapes and patterns. You can experiment with mosaic tiles over and over, without grout or adhesive, before settling on final design. Random patterns of complementary coloured mosaic tiles can also create a great fact, with suggested colours and shades being available from good suppliers. Whatever person you have decided on for your mosaic, ensure you have a photograph or drawing of it so you're tiler knows exactly what you want.

For those with less time, vinyl tiles on a roll are even available, obviously not ceramic but more durable than wallpaper for bathrooms and kitchens.   Self-adhesive tiles offer another option for the modern DIYer but for many people ceramic tiles are the way forward.

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