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Moving homes can be a huge hassle for many. In fact, it’s often seen as such an annoyance that people put off moving even when they really need to, just to avoid the hassle of removing furniture and everything else inside of a home!

However, let’s face it, moving is absolutely necessary at times and getting a hold of the right removal strategy to ensure all of your belongings get from one home setting to another is completely crucial.

Removal Companies

Luckily, these days there are numerous removal companies that can help you when it’s moving house time. Whether it’s moving boxes with storage inside, furniture removal, piano removals, instrument removals or any other type of removal that involves things found inside of a house. You can also opt to go with man and van hire or removal van hire, depending on what works best for your preferred method of move.

If you are unsure of where to find reliable removal companies near you for your removal solutions, you can always check out for great deals on all kinds of home professionals.

Average Cost of Moving House

Most removal companies will charge hourly and have standard rates for a minimum of 2-hours (in order to ensure the move isn’t too short). Sometimes the cost of moving house may also depend on how many possessions you have, the weight and depth of the items being moved, the distance between the moves (international removals are a completely different ball game) and the fragile nature of the items being moved.  Chandeliers, antique pieces, kitchen items often need to be handled with care. As such, some companies may have special rates for items that fall under such a nature.

Typically for local moves, removal companies can charge on average anywhere from £50 to £60 per hour, this includes 2 moving men and a moving van hired for a minimum of 2-hours. You will have to pay more to get additional men to help out. As for moves that cover a long distance, removal companies may charge a flat fixed rate, anywhere from £450 for a 1-bedroom flat to around £1000 for a 4-bedroom setting. The exact accuracy of the cost is difficult to calculate, as there are several factors that embody each move. Other than the amount of things owned household to household, the nature of the items owned, the number of people within a household and perhaps even the neighbourhood in question can be factors in determining the overall cost for removals.

Do keep in mind, storage facilities and the overall setup inside and outside defer home to home and what is considered fragile in one household may not be so in another. Hence, it is important that you let your removal team know clearly what your expectations are from the on set. This will help avoid any misunderstandings or mishaps that may accidentally result while the removal process is on going.

Other than the above pointers, once your removal process is over and done with, you may not want to move again for some time.

Removals & Storage: Average Hourly and Daily Rates in the UK

Removals & Storage: Average Hourly and Daily Rates in the UK
Location in UKHourly RateDaily Rate
London£34 per hour£266 per day
Birmingham£33 per hour£179 per day
Leeds£41 per hour£204 per day
Glasgow£48 per hour£282 per day
Sheffield£35 per hour£242 per day
Bradford£38 per hour£174 per day
Liverpool£25 per hour£151 per day
Edinburgh£52 per hour£400 per day
Manchester£36 per hour£285 per day
Bristol£35 per hour£269 per day

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